Cervical mucus: What he reveals about your fertility

You wish for a baby? The cervical mucus can you show your ovulation. Its consistency ranges from thin to "spinnable", We explain how the cervical mucus you betray the fertile days.

When Getting Pregnant, it depends on the timing. Only three to five days is a woman in each cycle able to get pregnant. The question is, what are they? To figure it out, can ovulation calculator help. But afterwards, couples should leave to have children not alone. If you look exactly the body reveals a lot about the high and low points of the fertility. Without medical assistance of the cervical mucus is by nature and appearance when ovulation is imminent and its chance of becoming pregnant is greatest. The combination with a regular temperature measurement makes the method more reliable. With this knowledge, the chances rise in addition to a baby.

What is cervical mucus?

The secretion is produced in glands in the neck of the womb (cervix). Most of the time in the cycle when the woman can not get pregnant, the mucus forms a plug that seals the cervix. This slightly alkaline barrier prevents bacteria from the vagina can rise up into the uterus. Also for this sperm graft forms a natural barrier on most days of the cycle. So you can not get from the vagina into the Gebärtmutterhals.

What does the secretion about my fertility?

During the cycle, the hormones change in the body of the woman. At the beginning of the cycle, after menstruation, the vagina is rather dry. When the fertile phase announces the estrogen level rises. Chemically, the mucus will contain more and more salt. can also be increased in saliva salt detected. If a drop of saliva dried and viewed under a microscope reveals a typical salt crystal pattern (in technical jargon as Farnkrautstruktur hereinafter).
To ovulation around the mucus increases greatly. He is thinner, clear and "spinnable" (Stringy). That's the sign of fertile days. Now, the sperm can better penetrate through the secretion because its structure is changed. The alkaline cervical mucus serves as a sort of protection from the acidic environment of the vagina. The secretion supported as a kind of fuel the movement force of the sperm and extend its life. Optimal conditions for fertilization an egg, that is: to get pregnant to. Towards the end of the cycle, the cervical mucus is whitish-lumpy and the amount decreases again.

What distinguishes the "fertile" from "infertile" Cervical mucus?

First, he has a milky or yellowish opaque color, is tough and sticky. The closer the woman headed for ovulation, the clearer and less viscous mucus is. Most women perceive it as an increased discharge, vaginal opening feels moist.
If the cervical mucus produced in larger quantities, and the tenacious mucus of infertile days can come off as a big piece.
Many women have an oily, slippery feeling just before ovulation. Most have spinnable cervical mucus, others describe the secretion rather than creamy.

How can I watch the cervical mucus?

The cervical mucus can be removed directly at the entrance to the vagina or on the cervix. Often it is enough to slide your finger from the outside through the vaginal opening. In order to interpret the nature of the secretions correctly, you answer the following three questions:

  1. Feeling: Pay attention to your body feeling. the vagina feels rather dry or wet, perhaps even slippery?
  2. Optics: Then check out the secretion on your finger: Is the mucus rather whitish, yellowish, creamy, lumpy or more transparent?
  3. Nature: Holding the mucus between your thumb and forefinger and pull the fingers apart. Creating a long thread or it breaks off after a few millimeters? (By the way, a method, also known as "Billings test" is known.)

Do you feel that your vagina is wet? If the mucus almost transparent and can be spun into long threads? Then are the signs of an imminent ovulation and thus fertile days. If you desire a baby, now is the best time for sex. have for couples who want children we have suggestions for appropriate love messages. Remember that chemical contraceptives (e.g., vaginal suppositories), or ejaculation in the vagina can also change the consistency of the cervical mucus. Similarly, complaints such as a vaginal infection.
After ovulation, the secretion goes back and is again thick, tough and dull in a short time. The feeling in the vagina is dry. Many women are not enough forms cervical mucus to extract it directly on vaginal opening. Then you can remove the secretions directly on the cervix.
If you have not been busy yourself with the topic, it may cost some effort, but with a little practice it's easy. The best way: feel the vagina with your finger. The right place at the cervix is ​​where it feels like a nose that slightly protrudes into the vagina. It is located in the direction of the abdominal wall at the top of the vagina.

What is exploiting the consistency in practice?

dry, rough not fertile
dryno mucus at the vaginal entrancenot fertile
dampno mucus at the vaginal entrancevery fruitful
dampdicklich, creamy, chunky, sticky, tough-elastic, not drawable, turbid, whitish, yellowishfruitful
damptransparent, translucent, like raw egg white stretchy, spinnable, stringy, yellowish, reddish, maroonvery fruitful
wet, soft, slippery, smoothtransparent, translucent, like raw egg white stretchy, spinnable, stringy, yellowish, reddish, maroonvery fruitful

If you want to get pregnant, you should have 1-2 days before ovulation to have sex. Because the egg is only 12-18 hours capable of fertilization. The sperm however, 2-3 days can survive in the female body.

observe cervical mucus as a means of family planning?

With some experience - and exercise - any woman can recognize the changes in the cervical mucus itself and conclude in what cycle phase she is.
If you are planning a pregnancy should monitor the consistency over several months daily carefully and log in a table. The secretion is configured differently in each woman. Learn your body know! To determine fertile days reliably control the cervical mucus complements best with the Temperature measurement method. Thus the observation of the secretion can be put into a meaningful context for ovulation and you can easily identify the best days for getting pregnant. Also a Ovulation makes sense to recognize the time of ovulation.
In PARENTS online you might find fertile days with the ovulation calculator identify, but also charge mobile. Click here to go to our free Fertility-APP!
And if it worked, you can expect the same on. Our Pregnancy calculator tells you exactly when your child will desire to see the light of the world!

Discharge or excitement mucus is no cervical mucus

At the beginning of the observations cervical mucus can be confused with excitement mucus or discharge. However, vaginal discharge is a side effect of a disease and is often accompanied by a foul odor, an intense itching or burning.
The so-called "excitement mucus" during sex can be confused with hochfruchtbarem cervical mucus. He is also spinnable, mostly clear, sometimes milky creamy, but can be wiped off. Excitement mucus dissolves in water - unlike fertile cervical mucus.

Is the cervical mucus information on pregnancy?

Many women hope to have children, a lot of discharge speak concerning a pregnancy out. However, changing the Vaginal discharge in pregnancy initially negligible. So it is not possible to detect pregnancy by changes of the secretion.
Only in the course of pregnancy, some women notice that they have more discharge than usual. This is because of the hormonal changes and the vaginal area is better supplied with blood (so the body can easily get rid of germs and bacteria). Normally, the discharge is odorless and colorless or white (hence the name "White river"). Before birth, when the child is coming soon, the White River can be stronger. However, change color, texture and smell and burning or itchy skin, which is often a sign of an infection. Just necessarily go to the doctor during pregnancy!

Implantation: It worked!

The implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterus is a fascinating process. Here we explain all the details: What exactly is happening here? You can feel the implantation? And can you influence them? You can find all the answers here.

The zygote on the way to implantation

About four days wandering the fertilized egg through the fallopian tube until it arrives in the uterus. She has hard-working assistants: The cilia in the fallopian tube push the egg forward energetically. During this time, the germ (moved in this stage, "zygote" called) but not only, but also develops already with incredible speed on. First, the zygote divides into two identical cells, and then again and again, about once every twelve hours. Three days after fertilization, the germ already consists of 32 cells. The outer layer of the zygote form cells from which later the placenta developed and which are nourish the embryo. the embryo will grow itself out of the inner cells.

The blastocyst is looking for the right place

The cells of the outer layer becoming the placenta

Approximately four days after fertilization, the germ has arrived at the entrance of the uterus. He now has the size of a pinhead. In its interior, a fluid-filled cavity is formed, the seed is now also referred to as a bubble nucleation or blastocyst. Now, the blastocyst is looking for a suitable spot for implantation. But in choosing her new home she is very picky, so it may take several days before they finally settled. The uterus has been preparing since the beginning of the cycle on their guest and a fertile mucous built up in order to provide him good.

Once the blastocyst has found its place, forms in the uterine wall a depression into which the seed from sinking. In this way, the blastocyst with the organism of the mother connects. Then spreads over the pit a thin skin, so that the egg is completely covered and can be well supplied. The penetration of the oocyte in the upper layer of the uterus wall also called medical implantation. In the case of a twin pregnancy make it in this way two eggs in the uterus comfortable.

The cells on the outer layer now develop into the placenta, they will always continue to expand in the course of pregnancy. From now on, the germ is called embryo. About the 24th day of the cycle, the implantation is complete.

The implantation can get the HCG levels

The signals in the body of the woman are now "pregnant" changed. The early placental cells form the pregnancy hormone HCG. The signal at the ovaries and pituitary gland that in the coming months must be no ovulation. In addition, the ovaries form increases the hormone progesterone, and thus ensure that the endometrium is not degraded. Already ten to eleven days after fertilization of the egg cell embryo and mother blood vessels are connected.

When will the implantation take place exactly?

If you have a 28 day cycle, the implantation will likely take place on the 19th day. Do you have a longer cycle, the embryo implants in accordance later. If you want to know more, you might find fertile days and the day of implantation with our fertility Calendar calculate.

I can feel the implantation?

Some women feel the different phases of their cycle and also report that they have the implantation guessed by pulling in the abdomen. In fact, it may be that you feel the movements of the oviduct while hiking the cell. But clear signals do not exist. So the pain can also occur, for example, because the body adapts to the menstrual period. 
However, blood vessels can be injured in the endometrium in implantation. This leads in some cases to a so-called Einnistungsblutung that can unsettle a couple with fertility strong. but the Einnistungsblutung normally precipitates out very easily and is much lighter than a normal menstrual period. Read here about more the first pregnancy signs.

Can I influence the implantation?

As with fertilization there is no special trick with which you can influence the implantation. But you can do your body good, so it might work a little faster - for example, by moving folic acid take, cease smoking, drink less alcohol and sufficient move you. Here you can find all the advice about "pregnant faster".

The fertility medicine can help

It does not always work immediately with the longed-for pregnancy. Help provides many couples reproductive medicine with its various procedures - here you can find an overview of the most common treatment methods.

Maternity benefit: The stands out before and after birth

Your pregnancy is in its final stage and the maternity leave starts soon? In most cases, pregnant women receive maternity allowance. Whether you have a claim, is entitled to how much you and how you can apply it, we will tell you here.I'm soooo pregnantiStock, Milan Marjanovic

The maternity allowance is a financial security and salary compensation for women who are in the final stage of her pregnancy in the Maternity Protection go. It is therefore an important power that women should relieve shortly before and after birth. The respective health insurance company and the employer provide under certain conditions for this payment. With us you will receive all the important information at a glance.

When did I claim?

Whether and how much maternity allowance you receive depends essentially, in what you stand for an employment relationship at the time of your pregnancy and how did you have health insurance. Are you employed at the time of your pregnancy and statutory health insurance, then you are financially secure during the period of maternity leave - usually six weeks before and eight weeks after childbirth and at term itself - too. This applies to pregnant women, the compulsory insurance law than are insured voluntarily by law. If you are self-employed and voluntary insurance law, then you have just claim, provided you pay the full contribution rate and thus have a right to sick pay.

How much will I receive?

You fulfill these conditions, you can expect from your cash register with a maximum of 13 euros per day. How much you'll actually get depends on your average net salary of the last three months before the start of the protection period. If you earn more than 13 euros a day, so is your average net salary in the month about 390 Euro, then your employer is required to grant to compensate for the missing amount to the previous net salary. Here's an example:

Mrs L earned in the last three months before the start of maternity 2,800 euros gross. Your were paid each 1,950 euros net. Converted to a calendar are the 65 Euro (1.950 Euro x 3 = 5.850 € / 90 = 65). In such a case the cash register 13 euros and the employer pays a subsidy of 52 euros.

If the average net salary below 390 euros, only the fund pays. For example, if a trainee earns 300 euros net, she gets from the public health insurance during maternity leave also monthly 300 euros.

Where and how do I apply it?

If you're legal insurance, you can apply for maternity benefit at your health insurance company. Moreover, you have to the so-called "Certificate of probable date of birth" demand for your doctor. The certificate you get for free from your doctor and with your personal data signed submitted to your office. These will then get with your employer in connection and get information about your content in recent months. You can make the application more than seven weeks before the expected date of delivery, because the testimony about the due date until a week before the start of the term of protection may be issued by the doctor. Also, your employer needs the medical certificate in order to ensure the grant. This then makes usually your content on the same day as in the past to your account.

What if I am not insured by law or marginally employed?

If you are not a member of any public health insurance, then the Maternity pay office of the Federal Insurance Office Your contact person. Private health insurers pay maternity benefits. Nevertheless privately insured pregnant women is paid a lump sum of up to 210 euros. The corresponding application You can on the side of the Federal Insurance Office found online. received by the employer privately insured women in terms of protection their net salary minus 13 euro per day (this calculation is determined by the amount the state-owned company would normally pay). The same also applies to slightly busy women who are family insurance. However, the employer pays only the grant (per day of net pay minus 13 EUR) when the net earnings amounted to more than 390 euros a month. Pregnant women who are marginally employed and are members of a health insurance itself may take Ewe money at the cash register.

I am a student. With what I can expect?

Even if you have completed a student health without sickness benefit, you will receive maternity pay. Did you have as a student a 400-euro job, the same requirements as to minimum income employees apply.

And what if I am unemployed?

If you are unemployed at the start of maternity leave and unemployment benefits are referring to, then you will receive maternity allowance in the amount of unemployment benefits. is paid but which by health insurance. The employment office is no longer responsible for you.

When I have no right?

  • if you're self-employed and private health insurance (alternatively, a right to daily benefits exist)
  • if you're self-employed and voluntarily insured by law, but is not entitled to sick pay, ie if you pay the reduced contribution rate
  • if you refer no reward (for example, as a housewife)
  • if you work full despite continued maternity protection period
  • if you're family insurance through your husband and do not work

What happens if the due date shifts?

NewborniStock, pojoslaw

Do not worry - Your right to maternity allowance also remains when your baby does not comply with the expected date. At a premature birth adds to the days not taken before delivery to the time of birth. If it is from a medical perspective to a premature baby, a maternity leave after the birth of twelve weeks is provided. The latter occurs incidentally in multiple pregnancies. When your child takes its time, it still remains in the eight weeks after childbirth. You are you not sure about your date or would want to recalculate again? That you can easily with our Pregnancy calculator.

What if the parent welfare is the parental leave?

If you are pregnant with your second child and the parental leave Your first falls within the maternity leave, there is the following provision: As a member of the health insurance you have re-eligible for a salary compensation of a maximum of 13 euros per day. The employer, however, is on maternity leave virtually no obligation to grant.

Tip: To get the employer contribution, you can either prematurely terminate or suspend and dranzuhängen to the new parental leave in order to avoid the overlap with the maternity leave on her pregnancy parental leave. Get to the written agreement with your employer. Is the successful, this is also committed to a grant. So you will get another chance on your full net salary (calculated based on the last three months before the start of the first maternity leave and the current income tax bracket)

What happens during prohibition of employment?

If you can not continue your profession before the start of maternity leave for medical reasons and thus under lying a prohibition of employment, then you will receive your full salary continues. For this so-called maternity pay Your employer is also obliged by if you only again goes into the job, but this due to risk pregnancy a work ban issued get. It does not matter if you already knew about the pregnancy when you have signed the contract.

Where can I get more information and advice?

  • your own insurance as statutory insurance
  • at the Federal Insurance Office in Bonn as privately insured
  • on the side of family Affairs for general information and innovations

Do not fear the night terrors

If the child from sleep startles, shouting loudly to strikes and hardly reacts to speech, then talk experts from night terrors. "night terrors"-Anfälle are a common phenomenon, especially in children of preschool and primary school age. Why parents need not be afraid - and how they can help their child.

At what age the night terrors occur?

For children aged two years and the age of six. Especially often the night terrors appears in children during the training period.

What are the symptoms?

The night terrors occurs mainly before midnight and usually begins with a piercing scream. Other common symptoms: The child beats wildly, has dilated pupils, increased heart rate and breathing rapidly. Also sweats or goose bumps may occur. For parents, the first time most particularly frightening: Your child does not respond to their calming attempts seem trapped in another world. The night terrors can last up to ten minutes, after which the child falls asleep again. The next morning it may not remember the event itself.

How often the night terrors occur?

That is different. Some kids have it only once. One to five percent of all children, however, has multiple attacks. They can occur in consecutive neighbor, but after a few days, weeks or even years. Incidentally, the night terrors comes in boys more frequently than girls.

What is the cause of this phenomenon?

Possible simply: The night terrors occurs because the child's brain has not yet learned the transition from deep in the dream sleep properly. While the body at night terrors is already awake, it is not yet the consciousness of the child.

What can parents do?

First, calm yourself. For the night terrors is completely safe in most cases. but parents should make sure that their child during this short phase can not be injured. The night terrors occurs particularly when the child is physically exhausted. That is, a child who was very active before going to sleep, startled more than one, had the time to end the day quietly. Parents should pay attention to these periods of rest before going to bed. And: Even television affects deep sleep negatively.

When to see a doctor?

If the child is still suffering in the pre-puberty under the night terrors. But even if the symptoms occur very frequently and the child is very sensitive and anxious.

With these tips you prevent complications during weaning and weaning

Some mothers can not wait another steals sadness when it's time to wean. What is good to know about the right time and suitable methods for weaning to this wiki.

What is weaning and weaning?

When is the right time to wean?iStock, NataliaLebFrom weaning occurs when no meals are served on the chest. Instead, eat the baby fruit, vegetable, milk porridge or solid food. For cylinders baby's weaning (of the bottle). Children who do not need any more bottles, but spooning porridge or already participate in family meals are weaned.

When is the right time to wean?

Strictly speaking, there is not the. Although the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Breastfeeding Committee recommend that at least six months to fully breast-feed and the baby then slowly Vegetable and fruit purée to accustom. But ultimately every mother decides individually for themselves when they want to change the diet.
It is important that you hear it solely on you and your feel and not on what others say. No woman needs to feel as a bad mother if, after six months (or earlier) decides to stop breastfeeding her child. Conversely, the woman does not have to justify that still breastfeeding her child with two years.
The WHO even recommends, until the end of the second year - at least partially - to breastfeed, because one thing is certain: breast milk is the best food for a child. It contains all the essential nutrients, strengthens the immune system and prevent infectious diseases and allergies before.
With all the benefits of breast milk: The right for you time for weaning arises more out of your individual circumstances.
Here are a few possible circumstances and indications that the time is right to begin weaning:

  • You go back to work and therefore no longer can regularly breastfeeding (Yes, the Maternity Protection Act regulates nursing breaks, but in practice full breastfeeding with working hard to bring together).
  • Your child shows clear interest in your fork and what is it. 
  • Your baby is drinking only briefly distracted and acts quickly.
  • You have the urge to go back to have some more freedom and self-determination over your body.
  • The first teeth have erupted and you will receive regularly in your chest to feel.
  • You're in for a hospital stay or longer taking drugs.
  • You have the feeling that your breast is not producing sufficient milk and your child is not it really full.
  • Sometimes the partner or the closer environment, hopes that will not be satisfied. But try not to let you them too much influence and listening to you in, if you're already so far.

Tips: How to silence from without complications?

Farewell to the chestiStock, DGLimages

If your infant is not four months old yet and you want to stop breastfeeding, you need to replace it with a milk bottle feed gradually each breast meal. The WHO does not recommend until the fourth month to Beikoststart. Do you go back to work, for example, you can view the also pump out milk further feed and your baby in your absence with your milk. And of course you can also milk powder change.

Is your child older than four months, you can begin to replace single meals with fruit and vegetable puree.
Basically, the goodbye from breastfeeding should take place slowly. Either show your baby become less interested in your chest, drinking gradually less, shorter and less frequent, it satisfies itself off. Your body gets used over time to lower demand and accordingly produce less milk.
Or did you wean decided and are bidding to your chest less, raise the same degree but the supplementary diet. Here, too, your body has time to adjust to the changes and produce less milk from week to week.
The following tips can help you in smooth transition:

  • So far Your baby knows only your milk. She is always right warm and familiar in taste and smell. Do not be surprised if the first slurry does not strike the same enthusiasm. Your baby has to get used to. Maybe you make him the first porridge with a dash of milk stirred something familiar? And the amounts that eats your child at the beginning of porridge, are very small. 1-2 spoons at the beginning are not uncommon. How do you umstellst Your baby healthy new baby food, shows you our Beikostplan.
  • Your baby reacts negatively to the spoon? Here we have the Ten Golden Rules for Löffelfütterer compiled.
  • Just try to shorten your duration of breastfeeding. If you have been satisfied more like 10 minutes, the duration of breastfeeding now try to reduce to 5 minutes. Following you can still offer something based puree.
  • Choose a time for weaning by just not that much going on otherwise. If your baby just teething or comes into the nursery, it is very busy with these changes and uncertain and is still looking for more close to you.
  • Your baby smell your milk. If you realize that it is uneasy to your arm and vorwühlt to your blouse, it may help if Dad or Grandma take the little time. There it does not smell so seductive and, if your baby has not just hungry, it can be distracting.

It is advisable to replace the milk meal first, where did you tend to have less milk in the breast (in most women is between 16-20 hours of case). So do not just early in the morning when your breasts are bulging of the long night and hunger in a child your is not too large. Once your child has accepted this new meal, can be added another.

How long does it take to wean?

That is - as so often - from baby to baby differently. Observed it such as its larger siblings for some time eating and get ever a piece of soft pear from the Tupperware container to grasp, it may be more responsive to the offer of complementary foods or solid foods.
But please always keep in mind: Breastfeeding is more than just food. A baby who fremdelt straight or going through a not entirely harmonious phase, wants to be close to the mother feels safe and comfortable on the chest and is not ready for something new. 
Normally, the weaning will always take several weeks, because even if your baby has just learned to love the fruit purée, it may not react immediately excited for his first vegetable and meat paste. Your baby needs to adjust time for this many new impressions and also to his digestion to the new food.

What if I need to wean from one day to the next?

So an abrupt weaning is not recommended, but sometimes simply necessary. For example, when a serious illness in the mother is present or more drugs must be taken. Weaning no longer happens slowly and gently, but breast-feeding is abruptly ended.
What we can advise you in this situation: Try not additionally to withdraw your child your area, simply because it requires faster on your arm to your bosom. His life is provided by this sudden change quite upside down and the new diet is getting to him determined. If then withdraws Mama, the need is great. Cuddling, closeness and intimacy in the family are now particularly important.

There is often the sudden weaning engorgement and chest infections. For you and your body must now also change very quickly, help these tricks to strongly push back your milk production in three to four days and to completely dry up soon:

  • Drink supportive abstillenden sage. 
  • Wear a tight fitting bra (be careful that it pinches you nowhere!) Or wrap a towel tightly around your breasts. Both restricts the blood flow and thus hinders the milk production.
  • Cool the breast with Kühlkompressen from the pharmacy. Also restricts the blood flow, as well as the cold can help prevent breast infections.
  • Important during weaning: The breast should be massaged from time to time, so there is no engorgement. If the pressure is too great, you can pump out small quantities of milk - but please only so much that the pressure is bearable. Pumps to empty the chest, the body gets the signal: make more milk, please! 
  • And as for your mother's heart, you please do not blame you. If a serious disease is present, this is the only right decision. For child your it is more important that you will soon be on good and you can be there for it. 
  • Surely you're going to night rough chest meals if you suddenly have to weaning. This is perfectly OK and understandable. But even when feeding or bottle Enter You can be very close, cuddle with him, speak lovingly and let it all get what it needs your baby. 

Are there medications that can help in weaning?

Some medicines prevent the formation of the artificial Still hormone prolactin and hence milk production. Need be nFor weaning taking drugs because, for example, Your chest ignited again, so your doctor will prescribe you hormonal preparations, so-called Prolaktinsekretionshemmer. 

There are gentle alternatives?

Mothers who want to stop breastfeeding, report good experiences with a homeopathic remedy, the substances of pokeweed (Phytolacca decandra) contains. Also sage tea helps (three cups a day), because it affects the prolactin contrary naturally. For a cup, take a teaspoon of sage leaves, douses it with hot water and let the tea steep ten to 15 minutes.

My child refuses the breast - the standstill period has ended?

3. Breastfeeding does soooo hurtiStock, SolStock

Depends on the age. When it no longer wants to twelve months, part of the natural development and Abnabelung process of a toddler. There is no reason to move the child by any means to continue drinking. Instead, you can try and see if it takes carrot or fruit purée from a spoon - and has enjoyed this meal. This is a sure sign that it not now time to something other than Mama's milk would.
The situation is different in young infants. Some suddenly and for no apparent reason refuse the breast. Please do not give up too soon now, but rather look for the causes.
If you get, for example, for the first time after the birth of your period, your child can react strangely, because the milk tastes different then.
Similarly unusual for the child there when Mom tried a new perfume or a new body lotion is. Babies with stuffy nose may also often do not drink the bosom, as they thereby get short of breath.
Transitional You can also feed expressed milk, preferably with a spoon or a shot glass, for so you do not confuse the baby with a vacuum cleaner. Will it also expressed milk does not, you should reach for a maximum of one day to baby food. Anyone who is uncertain, ask the pediatrician, a midwife or lactation consultant for advice. Together you can find the cause of the denial out and Design a plan on how the "losing streak" survives well.

Some babies do not want to be stopped. What to do?

That depends on how much you wish for weaning. If you can imagine, even weiterzustillen some time, do it. If not, then there are a few tricks that the child "outwit":

  • Change your habits: If you have, for example, breastfed always before falling asleep in bed, you should not do that. Well said, just how? Here we have the theme "How my baby sleeps without Mama's breast a" extensively dedicated.
  • Change also your usual breastfeeding position: For example, while sitting still, if you have previously preferred to create your Small lying down. Your child can feel that something is changing. It feels drinking uncomfortable, which makes the whole thing less attractive.
  • Change the processes: A child who wants to be above all still breastfeeding at night should be comforted in the nights not from you but from the Father. the baby as soon as it sees the mother cries namely automatically after the usual chest.
  • If nothing else works and you bring it in his heart: Going away and let your child for a few days your partner. Mostly it works amazingly well when Papa takes over feeding (not six months!).

During the day I have weaned. What tips are there to end the nocturnal breastfeeding?

That infants also are hungry at night, goes without saying. But between the 9th and 12th month it is no longer necessary to feed at night. The little stomach now know actually that is asleep at night and no supplies coming. Nevertheless, children look at night like proximity and familiarity of mums breast and suck there back to sleep. If you realize that either you night need more rest or your child uses you as a living pacifier you, these tips will help to also stop so that night:

  • During the day it eats great porridge, only at night it is sucking up to you to sleep? Then one could eigenens bed that perhaps is at the beginning nor in the bedroom, be a good start. Out of sight out of mind, sometimes the acts already and your child no longer requires the chest.
  • Attempts at night to offer a little water. Stop the little ones, so it comes as the hand to rest again.
  • Some mothers make first order on milk bottles. With something warm in the belly they sleep quickly again. However, you have to get up for it and make the milk bottle. That's not exactly relaxing middle of the night. By no later than the time when your child has teeth, there is also increased risk of caries, although there are still drinking a bottle of milk at night. And at some point you will need to wean the little one also from the milk bottle to not get up at night. Try it this trick again: Dilute up mixed milk is simply too uninteresting for several days so that you can eventually completely switch to water or diluted milk.
  • Maybe you have during the day been a pacifier? This also helps at night very well. Although he sometimes goes in the dark lost, but if you have a spare pacifier in the bedside table, you can react quickly before your child was crying fully awake. Sleep is important for the whole family. In particular, parents who are already working or do not have to supply a child to sleep enough.
  • At night, as long alarm until you put on the child? Then you need very urgent support from your partner. Maybe he takes the night shift on a weekend. Or Grandma / Grandpa dare to that. take on the arm, comfort, give the pacifier, run up and down - that everything is permitted to help back to sleep. Maybe it's easier if you're not going to see this weekend. So you do not have to listen, as is called for you and your baby is not confused why it looks like you but do not respond.
  • At night things are different: parents are exhausted, want to sleep, feel alone with the crying bundle and it is simply tempting to choose yet so obvious solution (create!) Just quickly? Stay steadfast, hold on, if you manage to endure this change 2-3 days, you can soon determined all sleep better.
  • It is felt a valuable experience that Papa is there and can soothe. Even if it takes a little longer to start, give the time and patience until all the sleep you again.

Long-term breastfeeding is eyed with suspicion with us. Rightly?

"What? You still breastfeeding?" Who satisfies more than eight or nine months in Germany, will be looked at funny: "That's not normal!" not really? Maybe in our country, in other countries it is even customary to breastfeed four to five years. This does not mean that this should also be explained in our goal, but it shows that long breastfeeding is only a matter of culture.
Basically: When a breastfeeding relationship is terminated decide alone mother and child. As long as it's both fun to them must not be stopped.

Women who breastfeed their children longer than usual, countered with stupid remarks best with specialist knowledge, for example:
The longer women breastfeed, the lower their risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer.
The risk of osteoporosis fall.
Children who were breastfed for more than six months later diagnosed less frequently in some diseases, such as diabetes or ear infections.
Moral support, there's also in our forum.

Some mothers find weaning sad. Is that normal?

Absolute. Finally, the weaning is the end of a particularly intimate and incomparable coexistence and the first major step towards the child independence. Women feel this separation process especially as sad when they stop breastfeeding involuntarily, for example because the child permanently denied the chest or pain caused by inflammation are so unbearable that they must stop breastfeeding.
What mothers can not use in this situation are reproachful statements as "Do not you have also tried it right?" or "I've heard that you should breastfeed their child at least six months!"
You need expert support and love people who understand that the young mother has done for a good breastfeeding relationship, what she could.
A small consolation: A loving relationship works without breastfeeding - lots of cuddling, loving glances, tender words, and the child will grow up as happy.

How long do you want your child to breastfeed?

And what's next after weaning?

Breast ade - juche porridge? Does not always work so smoothly. Therefore, we have some other interesting articles for you, who are you to the page in your current situation with advice and tips.
Based foods - 20 questions for porridge - The most important questions are answered to mush.
Your child has an increased risk of allergies?
So is your chest after weaning quickly back into shape! - all so different about my body? So you bring yourself back on track.
Baby led weaning - Do you know the alternative to a pulp? Here, your baby alone decides what it wants to try and eat. Give it a try!

Which milk is the best for my baby?

Most mothers, about 90% breastfeed her baby. After four months, only half are breast her baby. Then milk powder comes into play. Stiftung Warentest has 15 finished dairy products under the microscope (edition, July 2016). Nutritionally all tested powder are good. There are no disease-causing germs. The manufacturers of milk powder are also subject to strict rules. What must be included there, determines the diet Regulation and type and number of nutrients exactly. Of course, they also specifies what must not be in it: pollutants!

Pocket money table and Co: All information on pocket money for children

Pocket money, yes, but at what point? And how much is appropriate? You are always unsure whether your lies properly with the height and whether your children already are to have their own money at all? We have compiled all information, including allowance table for you so that you have a well-founded recommendation spending money on hand. So you can the issue with good arguments provided in the family to discuss.

Why do children need pocket money?

Girls considered should I kill my piggy bank?iStock, People Images

To appreciate as parents what that means spending money for children and young people, you have to realize one thing: It is usually the only source of money for them to fulfill personal desires their own criteria.
What are they doing with the money they get a month, depends on the type: those who squander their pocket money immediately after the payment, others save it for months in order to fulfill a specific request. Some are always short of money, others share the money good one.
get pocket money and deal with this is an important lesson for dealing with money and also characterizes the later handling. It is therefore very important that it is angmessen and no oversized monthly warm money rain. (More on this below in the table pocket money)

Managing their own money - life lessons

  • to know the value of money
    Who needs to buy things from his monthly pocket money or pay, get a feel for a lot and little expensive and inexpensive. So until you learn the true value of things (or more accurately their true price) estimate that previously allows a parents.
  • make their own financial decisions
    I save or I'll treat myself to an ice cream? I take the blue or white t-shirt? I buy in a small shop or a supermarket? The only way to get your child: Is a purchase useful or useless? Where is it more expensive, where it is more favorable? When should you take the more expensive product? Does it make sense to delay the purchase until next month when the sale begins? But the regret for a bad buy is an important learning step; as well as the joy of a bargain or taking advantage of discounts.
  • keep track
    What you get for 20 euros? Can I buy an ice cream when I go to the movies today I still? If I am not one rush me, the money is quickly gone. I give it dribs for sweets, I can not buy my longboard.
  • make comparisons
    A friendly family runs regularly on a skiing holiday, but it affords no designer clothes. By comparisons with other children learn to husband money: The best friend never buy football tickets; At first glance, he seems so to exclude something from the daily exchange transaction in the schoolyard. But he has now but bought a cool remote-controlled helicopter. That makes more of an impression than any parent monologue about saving. In this respect it is right and good when children compare with others regarding pocket money. Although the debate at home after that is a bit exhausting.

So: Anyone who has felt as a child, what role money plays in life, who has personal experience of how fast it can trickle between his fingers one or how nice it is to buy something from their own savings, will also be able to act responsibly later with money.

Pocket money - what should you consider?

  • The payment date should always be on time and regularly so that the offspring can plan. does not matter if a week or once a month. Monthly Notes, however, the savings motivation because it stops a good base amount in hand that can be put aside.
  • Pocket money should always paid and will not be subject to conditions such as good behavior or completed homework. This does not exclude that it actually even things need to be paid, one has abischtlich destroyed (eg. The excavator's brother)
  • Pocket money should flow without memory. Let your child do not beg - that links money with an uneasy feeling of dependency.
  • Clear agreements about what can be purchased from the pocket money or needs. Of course, basic regulations can be discussed with parents, such as: no Nintendo of the money. But basically the child is here for the first time independently in the purchase decision and this important step should also preserve. So not pure talk too much.
  • Adequate is the magic word. So our most important allowance recommendation is: Do not give too much! What is appropriate, but can be read not only at a table recommendation, but also has a lot to do with the agreements that are made within the family, for example, what the money do NOT use / need or needs to be well spent. 50 euros per month for a 12 year old little can be when it needs them buy birthday gifts for friends and clothing.
  • Stay hard and rigorously when the shoots are already bankrupt before the next rate. Discuss with your child how it came about and how it can prevent this crisis the next time. Not money nachschießen, then fizzles the learning effect.
  • It is obvious that the amount of monthly pocket money plays an important role in dealing with coins and bills. Is it too low, the child loses easy to save the motivation because it takes too long to be able to buy anything other than a cheap plastic toys.

A small pocket money recommendation of another kind on the side: you have children your own account, you can set up a standing order. This has two advantages: First, you do not forget the payment, and secondly, the children do not fritter away the money as fast as they need only to the bank. There are now many junior accounts where they may also withdraw all alone with its own card up to a mutually agreed amount each month.
Also important: agreed where the cash is kept at home: ma best is of course a money box - otherwise the small coins disappear quickly.

No Gos for pocket money:

  • Do not put a bag of money increasing a reward.
  • Use a pocket money withdrawal or a shortening of the curtain not as a punishment.
  • Do not demand conditions, such as collecting bills or keep records.
  • Do not give evaluative judgments about selling things or expenditure ("meaningful". "superfluous" Etc.).
  • Do not pay too much and did not meet your child away from the pocket money every wish. Why save then and anticipation?
  • not (for example, because the child has to buy them school or clothes.) was alienating the purpose of the pocket money can make sense here more than a distinction between the "primary care" be and expensive designer clothes: "Yes, I buy new, good athletic shoes, but if you really want to, and the brand / one particular shoe, you can to put something."
  • Force the child not to save. The need to learn it yourself. Otherwise, you could also make a presentation to pay instead of spending money.

How much pocket money for which age? - The allowance table 2017

buy ice cream!I floor andrestHow much pocket money gets a primary school child in the month? How much money is appropriate for a six, ten or sixteen? find answers to these frequently asked questions parents in the current pocket money table. It is based on recommendations of the youth welfare offices and serves as a guide.
The first pocket money children receive after allowance table already with four to five years. With about 50 cents a week it starts and increases as recommended by the Youth Office to an amount of up to 70 euros a month for a 18-year-olds.
Until 9 years of age a weekly payment to the general recommendation is considered meaningful. Because in the primary school age children are usually still very difficult to plan for a entire month. Ages 10 and it is about time to learn financial organization and even aufzusparen the money for the movies in the coming week. The amount can then be paid out once a month.
From about 10 years, the parents can as I said also open a student checking account to which the money is going each month. Dealing with a credit institution is not only important to learn how to handle money. The occurrence as a customer in a bank branch is a big step for shy children and strengthens their self-confidence. And transferred the pocket money to a separate account to get young people find easy cooler than it is to get paid cash in hand.

age of the childpocket money
Under 6 years old1 Euro per week
6 - 7 years2 EUR per week
8 - 9 years3 EUR per week
ten years14 euros per month
11 years16 euros per month
12 years20 euros per month
13 years22 euros per month
14 years25 euros per month
15 years30 euros per month
16 years35 euros per month
17 years45 euros per month
18 years70 euros per month

What's behind the Taschengeldparaphen?

Simply put, the pocket money paragraph allows children to buy from their pocket money, what they want. You can find the control, which is often referred to as pocket money law in Section 110 of the Civil Code (BGB). With the completion of the seventh year of life, boys and girls as limited legal capacity Minors can spend the money they surrendered so without the prior consent of the legal guardian for things that have a rather low value. A maximum amount of pocket money paragraph does not prescribe. Just the fact that their parents provide them with the financial resources available will be taken as agreement.
Say: The purchase of ice cream, chocolate, books, books or trading cards are binding contracts. For purchases of more valuable things in the contract concluded with the minor contract remains in limbo. Parents can undo the purchase of a bicycle, a watch or a cell phone, etc.. For this reason, most retailers are already claim the consent of a parent or guardian for certain purchases.
That one may not purchase alcohol to 16-year-old from the pocket money and cigarettes are only allowed from 18, it regulates addition, "http://www.eltern.de/jugendschutzgesetz" parents forbid in advance specifically the acquisition of certain things that guardians have the last word.

Size Chart baby and children’s clothing

You expect a child, but have no idea what size you need bodysuits immediately after birth? Or do you want to give a particular occasion a flowery summer dress or a mischievous little cap, but do not know the size? simply check out our Size Table!

Which baby size carries a child immediately after birth?

Babies are tiny after birth. However, the exact size varies in newborns. Even in pregnancy Your gynecologist can estimate the exact size of your baby's only very roughly. An average baby will start with the baby size 50th A rather large baby needs already determined baby in 56. And a premature baby disappears in this clothing fully because it requires the size of the 44th
When babies are born in the family and joy county to the world, particularly small sweet bodysuits, socks or Mützchen will gladly given away also the birth. Each baby falls slightly different in size, but based on our table you can win, which for example is the right size an overview. If you're still unsure, buy clothes and shoes slightly larger, so that the baby may prefer to grow into.

Under The number of Chaos

Child in too large shoesMagMos

Figures on numbers! Shoe sizes from 18, cap sizes from 35 dress sizes to 164 ... This number range can ever get confused, which have sizes children at what age. Who give away clothes or wants to buy for his child and does not know the exact size, is often at a loss in business. It saves tedious Exchanging and just check out our Size Table!

Clothing sizes for babies and children

OlderHeight in cmdress sizesocks size
Preemiesto 4638-448th
newborn47-5650-5610 - 13
3 - 6 Months57-6862-6813-18
9 months69-747418-20
12 months75-808018-20
18 months81-868622-24
2 years87-929224 - 26
3 years93-989826 - 28
4 years99-104104 
5 years105-110110 
6 years111-116116 
7 years117-122122 
8 years123-128128 
9 years129-134134 
ten years135-140140 
11 years141-146146 
12 years147-152152 
13 years153-158158 
14 years159-164164 

How old are the children at about Dress size 140?

You look online or at a garage sale a gorgeous dress in size 140. But when will probably fit your daughter? In our table you see that your daughter will fit approximately ten years the dress.


Head sizes for babies and children

Be careful when buying cap that the size information is always based on head circumference - measured in centimeters - relate. The cap size is measured by simply puts the tape measure over the ears to the head.
Tip: Some models have a cap Gummibandzug around the head, which can be individually adapted to the head circumference. Such models are worthwhile because you can buy larger up to two sizes. The Gummibandzug keeps the cap firmly on the baby's head and the cap can grow.

OlderHead circumference in cm
1 month35-37
24 Months38-40
5 - 6 months42-44
6-11 months44-46
1 year46-48
2 years48-50
3 years50-54

Shoe sizes for babies and children

Particularly with shoes, it is important that they fit well. If they are too large, the parents wonder that the child stumbles with it. This is inconvenient, especially for beginning runners, because they are a bit shaky. but too small, they should be in no case, because the feet of the children need enough space to grow. Our size charts help you determine the right size. When your child try on the shoes then make sure that a thumb is square in front of the toes. So you can be sure that the shoes do not press and fit at least this summer / winter. Especially in the early days the feet of your child grow very quickly, so you should periodically check your child's current shoes.

foot length in cmshoe size
up 10.7017
10.70 to 11.3018
11.40 to 11.9019
12.00 to 12.5020
12.60 to 13.2021
13.30 to 13.7022
13.80 to 14.4023
14.50 to 15.0024
15.10 to 15.6025
15.70 to 16.3026
16.40 to 16.8027
16.90 to 17.5028
17.60 to 18.2029
18.30 to 18.7030
18.80 to 19.4031
19.50 to 20.1032
20.20 to 20.7033
20.80 to 21.4034
21.50 to 22.1035
22.20 to 22.7036
From 22.80 to 23, 4037

by the way

The sizes in clothing and headgear are based on the actual size. The numbers of shoe sizes, however, have their origin in France and are based on the so-called "French engraving" calculated. The name was introduced by French shoemaker and denotes the length of a stitch on the sewing machine (a stitch corresponds to about 6.67 mm).
Note: All figures are averages, each brand falls a little different. And for the shoe department applies: If possible to be helped by an expert seller in choosing the right size shoe store.

Convert International children's and baby clothes sizes

There are lovely children's fashion from France, the US, UK and Japan, but other clothing sizes are used there. Especially for the exchange of international baby sizes look in the following table. The indicated there sizes vote for both boys and girls. So you can be sure that it fits your child even at international baby clothes.

Convert International dress sizes

Pregnancy calculator: Calculate when your baby arrives

You're pregnant and want to know when your baby is born? Through our due date calculator you can calculate when the birth of your child is expected! In addition, we will tell you exactly how the estimated date of birth really is and why it is so important to know the date.

How does the Pregnancy calculator?

Please enter here the first day of your last period and your average cycle length and the Pregnancy calculator calculates the expected date of birth of your baby.

How accurate is the Pregnancy calculator?

Yes, true, in Mutterpass it is in black and white, the magic date, on page 6 (the second child on page 22). Medically speaking, the due date (ET) is but a period of time. And includes the three weeks before and two weeks after the deadline. Does your child from the completed 37 weeks and completed 42. SSW to the world, it is called "schedule born",

How is the birth date of your baby's calculated?

The most common formula, the so-called Naegele's rule, to the due date calculated by your child goes like this: the first day of the last period + 7 days - 3 months + 1 year. This formula for the birth of computer goes to the Heidelberg Gynecologists Franz Naegele - back (1778 1851).

Pregnancy usually lasts 280 days or 40 weeks (counting from the first day of the last menstrual period) or 266 days or 38 weeks (counting from ovulation or fertilization). But: No pregnancy runs exactly according to Scheme F. Even if the last cycle was longer or shorter than 28 days (and who knows, exactly?), There is quickly shifting birth to several days. Gynecologists rely in determining the key date so dear to her ultrasound machine.
The crucial factor is the crown-rump length of the embryo, namely in the first trimester of pregnancy. At this stage of pregnancy (5 to 12 weeks), the babies all develop at about the same pace, one can therefore well include the size of the baby to age. And thus the current week of pregnancy and so on the expected date of birth. But even here there are inaccuracies. So there is always something exciting in spite of ultrasound and birth calculator.

How many babies are born in time for the deadline?

About 20 percent of babies are born in the ten days before the calculated date, more than 60 percent in the ten days thereafter. And: To the ten percent are premature, that is, they come before the 37th week of gestation. Babies who are born after 42 weeks, among the transmissions.

Why is the estimated date of birth at all important?

With the calculated date You know in what week of pregnancy you are, how your child develops in the womb and what tests when standing on your preparedness plan.

The estimated time of confinement is not only important for you and your baby, but also for your employer important. So that it can plan, you should give him the probable date of birth as soon as possible to tell. Binding on maternity leave - starting six weeks before the calculated date of birth - is this date but not yet. Your gynecologist is just before the start of maternity leave (after 33 weeks), the official certificate from. This certificate then get the insurance company and the employer.

Incidentally, it then remains at this date for the start of the protection period - although clearly a Caesarean section should be planned in advance. the maternity leave is shortened, for example, two weeks before the expected date, but that is no cause for alarm: The lost time is simply drangehängt back.

Do I have any betray my baby's birth date?

The employer has a right to be kept informed of the expected date of birth to date. All other not. Who does not want to be pestered around the date of friends and relatives and would rather relaxed enjoying the last days of pregnancy, may also cheat a bit and the date of birth two weeks after back "embarrassed", Why the Maternity Protection starts so early? There are again a plausible excuses: Was just yet vacation left.

Einnistungsblutung: What are you they recognize

You wish for a baby, and hibbelst bangst whether it has probably worked this time with pregnancy - and then the shock: you can find some blood in her panties. Menstrual period or Einnistungsblutung? Pregnant or not? Here's how you can distinguish it and what happens when Einnistungsblutung.

Implantation - what is it exactly?

After ovulation and fertilization moves the egg using fine cilia through the oviduct towards the uterus. After six to eight days it reaches the uterine cavity. Meanwhile, it is matured into a blastocyst, pinhead and with a liquid-filled cavity in the center. In the womb, she finds a thick, soft mucosal layer. Once the blastocyst has found its place, forms in the uterine wall a depression into which the seed from sinking. In this way, the blastocyst with the mother's body connects. Then forming over the trough, a thin skin, so that the germ is completely covered. The penetration of the oocyte in the upper layer of the uterus wall also called medical implantation. The cells on the outer layer is now becoming the placenta, which will supply the unborn baby soon. From now on, the germ is called embryo. Exactly and very clearly you can read here what until implantation in the body of the woman happens from ovulation.

And there can be bleeding?

Sometimes yes. When embedding maternal and infant tissues grow together. This means that existing blood vessels dissolve and new ones - and can naturally slight bleeding occurs, usually unnoticed inside the body. Discovered the woman some of the blood in her panties, are those bleeding often called Einnistungsblutung. Gynecologists say the possibility of a Nidationsblutung or implantation bleeding. 

Then there is the controversial Einnistungsblutungen as real?

To Dr. Alexander Braun, Head of the gynecological clinic in Hamburg Winterhude: Einnistungsblutung "In the literature the keyword is" "not before, because light bleeding at this stage of early pregnancy is a natural process that actually play no role for mother and child. Strictly speaking, the diagnosis an embarrassment to give a normal process a name. In my practice I often say but simply that this is a slight bleeding in early pregnancy, when no need to worry. "

Why then Einnistungsblutungen so often discussed in fertility forums?

For women who want children, the long wait for a baby and perhaps even Fertility therapies have experienced, there is often a great deal of uncertainty. When they are finally pregnant, they usually have great fear that the dream of the baby could be over very quickly. Therefore, then, of course, a weak circulation already a cause for alarm. However, since light and harmless bleeding in early pregnancy are not uncommon, has become the term "Einnistungsblutung" established to explain such harmless bleeding.

Can there be another reason for light bleeding?

Yes. Under the influence of Hormones in early pregnancy the fabric becomes loose on the inside of the cervix. It is delicate and can easily bleed when touched, such as during sex. In addition, a bright red bleeding in the early stage of pregnancy and the first symptom of a miscarriage be. But in this case the bleeding would be rather stronger and pain would be added.

If the Einnistungsblutung a good or a bad sign of pregnancy?

Dr. Brown: "Neither. In my experience such visible light bleeding in about a quarter of women in early pregnancy occur. but it's also not a bad sign if you notice anything out of the implantation."

How does the blood out at a Einnistungsblutung?

It can be bright, but also look brownish. Bright blood to see if the bleeding is just acute. Brown blood means that the bleeding is already some time ago and the blood accumulated in the womb before it flows.

When the Einnistungsblutung at the earliest, when the latest on?

The earliest time for a Einnistungsblutung is a week after fertilization, the latest in two to three weeks later, that is probably already at a time in which women do not know about the pregnancy and a pregnancy test also no positive result shows.

Some women report that they had their period, though the urine test showed that they were pregnant. Can this be?

Actually close period and pregnancy each other, because there are two opposing hormonal processes behind it: During the cycle, from ovulation, the endometrium builds on and on, to create a nest for the fertilized egg. If the egg is actually fertilized, the mucous membrane strengthens with each passing day more under the influence of pregnancy hormones. If the egg is not fertilized, the body gets a hormonal signal that the thick mucous layer is not needed in this cycle. So it is expelled from the uterus, which can be seen as a menstrual period.
However: In early pregnancy also light, pulling abdominal pain may occur next harmless bleeding. They arise when the uterus begins to gently stretch and are almost a classic symptom of pregnancy. Feel a woman this drawing, while it has slight bleeding, and to the day of the missed period, it is very natural to confuse these symptoms with the period. Especially when the woman nor had only slight pain and minor bleeding during the period.
In rare cases, actually that women in pregnancy for several months, slight bleeding have always the time at which they would otherwise have had their period. These hemorrhages come from the endometrium, but have nothing to do with pregnancy.

How can I tell the difference between a Einnistungsblutung and the menstrual period?

The Einnistungsblutung is easy, usually only one spotting, and it is after at most two or three days ago. It is also painless. The menstrual period is more, it takes longer and usually does hurt a bit. Here the differences at a glance:

 menstrual periodEinnistungsblutung
Strengthmedium to highweak spotting
timeat the time of the periodCan also sooner or later
durationthree to five daysa sometimes recurring to two days,
Colourdark red to brownmay be bright red or brownish
Painas usualno

If you look at the symptoms, it quickly becomes clear that a Einnistungsblutung is almost undoubtedly identify. For all couples wishing to have children only a positive pregnancy test is ultimately a reliable sign that a baby is on the way.

Pregnancy Calendar

You will get a baby? Congratulations! Our pregnancy calendar accompanies you through your pregnancy. Here you can find out week after week, as your child develops what you can do for you and what is important for Papa. Plus: Unique ultrasonic and expert videos.

Pregnancy Calendar

To be able to inform you around, you accompany our pregnancy calendar personally by the 40 weeks to birth your baby.
To activate the calendar, please enter the date of your last period and let you calculate your current week of pregnancy. Of course you can also equal to the corresponding week of pregnancy click if you would like to inform you about a specific stage of pregnancy.                                             week 5
It was a "plus"! Congratulations, you're pregnant!
Everything about the week of pregnancy (SSW) 5week 6
the baby's heart beats twice as fast as yours. And you? Always tired? These are the pregnancy hormones!
Everything about the week of pregnancy (SSW) 6week 7
Your baby is now increasingly recognized as a small man. It measures only 6 mm from crown to rump.
Everything about the week of pregnancy (SSW) 7week 8
Tiny fingers and toes Your baby has now, in the legs just the knees and arms elbows develop.
Everything about the week of pregnancy (SSW) 8week 9
The ultrasound at the first screening shows: The heart beats!
Everything about the week of pregnancy (SSW) 9week 10
Your uterus is now the size of a grapefruit. No wonder if the jeans will soon no longer be closed!
Everything about the week of pregnancy (SSW) 10week 11
Ten fingers and ten toes! Now everything has already been created. Your baby is taking on ever more human traits.
Everything about the week of pregnancy (SSW) 11week 12
in recent weeks, you were often sick? Good news: Starting this week wird's better.
Everything about the week of pregnancy (SSW) 12week 13
Your baby opens his mouth and purses his lips when a fingers touched accidentally.
Everything about the week of pregnancy (SSW) 13week 14
Your Small now weighs about as much as a small hen's egg, his heart beats on average 155 times a minute.
Everything about the week of pregnancy (SSW) 14week 15
Since last week Your baby is already grown a good centimeter. For you, it is now time to look for a midwife.
Everything about the week of pregnancy (SSW) 15week 16
The baby is now growing rapidly. Mama's belly too. This can already lead to pain in the ligaments.
Everything about the week of pregnancy (SSW) 16week 17
In the mood for sport? No problem! We show you what sports are particularly suitable.
Everything about the week of pregnancy (SSW) 17week 18
Hands and feet are now completely developed - even with tiny nails it!
Everything about the week of pregnancy (SSW) 18week 19
The second screening is pending and therefore there is finally a look at the baby.
Everything about the week of pregnancy (SSW) 19week 20
The flutter of a butterfly, a bursting bubble? So many mothers describe the feeling when you feel your child for the first time.
Everything about the week of pregnancy (SSW) 20week 21
Your child begins to hear! So music and sometimes feel, whether the little dancing too Mozart and Peter Fox.
Everything about the week of pregnancy (SSW) 21week 22
Now your baby can taste and perceive through the amniotic fluid flavors.
Everything about the week of pregnancy (SSW) 22week 23
Sounds strange, but it is a good thing: Your baby urinates into the amniotic fluid.
Everything about the week of pregnancy (SSW) 23week 24
Your Small now has strong sleep and wake phases.
Everything about the week of pregnancy (SSW) 24week 25
Now open your baby for the first time the eyes! Your gynecologist will test the rhesus your blood again. Do not worry, this is just a small prick.
Everything about the week of pregnancy (SSW) 25week 26
Left or right handed? The researchers can now see.
Everything about the week of pregnancy (SSW) 26week 27
A kilo is now hard your kid! And your belly is getting rounder. No wonder you do not remember how you shall lie comfortably at night.
Everything about the week of pregnancy (SSW) 27week 28
In the bone marrow Your baby can now form blood itself - and that may well have a different blood type than yours.
Everything about the week of pregnancy (SSW) 28week 29
be well nursed but your baby may born prematurely now - far too early for the start of the world
Everything about the week of pregnancy (SSW) 29week 30
Your baby is dreaming! What we do not know, but we can guess it.
Everything about the week of pregnancy (SSW) 30week 31
Your child now weighs about three pounds and is 41 cm long. And it has a sweet tooth.
Everything about the week of pregnancy (SSW) 31week 32
Maybe it's already noticed you: Ironically, when you lie down, your baby often has its extra lively phase.
Everything about the week of pregnancy (SSW) 32week 33
Two kilos is now hard Your baby - a weight that are often dismissed with the healthy preemies home already.
Everything about the week of pregnancy (SSW) 33week 34
Finally: Soon the maternity leave period begins! Now you can concern yourself intensively with the arrival of the new family member.
Everything about the week of pregnancy (SSW) 34week 35
Five pounds weighs Your baby now, and it can be accessed securely. His immune system is ready for life outside.
Everything about the week of pregnancy (SSW) 35week 36
If the baby already in birth position? hence namely relief in sight for you.
Everything about the week of pregnancy (SSW) 36week 37
Whether delicate fluff or dense Schopf: It varies from baby to baby. In any case, your baby now has hair!
Everything about the week of pregnancy (SSW) 37week 38
The calm before the storm! The baby has not so much room for wild gymnastics.
Everything about the week of pregnancy (SSW) 38week 39
fix & finished! Your baby is ready for the way out.
Everything about the week of pregnancy (SSW) 39week 40
Ready! Now it may be as much at any moment. Soon, you can keep your cute little newborn in her arms at last.
Everything about the week of pregnancy (SSW) 40

Chaste Tree: Natural Help for fertility

Menstrual disorders ask couples who want children to a severe test of patience. After all, who wants a baby, will not wait long! Slight irregularities in the cycle can be personalized with Chaste Tree, also known as chaste tree or agnus castus, treat. Here everything about the application, effects and side effects.

Chaste tree, chaste tree - where the strange name?

From the Middle Ages. The chaste tree is native to the Mediterranean countries and Asia and is growing, especially in humid locations. The several meters high shrubs bear fragrant flowers, fruits grow in their chalices. The dried fruit of the chaste tree have been used in ancient times as a medicine. Apparently, they had realized that they had an effect on health.
they were said to have a loss-absorbing effect in the Middle Ages. Nuns and monks are said to have eaten the fruit of the chaste tree to remain chaste. "Vitex agnus castus" is the Latin name of the chaste tree, translated that means as much as "chaste lamb", Therefore Chaste tree is also "chaste tree" called. And "pepper" is therefore likely that the fruits resemble peppers and spicy taste. Evidence that the plant could also help with infertility, but came up later.

How can Chasteberry help fertility?

Some studies have shown that an extract of the fruit help the woman body to the hormonal balance to regulate. The chaste tree can women with cycle complaints help, as it probably inhibits the action of prolactin in the brain. This hormone is increasingly distributed during pregnancy and especially during lactation. It stimulates milk production and ensures during pregnancy that the breast grow. However, for women who are not pregnant and wish for a baby, an increased Prolaktinwert can stand the desire to have children in the way. Because prolactin can lead to the absence of ovulation and is thus of fertility in the way. Even for a feeling of tightness in the chest or dejection increased prolactin levels may be responsible. Therefore, chaste tree is often recommended for premenstrual syndrome.

Can the extract fertility also assist in other ways?

Yes, chaste tree promotes the formation of progesterone. The progesterone after ovulation, so in the second half of the cycle, formed in the body of the woman and the endometrium prepares for the implantation of the fertilized ovum. Even after the implantation of the hormone is further formed, mainly by the placenta. The Progesterone has for women who want a child, so a special meaning. Because when the body develops too little yellow body, the egg can not implant in the uterus. Although the egg has been fertilized, the woman can not get pregnant. Chaste tree can therefore be used in support of a corpus luteum deficiency.

Where can not help chaste tree?

In severe menstrual disorders no effect is to be expected, nor affects the healing plant when ovulation fails completely. Couples who want children should contact in these cases to an expert.

What preparations are there?

essential oil is extracted from the fruit, which, above all, the effect is attributed to health. In addition, the plant contains so-called iridoid glycosides, flavonoids and tannins. There are a number of tablets, capsules and drops with the names "Vitex agnus castus". "Agnus" or "chaste tree" Tobe offered. Caution: Liquid preparations may contain hard liquor! Therefore, read the leaflet carefully. Also important: Before entering an action can take several weeks. The manufacturer usually recommend taking the drugs for more than a month.

What should I avoid while taking?

Chaste tree preparations you will receive a prescription at the pharmacy. Nevertheless, it is important that you speak with your gynecologist before taking. You can determine if you have too much prolactin or other problems that can be treated with the chaste tree. In hormone-dependent diseases such as e.g. Endometriosis or certain forms of breast cancer should not take chaste tree. Nor in pregnancy and breast-feeding as the active ingredients can have an inhibitory effect on milk production.

What side effects are possible with Chaste tree preparations?

What is often overlooked: even herbal medications can sometimes have serious side effects and interactions. The active ingredients of chaste tree / chaste tree can cause skin rashes, Schwndel, indigestion and headaches. but the side effects disappear again if I quit using the drug. In rare cases, people are allergic to the active ingredients. seek immediate medical attention for swelling in the face and / or difficulty breathing!
May interact, for example with drugs for Parkinson's disease, schizophrenia and psychosis.

Ovulation Calculator: Calculate your fertile days!

You wish for a baby? How nice! Now is only the question of when are you the most fruitful and an exciting night will perhaps remain for life in memory. Our ovulation calculator reveals when your fertile days are. So get your chances to get pregnant fast and keep your Wunschkind soon in the arms.

How does an ovulation calculator?

A woman's fertility can be calculated when the time of ovulation is known. And this is pretty much in the middle of a menstrual cycle. In a 28-day cycle, ovulation occurs so probably take place on the 14th day. To use the optimal time of conception, so you have to know the first day of your last menstrual period and how long is your cycle. The more regular the period, the more certain the results.

What should I enter?

Please enter the first day of your last period and your average cycle length. then click on "calculate calendar ". Our ovulation calculator will show you in a personal ovulation calendar when your ovulation and your fertile days will be in the coming months.
Please note:

  • Ovulation calculator calculates the fertile days by a general scheme. Its use as a contraceptive is not recommended. Because the cycle of a woman is subject to numerous influences, the computer can remotely determine the fertile days. For the accuracy PARENTS can not guarantee.
  • If your cycle be very short or unusually long, you should talk to your gynecologist to rule out a possible disturbance. a cycle between 25 and 35 days is considered normal. After stopping the pill cycle a few months may be irregular, before he settled down again.

Scientific advice: Prof. Dr. Dr. med. habil. Wolfgang Würfel from Fertility Center Munich, Prof. Dr. Reinhold Knitza from Gynzentrum Gräfelfing.

How long am I fertile?

Basically, an egg is fertilized up to 24 hours. The time in which the mature oocyte is after ovulation (ovulation) in the fallopian tube. But since sperm survive for several days, the time of conception begins five days before ovulation and ends two days later. A week in which a woman can get pregnant. Have pairs with a concrete desire for children one to two days before ovulation sex, the probability of becoming pregnant, is the largest.

Place at all instead of ovulation?

Women who want a baby, dealing more intensively with their body and listen attentively to himself. Remains a pregnancy for a long time, for example, raises the question of whether an ovulation has occurred.
Especially women with a regular menstrual cycle can often feel ovulation. You have pain in the abdomen or tender breasts. Even a bright, tough cervical mucus, as well as a much higher sex drive are indications of a carried ovulation.
And good to know: The fact that a menstrual period occurs, does not automatically mean that ovulation has taken place. Even without ovulation, the uterine lining is removed. If you are unsure whether you have ovulated, so-called help Ovulation.
In PARENTS online you can also calculate your mobile fertile days. Click here to go to our Fertility-APP!
And if it worked, you can expect the same on. Our Pregnancy calculator tells you exactly when your child will desire to see the light of the world!

Gentle help with colds

Autumn, cold season. Her baby's sake keep many pregnant sore throat, cough and runny nose without drugs. There are home remedies that can help fine without endangering the baby.

Cough, runny nose, hoarseness - now have colds again high season. However, one concern we can take immediately: If you need to sneezing, coughing, although there is pressure in the abdomen. But the baby just rocking waves come on - it's protected amniotic fluid. Even a slight fever will not hurt him. If the temperature but persistently increased or is from the beginning very high (above 39 degrees Celsius), you should see a doctor in any case, as in cases of suspected flu. The top priority for colds during pregnancy: drink, drink, drink.
However, it is during pregnancy: Baby swallows with - this applies to every drug during pregnancy. Rightly are expectant mothers therefore cautious and shy away from basically allowed in pregnancy drugs, such as paracetamol, back.
But just have a cold, you do not have to be against themselves quite as hard. Because procure the following home remedies relief - and are completely safe for the baby:

Cold: saline nasal spray instead

Runny nose, they get difficult air. The most common cause of rhinitis: an infection of the nasal mucous membranes. How does this happen? Infection occurs via an airborne infection, such as by kissing, hugging or simply close the touch of an infected doorknob. Especially in the cold season, there is little protection from annoying cold. Fortunately, a few home remedies can provide during pregnancy for relief of symptoms.
Saline for example, reduces swelling: a teaspoon of normal salt in a pint of water to dissolve, with a pipette, which you can buy at the pharmacy, drip into the nose and pull up. Or boil the salt water in a pot and inhale the steam.
take head steam baths with peppermint, eucalyptus, thyme, or mountain pine oil, and chamomile tea: also soothing. Persistent rhinitis improves mostly by irradiation with red light.

Cough: Onion syrup instead of cough syrup

Cough during pregnancy - how annoying. Whether the baby it will notice something? Do not worry, your child is protected in amniotic sac. If your abdomen contracts when coughing, it feels only slight swings. Nevertheless: The cough is annoying and is gone. Thus, the mucus triggers the bronchi, you should drink plenty of fluids, preferably water or tea. With medicines for cough, please be careful during pregnancy. They often contain alcohol and are therefore unsuitable. Preferring instead to rely on proven home remedies.
Onion syrup, for example, has an antibacterial and expectorant: For this, a large onion (or 200 grams of black radish) mince, mix with 50 grams of rock sugar and leave for several hours. distributed take four to six teaspoons of it throughout the day.

Scratchy throat: sage tea instead lozenges

Acts against the harsh sensation in the throat: gargle with sage tea. Here for just eight fresh zerzupfte leaves with 200 milliliters of boiling water and leave for fifteen minutes. By the gurgling of the tea reaches up to the irritated areas in your throat and relieves pain. but please do not swallow the sage tea in large quantities.

Sore throat: Potato winding takes painkillers

You are pregnant and have a sore throat? The well-proven milk with honey drink or gargle with thyme help against the complaints.
Also acts against bad sore throat: mash Cook potatoes, wrap in a kitchen towel, hot place around the neck and tie a scarf over it.

Sweating of cold symptoms

General attack runny nose and scratchy throat: by a sweat with a tea from 30 grams per elder and chamomile flowers and 40 grams of lime blossom. Pour a heaping teaspoon of this mixture with a cup of boiling water, infuse five minutes, strain and drink hot.

Natural Remedies in Pregnancy

Even against other complaints in pregnancy as heartburn, Ligament pain or low blood pressure, there are effective home remedies and homeopathic drugs. The most important we have here compiled. Are cough, sore throat and runny nose, however, stubbornly and can not be selling the home remedies, you should prefer to see your doctor.