These traps you should avoid

A child's birthday is a breeze, if you know in which cases should you better not fall. We have compiled the ten most common mistakes for you and tell you how best to avoid these traps.

Case 1: Mandatory Invitations

Children Birthday: These traps you should avoid

Even if it falls to you a little bit hard, but let your child decide who it invites. Tactical Invitations to the motto: "But you were at Lena invited" are from the perspective of adults understandable. but children are wired differently. It is best to speak a few times prior to the subject guest list. Here, a few favorites will emerge, which will then be invited.

Case 2: Too many guests

Less is more - this is just in the number of young guests! The old rule of thumb still applies: the childhood equivalent number of birthday guests. Smaller children are quickly overwhelmed when too many children come to the birthday - and also as an entertainer is to have simple Keep the fun just five five-year, not ten.

Case 3: Family celebrates

Children and adults party Kaffeeklatsch just do not mix. Be realistic: You can not even take care of Aunt Helga, when four four years waiting to be entertained. Although the celebrations so take several days, but children's birthday party and family birthday party should knits separate.

During pregnancy, prefer to see a doctor!

In about 20 percent of all pregnant women occurs in the first weeks of bleeding. The cause is usually harmless and can have several causes. Why a doctor's visit nevertheless is always advisable to read here.

What causes of bleeding during pregnancy are there?

Especially in early pregnancy bleeding are not uncommon. Nevertheless: Expectant mothers are naturally initially unsettled. A visit to the gynecologist can clarify the usually harmless causes quickly. Possible, for example, the following:

  • Not to worry: By harmless replacement of some tissue-induced bleeding.
  • A deep-seated placenta can also cause bleeding. In this case, you should protect yourself and wait for the placenta to the growth of the uterus "pulled up" becomes. When a placenta praevia was found with you, bleeding should, especially in the second half of pregnancy, always be clarified by a doctor.
  • Infections of the cervix or vagina can also cause minor bleeding.
  • Some doctors suspect a weakness of the corpus luteum hormone to trigger bleeding. However, it does not even come with such a disorder usually results in pregnancy.
  • Also possible: Contact bleeding after intercourse
  • Rare: premature detachment of the placenta. Mostly this is not only associated with bleeding, but also with severe pain.

Bleeding discovered - what can I do?

First of all, remember: do not panic! So in the first three to four months - - In more than half of women bleeding in early pregnancy do not have a background that endangers the pregnancy. Rarely suggest spotting a miscarriage or one ectopic pregnancy out. Nevertheless bleeding should be dismissed as Bagatelle never: For light bleeding or spotting it's best to seek the same day your gynecologist - if only to make you worry and enjoy the pregnancy carefree. In some cases he will recommend the expectant mother also conservation. Because stress load on the immune system and can make the pregnant woman more susceptible to infection. Normally leave spotting then again soon after.
The onset of pain and stronger, bright red bleeding on, it is advisable to seek the same clinic - even if ultimately found that the bleeding will not compromise the pregnancy. Moreover, this applies at any time during pregnancy! actually threatens premature birth, the gynecologist may, as appropriate, try to feel through various measures, the premature birth also.

Bleeding after sex - what can be wrong?

The tissue of the cervix is ​​during pregnancy with blood very well. When the penis touches it, small blood vessels may burst, so that a small amount of blood going. Normally, calms the after some time - otherwise please seek medical advice! A similar effect may also have vaginal examinations to the gynecologist, incidentally.

Pregnant and still a menstrual period?

About one in 200 expectant mothers experienced the: Menstruation begins at the expected day - albeit weaker. And the next circulation comes back weaker than usual, but again pretty much the appointment. Nevertheless, the woman is pregnant! A - scientifically controversial - explanation for this phenomenon: In the implantation of the fertilized egg can cause minor injuries to the soft lining of the uterus. The germ lowers namely deep roots in the layer with the plump blood vessels. The woman then determines slight bleeding, such as the day of the expected rule. This is the time of implantation.

More about your pregnancy week

You are pregnant? Of the PARENTS online pregnancy calendar has week after week exciting information about your baby, touching ultrasound videos, expert knowledge and much more.

Angelica balm for colds

Hello everybody,

I've read here in time that some Mьtter angelica balm use for colds and to help it well. I do not know that.

How turn to that, it is rubbed in the nose?
Can I simply buy at the drugstore or let mix that?

Now in the winter time my son is erkдltet stдndig and I use wenns no other way, decongestant nasal drops or spray to Salin befeutchten the nose.

But a herbal alternative hцrt is not bad wenns helps.

I wьrde glad informed about your experiences and wьnsch you now advance all a happy new year.

Love GrьЯe Ehlina


My little now 2 also continuously cold and we used to get from the midwife and I'm super begeistert.Ich it can only weiterempfehlen.Das lubricates to the outside of the Nasenflьgel (I think the heiЯt) on it and lдsst it has einziehen.Das only helped and it lдuft just right but dafьr comes all the crap you runter.Das beokommst in pharmacies with us, it is ne tube.



we have that too. The balm is great ... one can buy such in ner tube at the pharmacy. How EnibasP already wrote, it lubricates the Balsam down to the nose, since there are fдllt easier to breathe for the child and the nose is free.
Without angelica balm no longer at go ... with us always in use and the schцne is that it is vegetable.
So, going to the pharmacy and buy ..... hehe .....

Happy New Year.....


Oh yes...

and what still quite good help are the Globulis Sambuca nigra. These are Kьgelchen against Sдuglingsschnupfen but take my child still and it also helps super ......


Thank you that I did not know I'm going to get demnдchst up to what age can you give


You can always give ..... is just closed for Sдuglingsschnupfen but help natьrlich and adults.

Dauerd a few days and the cold is gone. I always have breakfast, lunch and dinner where 3-5Kьgelchen.

Everything is vegetable, is welcome here .....


We have used Angelica balm, I found it was therefore better. In any case, the nose has nciht as strong dripped and quiet so he slept. We rub it on the Nasenrьcken and the bridge of his nose.

Bzusammenmischen not work. Can you relate or alssen of the order at any pharmacy informed about the Bahnhofapotheke Kempten.



I schwцre on the balm. but Finnja had previously also only twice cold. Otherwise it has always been healthy (knocking on the table)!

The balm you get now to buy in pharmacies with us. Or ordered one.

I smear it several times tдglich the Nasenflьgen and this makes the nose schцn free. For this I give mostly Euphorbium nasal spray! This helps super good!

Helps in ьbrigen and adults.

LG Nadine



I am also groЯe Befьrwortin of Stadelmann products. We also use the thyme Myrtle balm when coughing.


With us, it helps in slight cold. There in Apo, sometimes has to be ordered and then takes a few days.

Currently my little snorkeling but so rum that I still zurьckgreife back on the nose drops ...

What is a skin fold measurement and how useful is it?

Is my baby healthy? This question is all expectant parents before birth. Notes about can give the unborn child a skin fold measurement. But what exactly happens and how useful is it?

The skin fold measurement, or also called nuchal translucency is a non-invasive (ie not in the mother's body engagingly) method of prenatal diagnosis. You appear to be increasingly at an early stage of pregnancy at the request of parents used. This particular check is considered gentle method because it does not endanger the unborn child. Unfortunately, the investigation but often triggers great concern for expectant mothers and fathers. We tell you what expectant parents should know about the subject in advance and answer the most important questions:

What is a skin fold measurement carried out?

How high is the risk that our child Down syndrom has (trisomy 21) or another genetic defect? This is the main question to clarify the skin fold measurement. The thickness of the fluid cushion is measured in the neck area of ​​your child with an ultrasonic device. What statistical probability this means for possible abnormalities, the doctor charged in the second step - using special software, taking into account some other key data such as the age of the pregnant women, the exact gestational age and crown-rump length of the child.

Exact results can be the so-called First Trimester Screening achieve, which includes further investigation.

When will she made and for whom it is suitable?

Nuchal transparency measurementwww.praenatalmedizin-altona.deNackenfaltentransparenz measurement

The measurement of the neck fold is 11 to 14 week of pregnancy carried out. In this period of pregnancy the baby just 4 to about 9 cm big. It is hard to imagine how this tiny area is to be determined in the neck as a layman.

Ultimately, all prenatal diagnostic methods especially for women are interesting, do not want to give birth to a child with a chromosomal aberration. at expectant mothers from 35 or a family for plant chromosome error the gynecologist is obliged to inform them about the increased risk. Here a sample calculation: If a pregnant woman aged 30 years, the chance to bring a baby with Down syndrome to the world is, at 1: 900, at a 35-year-olds at 1: 350. According to statistics, the risk therefore increases steeply.

How does the measurement?

The doctor, who must have appropriate qualifications to carry out this study, measures by Ultrasonic the thickness of the fluid cushion in the neck of the fetus. Between the 11th and 14th week of pregnancy accumulates between the very place between the child's skin and the tissues surrounding the spine, liquid. They can be seen on ultrasound as a dark spot or line.

This fluid cushion is normally very thin (less than two millimeters) and disappears later in the pregnancy when the kidneys of the child begin its function and derive the liquid. In children with chromosomal defects, but also in children with heart defects, the fluid cushion is often conspicuously thick.

What does the result of the skin fold measurement?

The skin fold measurement is about tenths of a millimeter. Currently, in the practices of gynecologists different methods of risk calculation used, which are very different in their accuracy. In part, the measured value is simply a "limit" compared. A striking result would be present if the nuchal fold thicker than 2.5, three or four millimeters - is depending on which measured in weeks of gestation.

This shortened interpretation, however, is very inaccurate - and unsettled many couples for no reason. Serious is the measurement if next to the nuchal translucency and the crown-rump length of the child is measured because it gives an accurate information on the age of the fetus. Again, there are limits: For example, when a given child whose crown Steißlänge is 45 millimeters, be the area of ​​the nuchal translucency is not thicker than 2.1 millimeters. If SSL, however, is 84 millimeters, the neck fold should not be thicker than 2.7 millimeters.

What are the risks in the investigation?

Previously, each pregnant woman was 35 years and the possibility of Amniocentesis (amniocentesis) Note, because of having a child with Down syndrome, the risk is increased in this age. However, it can happen in this study is that it comes at the puncture to miscarriage following. The risk is about one percent, but it's just not at zero.

When measuring the nuchal translucency is no such risk. Today she shows no striking result, this method helps hence many pregnant women, to save the riskier amniotic puncture.

What does the skin fold measurement and how often it is used?

For the simple measurement of nuchal translucency: 20 to 50 euros. The costs are paid by some health insurance altogether. In this context fee is included: a detailed discussion with the gynecologist, as the expectant parents can deal with the results. Centers for prenatal diagnosis are in measurement often experienced and technically latest on the stand. In addition, the experts take there usually more time for consultation. It is not a breach of trust to turn for the nuchal translucency measurement at one of these centers and can then serve again from his gynecologist. "Go for this study best physicians of the Fetal Medicine Foundation Germany (FMF) are certified. They have the appropriate equipment for this study and the qualification in Schallen and consulting"Advises Dr. Bernhard-Joachim Hackelöer, um. Chief physician Obstetrics and Prenatal Medicine, Asklepios Klinik Barmbek.

About two-thirds of all pregnant women take these non-invasive prenatal diagnostic method to complete. Even women under 35, even below 30 can often make this check. 

What we still need to know the skin fold measurement?

medical consultationiStock, Squaredpixels

First of all, how to interpret the measured values. Because the result is not an accurate diagnosis, but is only a probability. The accuracy of the analysis is very different depending on the method. 95 to 97 percent of babies in which a thickened nuchal fold was discovered coming fiddle to the world.

Just because the test result is not a diagnosis, but only an individual risk score, you should make in advance together with the doctor worry about what risk factors are found acceptable therefore waived (1 to 600 or 1 to 200?) And a subsequent amniocentesis , "Zero risk does not exist"Says Prof. Dr. Hackelöer.

Parents who find the risk factor that has emerged from the nuchal scan, too high, opt usually for an amniocentesis, which shows beyond doubt that the chromosomes of the child is normal or not.

Conclusion: skin fold measurement - yes or no?

 + recognized and widespread investigation     - no definite diagnosis, but only a probability value
+ it can provide the desired sedative,                          
but also - though unlikely - a harrowing
mean message  
-  Parents often fall for no reason to panic: How to deal with the value?
 + safe for mother and child        - it often connect further, invasive investigations, although the risk
for a disabled child is still relatively low

Ultimately, the decision is all alone you and your partner. The first consideration: Can you not reliably exclude a termination of pregnancy from the beginning, when your baby should have a disability? In this case, it is certainly a good way to think about this possibility of prenatal diagnosis at rest and gather information. Weigh the pros and cons for you and fetches you doing the professional judgment of a doctor. It remains only for all pros and cons and only your decision.

For more information and a search for qualified doctors, the website of the German Fetal Medicine Foundation:

About travail: How did they recognize and how they feel

How does labor feel like? How painful they really do? And how do I know if you go into labor? Here we answer your most important questions about the contractions. And tell you how to realize that it is time to focus on the way to the hospital to machen.Vor especially during the first pregnancy almost all women ask this question: How do I know that labor starts and the birth immediately is imminent? "You will feel it"Then those who already have a child and know how they feel say. We explain it in more detail.

How does labor feel like?

Each woman in labor feels pangs different. Generally speaking, you cancel slowly and develop a momentum of its own. Slight pains are often confused with back pain, and many women describe that labor pains feel similar to menstrual pain, but they are much stronger in intensity. You start with a dull feeling that is difficult to categorize yet, and increase gradually to intense pain.

Of exercise contractions until aftermath: how labor can be distinguished?

iStock, 4maksym

Contractions occur not only during birth, but much earlier in pregnancy and even more after birth. Here is an overview of the different types of labor:

WehenartPeriodSymptoms and functions
exercise laborfrom about 25 SSW
  • Your body is now preparing for the final stage of your pregnancy.
  • You do recognize the fact that your stomach is hard for a little while now and then, alas they do not.
  • The exercise contractions do not have any power to trigger the birth.
from about 36 weeks
  • They occur in the final weeks before birth and are so called because the baby's head descends deeper into the mother's pelvis. Since thus reduces the whole abdomen, you will probably get lighter air and your stomach has room to accommodate more.
  • How can you recognize them? Some pregnant women they become noticeable by a slight pull in the back and general malaise. Others do not feel again.
Braxton Hicks contractionsfrom about 36 weeks
  • The Braxton Hicks contractions occur even on very irregular, are neither strong nor last long.
  • The belly is hard, it pains in the back and the groin and lower abdominal by the contraction of the uterus, sometimes it radiates down the legs. Make them feel like like real labor.
  • What can now help to relax you and your body: A warm bath (but please only if you're not alone). Above all, it is useful to see if there already are real contractions. Because the can by a warm bath does not affect, Braxton Hicks contractions already.
  • Just as helpful it may be now, just lie down and you snuggle you under a blanket. Henceforth wait what happens. If you feel no pull after a certain time, it was definitely Braxton Hicks contractions. Until the birth actually starts, can then take a few more days.
opening labor
Start of labor
  • While Braxton Hicks contractions do not have the strength, cervix to open, the opening of labor, her name shall accordingly just that. Here, the cervix shortens until it disappears entirely - much like a turtleneck, if you pass pushes the head.
  • Opening contractions occur at regular and increasingly shorter intervals and increase in intensity: First, there are perhaps 20 to 30 minutes that lie between them. The contractions are not that painful and long (between 30 and 45 seconds), so you can still keep you pretty normal and do other things. But which is increasingly difficult when the distances smaller and the pain is intense.
  • Towards the end of the opening phase, when the cervix is ​​open almost to the size of the baby head, the contractions come every three to five minutes and now hold on a minute. They are so intense that you are entirely focused on.
Transitional labor
During birth
  • The transition pains are particularly intense and are perceived by many women as the most difficult birth. Now, the cervix is ​​fully open, the child just needs a little deeper slide into the pool. Now a lot of oxytocin is secreted. It not only ensures the strong labor pains, but also allows any woman in labor surpass themselves and forget everything around you.
  • Now, for the support of the midwife and your partner is in high demand, many women in labor are in this transition period to a point where they believe that it will go no further. but that's usually a sign that soon use the contractions that push the baby out.
Shortly before the birth
  • The contractions have a special power. They are a reflection, which you have to pursue inevitably now. They manifest themselves by an intense feeling of pressure, similar to when you have to go to the bathroom.
  • Possibly assign you to the midwife, not to yield to the press urge not equal to or only once at full strength, so that the tissue is spared. 
  • Then the time has come: With some contractions first the head, then the shoulders and usually with a slosh amniotic fluid torso and legs coming. It's done (almost). 
aftermathImmediately after delivery,
  • The aftermath ensure that the afterbirth (placenta and membranes) will be rejected by the body. They also cause right after that, to contract the blood vessels in the uterus again and so the bleeding will stop.
  • In the second and each subsequent child the aftermath become stronger. Because allow the uterus to contract again, it needs to use more force.

Thus the birth pains are triggered?

That they use at the end of pregnancy, ensures the interaction of hormones between mother and child. If there is a signal, now wanting to get out of the womb, then is distributed by the female brain the hormone oxytocin. This in turn triggers the contractions, the rhythmic contraction of the uterus, out. This eventually develop - usually for several hours - to real labor. 

What I have not noticed that you start soon?

  • Many women feel a great urge to get everything perfect for the baby before birth. This is called nesting instinct. This ranges from multiple sorting the long lying ready baby clothes to housecleaning.
  • Mild diarrhea and increasing back pain may be other indicators.
  • At about a quarter of pregnant women, the onset of labor is expressed by a slight bleeding. The secretion is mixed with thick mucus. The reason: When the cervix begins to open, the mucus that has the cervix firmly closed throughout the pregnancy triggers. Usually take one to two days later put an labor.
  • About 10 to 15 percent of pregnant women have a rupture, before the labor use, while the amniotic sac usually bursting at the rest at birth. Only rarely does the amniotic sac opens in the surge, mostly the amniotic fluid trickles just a bit. Unlike urine is odorless and colorless. In most cases the labor onset immediately or with a slight delay with a rupture of the membranes.

When the time is ripe for the hospital?

if the birth date is approaching, it is possible just a few expectant mothers, quietly waiting for the onset of labor. Unfortunately, the system of medical care also makes pregnant women not relaxed. On the contrary: It educates to go to the doctor for every little unusual. Listen into themselves, trust in the body - that will see many women as luxury you can afford only when medically everything is checked out. The result: Today, more than half of the women coming to the clinic if it is not yet time for it. The contractions are still irregular, do not develop power. The cervix is ​​only one to two centimeters open, you could still completely relaxed at home lying on the sofa or in the tub and experience the first contractions here undisturbed. This local experience is valuable because it brings you much more natural in the birth into it as if you are looking for the way to the delivery room right away.
The time to go to the hospital, but definitely reached when the contractions over a period of half an hour to use every three to five minutes and are so strong that you can you just focus on that. In addition, you should promptly go to the hospital when the amniotic sac is open. Because amniotic fluid is a warm, nutrient-rich liquid, bacteria spread it quickly. Is it not the first birth, it is generally recommended that a little earlier to drive off. but ultimately it is your decision how long you're in labor rather not do without assistance.

What if I can not stand the pain?

Many pregnant women are afraid of what awaits them at birth, especially if it is the first child. The best remedy fears: Good information!

  • Find out early a midwife and a good preparation course, is spoken also about the birth.
  • Stay away from mothers who peddle horror stories like, and hold you to friends who make you courage.
  • Trust your body: He is preparing nine months preparing to bring the baby to the world and is well prepared for it. Among other things, the body's own, highly effective painkillers circling in childbirth in the blood.
  • Labor pain is a productive pain - every contraction brings you a little closer to your baby.
  • Inform yourself with your midwife and your doctor about the different ways the labor pain to alleviate or even to be taken quite. Sometimes this knowledge already helps to cope better with labor pain.

What can I do if I am on the date?

The due date has passed and it just does nothing? There are various ways to attract labor. It is important: Nothing try on your own, but please always in consultation with your midwife or doctor. 15 measures - of sex over raspberry leaf tea up to labor cocktail - do we have for future compiled for you. If nothing happens in the hospital for hours, there is the possibility of medication to induce labor contractions with a drip or accelerate.

Doubts? The midwife knows what to do!

Couple about to give birth in hospitaliStock, RyanJLane

Often the contractions set a middle of the night. You want to stay alone with reluctant deciding whether you can or the first contractions to wait at home already go to the hospital should? Then calling the hospital and let you connect to the delivery room. The midwives on site to advise you then. If you already have prior contact with a midwife, you can also call them.

Thus you get quickly through the bureaucratic jungle

Applications, forms, documents, copies - for a small new Earthlings have done pretty much bureaucracy mom and dad. Thus still remains a lot of time to cuddle for the whole family, we have put together for you all the necessary information with a practical checklist for download.

It is finally here - your sweet little baby, on which you have waited so long. Actually, you would much prefer to count the little toes and fingers and look at the little miracle for hours, as if apart afflict with formalities and registrations. To have as much cuddling and family time after birth, you can do a lot in advance: Obtain out the applications for child and parental benefits and inclusion in the health insurance and copy all notwendgien documents. exactly what you need for which application you can see below. Fill the proposals so far out as possible. After the birth You need then only nachzutragen the name and date of birth of the child and not have to log grapple further with the paperwork. Because then there are a thousand times better for you.


Put all the necessary documents for the birth certificate in the hospital bag. So You already have everything you need for it. Dad can then spend valuable time with your family rather than in the copy shop or looking after the family Bible.

The complete checklist for all the paperwork you can Download here.

acknowledgment of paternity

Father with babyThinkstock, monkey business images

An acknowledgment of paternity is of importance when Mom and Dad the new earth citizens are not married. By recognizing the child a family relationship between father and child is determined officially. This is e.g. important for custody issues or possible inheritance claims. For recognizing not only the father to Standes- or youth welfare office must. The mother must give their consent to the acknowledgment of paternity here.

Tip: The acknowledgment of paternity You can take shape during pregnancy.

WhenBefore, or after birth
Where: Registry office or youth welfare office

These documents do you need

  • the child's birth certificate (for registration after birth, before even without possible)
  • Birth certificates of parents
  • Identity cards or passports of parents
  • Proof of expected date of birth of the child (e.g. Mutterpass)


apply for birth certificate

If possible within the first week after birth, you should apply for child your at the registry office, the birth certificate. That you can do either in person at the registrar's office or directly from the hospital. So mom and dad can spend with her newborn as much time today take many clinics registrations. For this purpose will be handed out a brown envelope after birth. On the front you'll find all the information on the documents and monies that need to be set for processing in the envelope. On the back of the envelope you must enter the data of you and your child. Very important: do not forget to sign. Within a week, the registry office sends you the birth certificate (with versions for health insurance and parental benefits application) home. So if you have you already undisturbed settled in a few days with your little bundle of joy at home, ready to process the applications for insurance, parent and child benefit.

When: Directly after birth
Where: Registry office or directly from the maternity hospital

These documents you need:


  • Cash for the costs of birth certificates,
  • A stamped A4 envelope

If the parents are married:

  • Birth certificate from the hospital,
  • Copy of the identity cards of the parents,
  • Birth certificates of parents and previous children
  • Marital or civil partnership certificate or certified copy of the family register

If the parents are not married:

  • Birth certificates of parents
  • If divorced: marriage certificate and divorce decree
  • Acknowledgment of paternity, the mother's consent, custody declaration

For foreign nationals:

  • Copies of passports with a residence permit
  • Translation of the marriage and birth certificates of parents

Registration at the registration office

Not always the registration office is notified by the registry office of the new earthlings. Therefore, you should see the birth certificate there as soon as possible submit. On that occasion, you can also get the same issue a child ID card for future trips. But you still need a biometric passport photo. On special conditions and cost of the child's identity card you inform the website of the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs.

WhenAfter obtaining the birth certificate
Where: Registration office

These documents you need:

  • Biometric passport photo
  • the child's birth certificate

apply for child support

Formalities checklist: So you come quickly through the bureaucratic jungleMaxal Tamor

The application for child support the new parents must submit to the competent family office or the employment office. For this you need a special version of the birth certificate, which will be sent to you in general with the other copies of birth certificates. Currently, families receive for the first two children each 192 euro for the third child and € 198 for each additional child 223 euros. The processing of child support application takes the Office about four to six weeks. But do not worry, we paid retroactively, of course.

A family Checkout near you you can here Find.

WhenAfter obtaining the birth certificate no later than four years old
Where: Familienkasse

These documents you need:

  • Application for child support,
  • Child's birth certificate (extra copy for the child support application)
  • Tax ID of the parents and the child


apply for health insurance

Your little baby is health insurance for his first studies of the mother. However you should strive to officially take the child to your family insurance with you soon. Here, too, you need a special copy of the birth certificate that you usually automatically receive the regular. This is free for public insurance without problems. The application of this you will receive from the insurance company. After processing of the application Your baby gets its own insurance card. If this until the first investigation by the pediatrician is not available, you can ask your insurance to a provisional certificate of insurance for the child. So you have to later do not submit again to the doctor the card. Is a parent with private insurance and the other law, the child can not be insured free of charge by law if the private insurance the higher income (2016: 56,250 euros per year) has. In this case, the private insurance must accept the child - without risk assessment and wait, but against their own contribution. The request for a private insurance must be made within two months. The insurance is then retroactively.

WhenAfter obtaining the birth certificate (with private health insurance to two months after birth)
Where: Health insurance of their parents

These documents you need:

  • Application for family insurance,
  • Child's birth certificate (extra copy for the health insurance company)

apply for parental benefits

Parents with their newbornThinkstock, Hanna Monika Cybulko

The free program in the application sites for Neueltern is the parental allowance request. Yet, here: Fill out the application rather before the birth of your child as much as possible from. Because that protects your nerves. Is your sweet baby because once in the world, there is for you much more important and better than the bureaucratic jungle. Answers to key questions about the parental allowance can be found here. Since the parental benefit is paid retrospectively but only for three months, you should not wait too long with the application process. A list of parental allowance points for the respective federal states you'll find under

Tip: Have an family center in your neighborhood? There you can seek advice and get you assistance in completing the application for you when it comes to parental benefits.

WhenAfter obtaining the birth certificate to three months after birth
Where: Parental allowance office

These documents do you need:

  • Application for parental benefits,
  • Child's birth certificate (extra copy for the parents benefit application)
  • The health insurance certificate (certificate A),
  • Certificate of employment (certificate B),
  • Copy of the front and back of the identity card,
  • Registration certificate,
  • Form "Declaration of income"
  • Tax assessments of both parents from the calendar year before the birth of the child,
  • Wage and salary slips of the last 14 months
  • Any acknowledgment of paternity,

In individual cases, additional documents can be requested.

apply for parental leave

The good news: In order to take parental leave, you have to fill out any complicated application. But there are also several things to consider: Not later than seven weeks before the scheduled start of the parental leave, you have to your employer in writing of your plans inform. In the letter, you have to specify how you want to make the first 24 months of parental time. Whether you plan, for example, to work part-time. Then you should equal specify the required number of hours and the exact working hours.

WhenSeven weeks before the scheduled start of the parental leave

These documents do you need:
Written request from the employer stating the scheduled period

(Window) brush with Jemako …

So yes I have recently even ask how your brushing Bцden and such. So today I have to hit a Jemako consultant (дhnlich Tupper consultant) and that was so ьberzeugend, daЯ I bought the same window cleaning rags and at home I have the same tried and with sensational success !!! The microfiber cloth I just do only naЯ, go with it to be informed about the windows and wipe with 'nem second lobe and the discs are wonderful STRIPES clean !!! Seems to be just great, the stuff. Demnдchst the counselor will bring wipe a test set to ground me. She has led the way to me today, the tabs at the bottom wiper is made easy with water naЯ and thus one can supposedly 60 - 80 mІ wipe, then switch to cloth, wipe the Flдche dry place is! You do not need a bucket and no cleaning supplies, but just the different lobes closed for different Bцden ... well, I 'm really looking forward to my test kit will then report back. But the brush with the window has absolutely ьberzeugt me, my had not been cleaned in several months ... * embarrassed *

many GrьЯe


Jo that goes with the microfiber cloth from Aldi but just as good.


Stehauffrau is right that goes with every other microfibre cloth as well.

And, apart from that, I mцchte Not the dirt of 60-80 mІ in one have overlapped without having washed out the only 1 x * * bдh
A Jemako flap can only absorb a certain maximum amount of dirt. And I say now times easy to have ever met without this system.

With such promises, I'm always more than skeptical. Wдre really soo great, hдtte the lдngst a much hцheren awareness and wьrde sold ьberall, schlieЯlich the people of Jemako mцchten but only make money, right?

How much is this stuff anyway?


well if, for example like my father's LG wipes morning and evening through the entire apartment (no have no children or pets, but yes, she has a blast at the point) then guaranteed submits once naЯgemachter flaps closed for 80 square :).
I wash alone closed for the 16 sqm Kьche here the rag already 5-6 times, but with me the intervals are cough eeeetwas grцЯer * * ........


I'm curious what you have to report 🙂



Quote by Stehauffrauwell if, for example like my father's LG wipes morning and evening through the entire apartment (no have no children or pets, but yes, she has a blast at the point) then guaranteed submits once naЯgemachter flaps closed for 80 square :).Well, I'm from my Putzrhytmus assumed. With such people: clean: wipe probably not 80 mІ with just a cloth.
Quote by StehauffrauI wash alone closed for the 16 sqm Kьche here the rag already 5-6 times, but with me the intervals are cough eeeetwas grцЯer * * ........: D * hand reaching * About as it is with me * * mithust
because we just another Prioritдten


Hello you!

With groЯem interest I have followed your discussion on Jemako. And I must say: It always comes back the saying: you can too with a microfiber cloth from Aldi! True natьrlich, but honestly: Who has not tried Jemako itself, weiЯ not know how great this stuff is and I work part-time as certainly not Jemako-aunt :-))))

The Mikrofasertьcher have nдmlich z. As a specific GrцЯe and kцnnen the fact that they are actually particularly folded clean the window, used durchgдngig that heiЯt,, you have not always (natьrlich ever between) are ausgespьlt. this saves a lot of water and therefore energy and money. The Trockentьcher of Jemako kцnnen also be folded in accordance with the cleaning and dry them really viiiiiiieeeeel better than such a blцdes towel or something and you do not get long arms during dry rubbing.

apart from that we had a lot of grease stains on our coated Kьchenfront I've gotten nothing. Only on a Jemako party at a colleague who had the same problems I have become fьndig.

For us it is a way that we are not starving, but I already ьberlege pretty sure if I invest sense in such things or not. And just like Tupperware there natьrlich even with Jemako products that I consider closed for ьberflьssig. Ultimately, I think there must also set each his own Prioritдten. I find the Fensterputztьcher and lemon balm still awesome! Perhaps you tried things just once at a party like? There is indeed no obligation to buy ?!

Much SpaЯ continue during cleaning, no matter what, grinning, Meike


Me you will not get in life to such Parties * * schьttel. Neither Tupper still swab or anything, I find the type of distribution already so dдmlich daЯ alone already is a reason to steer clear of the stuff.
With the existing with us Aldi and Lidl Tьchern I am completely satisfied, so get the fatty deposits from the hood, you can fold the well * g * and ausspьlen even sure needs no "tons" Water.
So I save me the party visit and the money issue and prefer to go once schцn eat ice cream with the money.


Quote by schnuddel180507The Mikrofasertьcher have nдmlich z. As a specific GrцЯe and kцnnen the fact that they are actually particularly folded clean the window, used durchgдngig that heiЯt,, you have not always (natьrlich ever between) are ausgespьlt. this saves a lot of water and therefore energy and money.Well, my Aldi Mikrofastertьcher also have a certain Size, area and fold I can as I want. I do not particularly fold. So I already save with Alditьchern but a lot of my precious: Clean: -time that we know, and money is :).
I know not how much (liters) of water as swallows a Jemako cloth, but I set for window cleaning a bucket with about 5 liters of water to which then is in the bucket anyway * pun, do * - whether I Aldi cloth once more or wring less. Where I can save with Jemako energy to me is still a long Rдtsel * * maldarьbernachdenkenmuss. I save money rather Aldi, because the Tьcher are to purchase probably is many times cheaper than Jemako, even if they (perhaps) not hold sooo as long as Jemako * * auchdasanzweifle

Quote by schnuddel180507This content has been gelцschtYes, daaaa I am now in the gьnstigsten variant. I use newsprint of our free weekly newspaper, I mьsste otherwise disposed of anyway just in the paper bin. So am I doing here a plus as I, also saving on disposal costs closed for something that I have not paid * soon * rich expectant. And newsprint dries well and streaks.
And long arms? The I get hцchstens if I was comfortable again, prepare my stepladder.

Quote by schnuddel180507This content has been gelцschtGrease stains, which can not be removed with Spьlmittel or all-purpose cleaner, go great with lemon juice away - the basis of each lemon cleaner, certainly of lemon balm of Jemako. Summary: natьrlicher, cheap and good * * wiedergeldgesparthab

Well, if I'm so ьberlege how much I save with Alditьchern, newsprint and lemon juice so - I kцnnt already almost going on vacation (well, maybe the money wдre in a Putzhilfe yes better spent, I hдtte still time closed for me saved): D

* * Ironieoff


[QUOTE = maxi mum; 2516707] Well, my Aldi Mikrofastertьcher also have a certain Size, area and fold I can as I want. I do not particularly fold. So I already save with Alditьchern but a lot of my precious: Clean: -time that we know, and money is :).

It may well be that Alditьcher, also have a certain Size, area yet the Tьcher of Jemako kцnnen be folded three times. That can be done even with a towel Aldi, but then correspondingly reduces the Wischflдche because the Jemakotuch grцЯer is.

I know not how much (liters) of water as swallows a Jemako cloth, but I set for window cleaning a bucket with about 5 liters of water to which then is in the bucket anyway * pun, do * - whether I Aldi cloth once more or wring less. Where I can save with Jemako energy to me is still a long Rдtsel * * maldarьbernachdenkenmuss. I save money rather Aldi, because the Tьcher are to purchase probably is many times cheaper than Jemako, even if they (perhaps) not hold sooo as long as Jemako * * auchdasanzweifle

Just that lugging around a bucket entfдllt at Jemako. It makes the cloth even really wet (under cold water ьbrigens, what ever saves energy), it folds accorging and used to wipe the window each side once. If the cloth used once from each side, it will ausgespьlt short and on it goes. My mop water I haeb since changed hдufiger because in our Fensterflдche I'm simply not with a bucket of fьnf liters of. In this respect I save as the water itself, the cost of heating, because if I wanted tempting body, hot and especially the eternal running around between first and second floor.

The grease stains I remove ьbrigens not with lemon balm, but this is not due to Jemako but on the coating of our Kьchenfront and our foolishness not to have better attention to something when Kьchenkauf. The lemon balm can be alternatively used to scouring. Jaaaaaaaa, you can natьrlich buy a bottle of scouring milk from Aldi. However, I need it also regelmдЯig supplies and with my 500g pot to 16, - EUR I come now from the past two years. He is still half gefьllt and I'm decried among friends as a cleaning fanatic, my husband also likes to talk about our sterile household (I like mags clean). The lemon balm can, however, also used for cleaning the Edelstahlspьle and ceramic hob in the Kьche (is wonderful streak-free clean). In Ьbrigen it can also be used for cleaning the FensterauЯenseite and the inside of the shower, the water drips off at the wonderful Oberflдche and the nдchsten cleaning you do not scrub so mьhselig because of the lime deposits.

Apart from that I've been hit in our circle of friends on yet a woman with such a cleaning party (and there are also some Sparfьchse there) who were not enthusiastic about the system. AuЯerdem I have already angefьhrt in my last thread that ultimately each itself can remain ьberlassen so, when he thus how much dressing for how long. Should persцnlich be damn me. But one should not reject the same, when she still does not know things. A blind man can not say anything schlieЯlich informed about color design ....

If the second ultrasonic now even more precise?

In the second, so-called large ultrasound from the 19th week of pregnancy the doctor examines among other organs of your baby. What was he doing forever attentive and what he will discuss with you, we will tell you here.

What exactly the gynecologist examined in fine diagnosis?

DieMutterschaftsrichtlinien see in pregnancy three ultrasonic dates before: one in the ninth to twelfth week of pregnancy, another one in the 19th to 22.Schwangerschaftswoche and a third in the 29th to 32nd week of pregnancy. The cost of these studies support the health insurance companies. Is there cause for concern if all is well with the unborn child, the woman's doctor may also further ultrasound dates begin.
The second ultrasound schedule is as "large ultrasound" designated. Because this time the doctor examines the baby in very many aspects: First, it measures head diameter, chest circumference and length of the fetus to determine its development Age reliable and possibly correct the date of birth. He then checked the fit of the placenta and the Amniotic fluid. Usually he can expectant parents now say what gender the baby - if they want to know.
In this examination appointment but the doctor performs the so-called fine-diagnosis: He examined the bodies of babies, whether they develop normally. This is important because many malformations can now treat them well - if detected early! Noticed the gynecologist for example, a heart defect baby, the birth can be planned on a gentle for the baby way possible to subsequently treat dieFehlbildung immediately. In many cases it is now even possible to operate the baby still in the womb.

What will change now in the fine diagnosis?

The second ultrasound is still the date on which the organs of the fetus are particularly thoroughly investigated. should denMutterschaftsrichtlinien according to the gynecologist, while systematically examine Among the issues the unborn:

  • The cerebellum
  • The left-sided heart position
  • All four chambers of the heart
  • The skin on the back
  • The anterior abdominal wall
  • The stomach
  • The kidneys
  • the urinary bladder

Who will make the fine diagnosis?

Since dieFeindiagnostik is performed during the regular second ultrasound, it is to be carried out by the attending gynecologist in his practice. Therefore, according to DenMutterschaftsrichtlinien all gynecologists should be further qualified.
However, the ultrasound experts DEGUM are skeptical whether such training is sufficient. So many malformations are so rare that many gynecologist would not, or at most once may get throughout his career to face. Whether he would recognize such an anomaly, as such, is questionable.
Expectant parents who want to be completely safe, should therefore contact for dieFeindiagnostik to a specially trained physician who also has the most modern equipment. Ask your doctor most openly after his DEGUM qualification. At a "I" you should doubt the reference to a level of qualification according to "II" trained colleagues ask - because that is actually an expert fürFeindiagnostik.

What is spoken in the Development of a detailed diagnosis?

In addition to the order dieFeindiagnostik advanced ultrasonic Srceening between the 19th and the 22nd week of pregnancy the expectant parents will in future be informed extensively about the investigation - and even before the investigation. The physician should determine whether the expectant parents ever want ultrasounds, and whether they want to perform the advanced screening at the second ultrasound appointment. So the line between normalemUltraschall undPränataldiagnostik to be drawn more clearly. Even the right of parents not to know should be strengthened.
Here, the gynecologist should explain not only the specifics of the investigation but also the significance of the test results and the possible consequences. "It is important not only that the advice is comprehensive, but that the doctor also insured with the necessary empathy that the message has arrived at the women"Warns Professor Annegret Geipel, Head of Prenatal Medicine in the Department of Obstetrics and Prenatal Medicine at the University Hospital Bonn. In addition, pregnant women should be informed about what investigations actually regular antenatal care were - and what they as IGEL services would have to pay out of pocket

What diseases can be detected with this fine diagnosis?

Profile in SSW 20www.praenatalzentrum.deProfil in SSW 20

Metabolic disorders or chromosomal abnormalities of the fetus you will unfortunately can not always determine only by ultrasound. But the fine diagnosis may well help determine a number of abnormalities before birth. This includes numerous other disorders in the offered in specialized practices fine diagnosis in addition to less serious and treatable birth defects such as cleft lip, malformations of fingers or gaps in the cardiac septum. Some of them sketched Dr. Ute Germer, Chairman of the Section of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the German Society for Ultrasound in Medicine (DEGUM), at the launch of the new maternity guidelines. This includes:

  • Gaps in the anterior abdominal wall or diaphragm that must be surgically closed after birth.
  • More serious heart defect, but must be supplied at a heart center.
  • Cystic lung disease that can affect the lung maturity of the fetus and cause a lack of oxygen in newborns.
  • Cystic changes in the kidney or Harnaufstau in the renal pelvis - both of which increase the risk of kidney infection.
  • Lack of closure of the spine with disorders of the nerves in the legs.
  • Expansion of brain ventricles - a common sign of an infection that needs treatment.
  • Extremities and skeletal disorders.
  • Larger cleft lip and columns.

Exchange ideas - in our prenatal forum!

You are looking for other mothers with whom you can exchange such as dieFeindiagnostik about upcoming prenatal testing? In our Forum You will find it!

PARENTS online pregnancy calendar

pregnancy CalendarThinkstock, nensuria

For you and your partner, it is the greatest message in the world: you are expecting a baby! And we look forward with you! In our pregnancy Calendar we have for you week after week exciting information about your baby, touching ultrasound videos, expert knowledge and much more. Pregnancy calendar Thinkstock, nensuria

Harem Pants: The fit over each Windelpo

Three seams, three cuffs, slightly jersey fabric - much all you need for this game send panties. So you can sew at home, the looker too itself, we have patterns and instructions together for you.

And so `s made:

Photo: Sonja TobiasPhoto: Sonja Tobias

80 cm x 110 cm jersey or flowing cotton fabric for front and back part. For the cuffs use either a knit fabric or draw on Bündchen- meter.
Patterns vary in size (available in 68/74, 80/86, 92/98) download, print out and cut along the outer lines. add at inextensible materials 1 cm in width. For the cuffs waist or hip size, depending on the desired height measurement (value X). Leg circumference also measure (value Y).
Fabric along double set (any pattern during limited hours). Laying pattern piece with fault line along the break edge on the fabric. Cut both layers of fabric along the NZ. Repeat this step so that a front and a rear trouser part is produced. To avoid slipping, fix the fabric layers previously with pins. upper cuff: 68/74: (X cm x 30 cm), 80/86 (X cm x 36 cm), 92/98 (X cm x 40 cm). Hem each 2 times: 68/74: (Y cm x 7 cm), 80/86 (Y cm x 8 cm), 92/98 (Y cm x 9 cm).

Pants pattern pieces with the right side inward toward each place. Sew side seams and inside leg seam at 1 cm and overcast NZ with the overlock machine or a zigzag stitch to prevent fraying. Cuffs sew together along each of the short sides, characterized arise hoses. Then, by pulling each half, so that the NZ lies inside everything iron and stitch the open edges at 1 cm to hem and waistband edge. while pulling cuffs tightly to length pants edges. NZ NZ inside neaten and iron in one direction.

  • > Patterns for the harem pants: Gr 68-74 (PDF)
  • > Patterns for the harem pants: Gr 80-86 (PDF)
  • > Patterns for the harem pants: Gr 92-96 (PDF)

Farewell before Emilia’s life could begin

Emilia is a star child. She was born in the 18th week of pregnancy dead. For their parents incredibly sad. In pain a small consolation: The photos of her daughter.

Two healthy children

"I have three children. Two sons, who are six years old and 18 months and my daughter Emilia, who was born in early February 2016 as a child star.
The first two pregnancies were difficult. By my great son of the mother's mouth opened in the 26th week of pregnancy. Then I was for nine weeks in the hospital, got labor inhibitors and drugs that promoted the lung maturity of the child. Eventually I was able to return home. My son was born finally after 38 + 5 weeks of pregnancy and was healthy.
In the second pregnancy was up to 23 weeks of gestation all right. Then I suddenly had severe abdominal pain which turned out to be labor. The cervix was open, I had to stay in the hospital and got back a lot of medicine. My son was born in the 25th week of gestation by Caesarean section, weighing 740 grams. He was for weeks in the hospital, had to be ventilated. Today he is 18 months old and is developing well.
My husband and I have long wondered whether we want to try again to get pregnant. The risk of recurrent preterm birth was very high. We then yet decided. For our second son is now healthy and developing normally, fortunately.

First, there were no complications, but that quickly changed

I quickly became pregnant again. The pregnancy was normal at first, but the doctors advised me to cerclage to prevent another premature birth. In this case, the cervix is ​​closed by an operation.
I decided to let perform the procedure. Since I was in the 16th week of pregnancy. It was a routine operation, which lasted only half an hour. I already knew that I would get a girl this time, and was really looking forward to it. The operation went well, the doctors were satisfied.
In the evening, I had abdominal pain and could not urinate. The next day I then had blood in his urine. The doctors said at first that this was normal and did not investigate me further, even though I asked about it again and again. This went on for two days like that. As me but then finally examined a doctor, then the disaster. The doctors fixed a tear in the amniotic sac. Also, I had an infection that threatened to rise to my baby. They made us little hope. My husband and I cried and cried. We could not believe it.


Then I was in the hospital, could not get up and was heavily medicated. The doctors try to keep my child at least up to the 24th week in the abdomen. Only then it would have a chance of survival. I was full of hope. My daughter would make it. But then everything changed. After two weeks, the inflammation was so bad that it was dangerous for me in my body. The doctors wanted to initiate the birth of my daughter, she would not survive, to save my life. But I did not want that. I wanted to keep fighting for my daughter.
The doctors advised me against it. They said I have two healthy children who need me and a man. I could not risk my life.
I had wished for a Caesarean section. But that was in the 18th week of pregnancy is not possible because my uterus would have thereby greatly damaged. I had huge anxiety.

silent birth

The birth of my daughter was then initiated with tablets. After a few hours I was in labor. My husband and a great midwife were with me. At half past 10, the head of my daughter was born. Her abdomen and her legs were still in me. There was a long pause labor in which I had the opportunity to grope for my child. That was really nice. To 22:06 it was born fully with intact membranes. A magical moment. Everything seemed to stand still.
She lived and moved even when the midwife gently nudged her shoulder. She was still connected by the umbilical cord with me, was supplied over me. I could decide when the amniotic sac should be opened.
I had my time again, about half an hour. Then let the midwife tear the amniotic sac, severed the umbilical cord and put my daughter on the chest. My little Emilia. When she was with me, she was already dead. She looked like her daddy.
We have kept up all night with us. When we finally fell asleep, she was lying between us. A friend had made a small sleeping bag for them, in which we put them. I am getting a room at the station and was allowed to keep my baby three days with me. My husband was with me. In the delivery room many pregnant women were running around. This was too much for me.

Photos as souvenirs

The day after the birth of Masha, a photographer of "Your Child Star" came to us to photograph Emilia. "Your child star" makes photos or video from Star children to give parents a memory of the deceased children. A friend had pointed out to me, the contact for me made. The order was posted online and then Masha has taken him by accident. A great happiness for me. Masha was in the hospital before the birth of a great support for me back in the days. Every day she wrote me SMS, how I feel. Bangte with me to my daughter's life.
When I called, and said that Emilia is in the world, she came immediately. She made beautiful photos of my daughter and the three of us, from the weighing and measuring of the Little and her tiny hands and feet. The images are infinitely more worth to me. I look at me every day, they have loaded on my phone.
My big son who is now 6 years old, I have the images also shown. He wanted to see. By his brother he knew already that the mom comes home, but the baby is still too small for it. I explained to him that the heart of Emilia, unfortunately, was too weak and much smaller than his brother. He then understood.
Emilia is now buried in a cemetery in Hamburg and we visit them regularly. I am very glad that I have the photos and the place in memory of her. "

Star Children: memory of the little Emilia

Star Children: Star Children: memory of the little EmiliaStar Children: Star Children: memory of the little EmiliaStar Children: Star Children: memory of the little EmiliaStar Children: Star Children: memory of the little EmiliaStar Children: Star Children: memory of the little Emilia

For larger images and more information click on the image

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More about "Your child star"

More than 400 photographers in Germany go to with their photos to give parents a memory of their deceased children. Parents tell online three star children photographers of their work and their experiences.
Your child star takes her through the homepage and up Facebook.

Shortly before the birth: labor lure with raspberry leaf tea?

The very last period of pregnancy is there. The big day, the birth date within reach. Or even already passed, you're overdue, as the saying goes. Either way, you slowly go out and prefer the steam if you could do it, would you describe the birth now even trigger? Raspberry leaf tea is to lure the contractions gently alleged. Is that true?

Plenty of exercise, a hot bath, sex shortly before birth, a foot reflexology massage, labor cocktail by the midwife - the list of methods to blow just before and lure naturally after the due date is long. Also, the keyword raspberry leaf falls again and again in this context. Do not explain here whether the drink actually has stimulated effect on the body of the pregnant woman and the birth even easier. We have sought advice from a midwife. Important: Please think before you become active in any way want, consult your doctor or your midwife. They tell you whether the timing and the respective blow on sponsorship for you is appropriate and you yourself not hurting your baby and you.

What's raspberry leaf and where can I buy it?

HimbeerstrauchiStock MariusGatea

Raspberry leaf tea is an herbal tea made from the dried leaves of raspberry. He has a bitter-sweet taste. You can have him at the pharmacy found in well-stocked drugstores or health food stores as well as online stores. It is reasonably priced (between two and four euros) and is available both in bulk and in tea bags.

What effect can be achieved by him?

The vitamin-rich raspberry leaf are equal rumored several positive effects. So drinking the tea to revitalizing, antispasmodic, soothing, purifying and detoxifying effect on the body. But in the following effects of which especially pregnant women can benefit just before the birth, the tea should help:

  • Promoting blood circulation
  • Relaxation of uterine and pelvic muscles
  • Opening and softening of the os
  • prevention of episiotomy

There is no study that has been scientifically investigated the effectiveness of raspberry Blättertees on pregnant women and the birth process and documented. Nevertheless, this Kräuertee is now considered a popular home remedy. Many midwives recommend him, but whether and how it actually works varies from woman to woman. "It's like when it comes with all the prenatal and labor promotion. It is not a miracle cure, some women do not even notice or have only increased bowel movements. But the uterus, which should come a little shove, will not budge", Describes midwife Sarah Jost.

Other effects that can be achieved with the consumption of tea:

  • Regulation of hormones
  • Relieve menstrual cramps
  • Increasing fertility
  • Regulation of the cycle

Raspberry leaf tea is actually blowing promoting?

At least it is not recommended to him early in pregnancy (before 34 weeks) And in addition (in excessive quantities more than 3 to 4 cups a day to drink). Whether he actually induce labor can, has not been established - probably the tea must be drunk on that in a long period of time and in high doses.

In addition, raspberry leaf to favor the birth process. The uterus could probably work more relaxed and more effective so that the birth also takes less time per se. As mentioned to the absence of scientifically based studies. However, many experience.

By the way: There is also the so-called "Wehentee", This consists of a mixture of certain spices (cinnamon, cloves, ginger root and verbena). Throughout the day, distributed drunk, it can within one to two days, blow trigger. Again, it is important that you previously deflate you information. Please do not drink just start! Always check with the doctor or midwife, which mixture should have the tea ingredients and how much You can drink distributed by the tea throughout the day.

Small Teekräuterkunde for pregnant women

Pregnancy: Small Teekräuterkunde for pregnant womenPregnancy: Small Teekräuterkunde for pregnant womenPregnancy: Small Teekräuterkunde for pregnant womenPregnancy: Small Teekräuterkunde for pregnant womenPregnancy: Small Teekräuterkunde for pregnant womenPregnancy: Small Teekräuterkunde for pregnant womenPregnancy: Small Teekräuterkunde for pregnant women

For larger images and more information click on the image

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When and how many cups You can during pregnancy to drink?

raspberry leaf teaiStock, HeikeRau

You can add a raspberry leaf tea from the consultation with your midwife or your doctor 37 weeks drink. Give pull to one to two teaspoons of loose raspberry leaves in a tea filter and let him five to ten minutes (note, the exact data for the preparation on the package and let yourself be advised). It is important that you always bubbling using to boiling water. In order to achieve a possible effect, is a regular consumption over one to two weeks prerequisite. Initially, it is advisable to drink a cup a day, to observe the effect and increase the dose slowly (up to four cups a day). To avoid overdosing, pauses in between are advisable. Get tips and to do so by your midwife. A sudden rash on the abdomen or thighs may indicate that the detoxification effect of tea was set in motion, the body is, however, still overwhelmed with the excretion. Then it is advisable to reduce once again. After some time the rash is mostly gone.

If you to premature labor neigst or have one already soft or early open cervix, you should not take the tea better to you. Some midwives also recommend in the first period, when your child in the world is to drink the tea, because it can support milk production. But here midwives have different experiences. Ask best at your follow-midwife.


Some swear by it, and some believe the tea for prenatal superfluous - it is well with most methods of naturopathy. Whether you want to prepare yourself with the raspberry leaf tea for childbirth remains entirely up to you. Swap you but with others (be) mothers in our forum on this topic and see our article "Small Teekräuterkunde for pregnant women", which teas are not suitable during pregnancy.

name generator

Mausi1786 has posted the link just in another thread, but since he is believing a little under, so here again:

On the side - first name and children's names, baby names, name, name meaning, Nordic, collection, dictionary, there is a "generator"Where you get names suggested due to his last name.

I did this just, mixed 20 names internationally, closed for a Mдdchen:

Viola - OK but too flowery for me to "violet"
Marlene -
Janna -
Marla -
Mara - up close
Isabelle - was also on my list
Aurelia - not bad (as ZN)
Lucienne - well, not usually
Cassandra - I wьrde not forgive, but has what: rolleyes:
Christin - me too Christian, but ok
Olympia - ok, this is not required but then
Lucia - not mine
Xenia -
Beate - my girlfriend wдre honored, but which is then not quite zeitgemдЯ ...
Alexia -
Amelia - not so mine
Zarah - if then please S!
Mechthild -
Tanja - because wьrden here but fьhlen lots honored. : D But see Beate ...
Madleen - no, not

Closed for a boy:
Andreas - need not be
Adriano - one Adrian I take wьrde
Ramon -: no
Frederic - oh, why not ...
Joel - дh ... nццц
Immanuel - was also on the list
Ron - sounds tatsдchlich great for NN, but not me gefдllt
Maxim - I like, but I already know a
Erik - yes, on the list 🙂
Maik -
Jay -
Matthias - not quite, but Matthis or Matteo I take wьrde
Laurin -
Arved - but what fits, not the origin
Marek -
Calvin -
Benno - well ...
Taylor -
Kjell - not mine
Niklas - ok, but hдufig. Nikolas wдre better (but is already taken)

Even so, the yield is not bad. And most fit tatsдchlich very well with our NN.

So now it's your turn: What is your yield? 🙂





The purple I like good, especially Helene and Ophelia: love. yesterday "Pan's labyrinth" looked with a mega sьЯen small Ophelia find the name just got better and really good assignable as RN!


For the guys gefдllt me ​​only Fritz but find it funny that to a great-tьrkischen surname actually only English Proll name or so old German names coming hдtte little more Internationalitдt expected! Funny, Semih heiЯt the cousin of my husband with the same last name!


What it does is not always!

Here's my name ...
fьrs Mдdel:

· Sahra
· Melina
· Selina
· Sabrina
· Gudrun
· Nadja
· Larissa
· Nelly
· Laureen
· Astrid
· Pia
· Michaela
· Lana
· Korinna
· Anne
· Fenja
· Denise
· Helene
· Wibke
· Olympia

and closed for guys:

· Nick
· Logan
· Sascha
· Maksim
· Pierre
· Ansgar
· Edmund
· Lutz
· Curt
· Jimmy
· Bastian
· Yasin
· Matti
· Jeremie
· Lewis
· Teo
· Max
· Said
· Marlon
· Eugen

The surname somehow all fit, but most will not really mean encouragement!


Nicolas -
Frederic - already in the family, but with other NN
Vincent -
Amir -
Furkan -
Markus - already in the family, with the same NN
Jaron - ok to other NN
Tammo - ok to other NN
Ivo - ok to other NN
Titus - jain
Jonathan - was once shortlisted
Raul -
Nelson -
Constantin -
Vito -
Maddox -
Stanislaus -
Maik -
Haakon -
Jarno - ok to other NNNN is monosyllabic with 'a', comes from the ursprьnglich Tschechischenund sounds pretty tough.
Names we have assigned (at 100 Vorschlдgen):
RN of the Middle at No. 53,
ZN of GroЯen at No. 94, the other four not ьberhaupt.


Quote by RosenbaeumchenMausi1786 has posted the link just in another thread, but since he is believing a little under, so here again:

On the side - first name and children's names, baby names, name, name meaning, Nordic, collection, dictionary, there is a "generator"Where you get names suggested due to his last name.

I did this just, mixed 20 names internationally, closed for a Mдdchen:

Viola - OK but too flowery for me to "violet"
Marlene -
Janna -
Marla -
Mara - up close
Isabelle - was also on my list
Aurelia - not bad (as ZN)
Lucienne - well, not usually
Cassandra - I wьrde not forgive, but has what: rolleyes:
Christin - me too Christian, but ok
Olympia - ok, this is not required but then
Lucia - not mine
Xenia -
Beate - my girlfriend wдre honored, but which is then not quite zeitgemдЯ ...
Alexia -
Amelia - not so mine
Zarah - if then please S!
Mechthild -
Tanja - because wьrden here but fьhlen lots honored. : D But see Beate ...
Madleen - no, not

Closed for a boy:
Andreas - need not be
Adriano - one Adrian I take wьrde
Ramon -: no
Frederic - oh, why not ...
Joel - дh ... nццц
Immanuel - was also on the list
Ron - sounds tatsдchlich great for NN, but not me gefдllt
Maxim - I like, but I already know a
Erik - yes, on the list 🙂
Maik -
Jay -
Matthias - not quite, but Matthis or Matteo I take wьrde
Laurin -
Arved - but what fits, not the origin
Marek -
Calvin -
Benno - well ...
Taylor -
Kjell - not mine
Niklas - ok, but hдufig. Nikolas wдre better (but is already taken)

Even so, the yield is not bad. And most fit tatsдchlich very well with our NN.

So now it's your turn: What is your yield? 🙂I am dafьr that you get twins:
Calvin Taylor

For me, the following are:

Lewis - somehow
Raimund -
Hussein - a lot more
Yunus - has what!

Martha - schцn, was rejected by the man
Mathilda - the hдtt me sooo fallen!
Luisa - schцn, unfortunately,
Lenya - gefдllt me
Felicitas - was short on the list because I like Feli so 🙂
Anouk - not ьbel
Luna - that's the name the cat!


Funny, but closed for us is not a lot.



Somehow, since not a single case.
We live deep in Sьden and our name is not exactly North German, but widespread throughout D, even in the most Sьden (lt. Ancestry). No idea why so many rumkommen Nordic name for.
And something like Renatus's sometimes not diskussionswьrdig.


Ne, and nothing here. Karlotta and Josefine are not my thing, most likely still Marissa or Mona, but neeeee ... I think I stay with my wish list.


Timon - wдre the only one I liked kцnnte

Maren -
Matilda -
Lucy -: love:



Since I like only Elisabeth and Mathilda. But schцn that he has proposed Nadine, I heiЯ nдmlich.


Here I take Albert and Joris, the rest is so creepy.


I display only German name me once because wg. urdeutschem last name and so ..


Cornelius I do not gefдllt of the very good, only the Abkьrzung Conni then.
Malachi Oehm ..
Ezekiel uh ..
Giselher I like but wьrde the name of my child never call it that 🙂
Odo .oO (since missing a l ..)
Vital that should be the child definitely .. but as a first name?!?
Dittmar the gehцrt imho the no-go list ..
Berahthraban But Raban gefдllt me, in which drawer the auЯer the Wild Things I gehцre then? : D
Thaddдus (Troll? Octopus?)
winner this is a first name?
Johann so the Pfiffer wьrde want to call a Brьderchen 🙂
Rickert hцrt rather by last name on ..
Gebhard also
Jarik is schцn!


Rafaela schцn
Ida schцn!
Suleika uh ..
Marcellina sounds too cute, but ok closed for a small Italian
Dayala sounds like a fantasy novel
Sinje I, as Franke can thus start anything
Tanja schцner name
Ehrentrud Oehm ..
Caritas I donate the discarded clothes from Pfiffer .. back
Jalina sounds too invented
Malis genuschelte Marlies ..
Margret Margarete is schцn
Kajetana one of the names which I have long ьberlege whether I or should not find it schцn.
jorinde sounds too bad to tree and Mдrchen
Jana good assignable
Priska closed for a horse I find the great 🙂
Rahel schцn
Clementine to fruity
Berta heiЯt our Meersau


Quote by aranyaI display only German name me once because wg. urdeutschem last name and so ..


Cornelius I do not gefдllt of the very good, only the Abkьrzung Conni then.
Malachi Oehm ..
Ezekiel uh ..
Giselher I like but wьrde the name of my child never call it that 🙂
Odo .oO (since missing a l ..)
Vital that should be the child definitely .. but as a first name?!?
Dittmar the gehцrt imho the no-go list ..
Berahthraban But Raban gefдllt me, in which drawer the auЯer the Wild Things I gehцre then? : D
Thaddдus (Troll? Octopus?)
winner this is a first name?
Johann so the Pfiffer wьrde want to call a Brьderchen 🙂
Rickert hцrt rather by last name on ..
Gebhard also
Jarik is schцn!


Rafaela schцn
Ida schцn!
Suleika uh ..
Marcellina sounds too cute, but ok closed for a small Italian
Dayala sounds like a fantasy novel
Sinje I, as Franke can thus start anything
Tanja schцner name
Ehrentrud Oehm ..
Caritas I donate the discarded clothes from Pfiffer .. back
Jalina sounds too invented
Malis genuschelte Marlies ..
Margret Margarete is schцn
Kajetana one of the names which I have long ьberlege whether I or should not find it schцn.
jorinde sounds too bad to tree and Mдrchen
Jana good assignable
Priska closed for a horse I find the great 🙂
Rahel schцn
Clementine to fruity
Berta heiЯt our MeersauSmudo !? That's cool!

Brown discharge in Frьhschwangerschaft

Love midwife, love all,
I am still at the very beginning of my SS (about 5 + 1), and have since Monday every now and then brown mucus or discharge. Although not permanent but tдglich time to time. On Wednesday, the SS has been bestдtigt the FA through urine test, but could see nothing in the vaginal US. If the discharge from GM on Sunday and vaginal examination herrьhren? My FA could not say much to me, unfortunately, auЯer it anyway still very frьh wдre and kцnnte until the 12th week of pregnancy still happen. The nдchste date is only nдchsten Friday ...
I have really long hoped for the SS and can not really be happy because of the outflow ... Maybe someone can tell me what about this?
thank you very much


Hi Rusty,

I had the other day. With me in the US a blood blister was found and the doctor ordered me to rest and care. he said, mьsste bleed this blood blister and was not worrying. Need to worry only if the blood is bright red or if bleeding is more, I do not weiЯ how much "more" is ....
The causes of such blood blisters - so said my FA - be different kцnnen. That is the nature, fьrs baby is not gefдhrlich or threatening if brown or "old one" Blood.

I hope I was able to calm yourself a little.


Hi Dasa,

thank you so much closed for your answer 🙂 I'm doing very much better. Yesterday was in the hospital and in the US was a schцne Fruchthцhle to see and no old blood more. The Дrztin also said that old blood is nothing auЯergewцhnliches just in Frьhschwangerschaft and relatively hдufig occurs. She bled to determine the HCG value that I should leave again ьberprьfen with my FA tomorrow.
Thanks again and a relaxed Sunday closed for you 🙂


My FA also said that! It can always happen again!
Natьrlich can bleed slightly by GV!
I've had spotting in my ss cycle very often and took then Utrogest!


thank you so much closed for your answer:


Hall, everything is geklдrt?


Unfortunately, the little one has not developed to beat not start the heart and I had in the last week an AS and still have light bleeding. We are very sad because we have so much gewьnscht us. Natьrlich I'm now a lot of thought why it happened and whether it is up to me and what I hдtte kцnnen do differently / better. I've never smoked, do not drink alcohol and ernдhre me mцglichst healthy ... Natьrlich I mцchte like to again be pregnant, but am afraid that the risk of another FG is high again. Can anyone tell me what I can do to reduce my Дngste me? I somehow can figure out why the little one has not progressed? is wrong with my hormones something? Maybe someone weiЯ next?
Many Thanks!


Dear Rusty,

only times I'm very doll sorry closed for you - may your SChemrz, understand your concerns and questions are very well!
But please do not Vorwьrfe !!!! I do not even happened and only after I sat down with the subject FG really auseinadner. You can not imagine how many women this happens to you !!! You did nothing wrong - it is not available in nature probably realizes that something is wrong and that governs alone!
Please do not breakable your head "Why" !!
And I mцchte make you courage - I have become pregnant after my FG right in the first ЬZ again and am now in the 17.SSW. The risk for a FG (especially if it was the first) back to have a rise not (that got me that time very calm). I hope that it better go to you quickly, and you can ьberwinden your sadness and very soon can have a glьckliche SS !!!


Hello, oh I'm sorry!

A miscarriage is necessary to process and that takes time. It's lost a child, even if it is still so tiny.
There is nothing that you do kцnnen. Such things are destiny and defy control. In most Fдllen the cause lies not in hormones. Often with the child is not something wrong.
pregnancy / fruehschwangerschaft / fehlgeburt.html


Love bebina, love midwife

Really thank you very much closed for your kind words of encouragement! Especially courage gave me natьrlich your great news that you're glьcklich and healthy pregnant again already.
In the follow-up at the FA now came out that it was a mistake chromosomal well and I hдtte nothing kцnnen do differently. The Gebдrmutter is already well contracted again and I have no pain or bleeding more.
We just let us now a little time and are confident that the nдchste times everything will be great. Glьcklicherweise I marry the greatest man in the world at my side and we are in June &# 10084; This I will well distracted and everything else will happen if my Kцrper is ready!

You again thank you-I'm doing again a little better thanks to you! &# 127801;

What does a kindergarten place?

to send children to school, does not cost anything. The nursery also has an educational mandate, but here the policy has changed your mind and asks the parents with kindergarten contributions to the fund. Sometimes more and sometimes less. Where you have to drag in order not to pay for kindergarten, read our article.

Kindergarten, nursery, childminder or grandparents?

Each family decides for himself, at which time she pulls which form of care and child care for her child into consideration. Here, criteria such as the financial situation, the return to the old job, but also the level of development of each child for a decision important. Some families are supported by the grandparents in child care, others are looking betimes a childminder or opt for a kindergarten. The early intervention of young children is critical for later school success or failure. This does not mean that a kindergarten child already taken yoga classes or learning Chinese. Social interaction in kindergarten is challenging enough for the children. Children learn from other children much more effective. Especially for migration children is the kindergarten a great chance early on to integrate into the new society. To which they experience in playing with other children in kindergarten a prejudice-free zone. Especially the language development is crucial better by attending a day care center for children from other cultures.

After which the kindergarten fees depend?

The height of the kindergarten contribution varies depending on the state, municipalities and the carrier. In addition, the child's age, the type of care and the care time plays a role in the level of fees. Generally it can be said that the kindergarten fee for private kindergartens is higher than the kindergarten fee for municipal kindergartens. Municipal kindergartens are funded 100 percent from public funds. The federal grants and the municipalities are only vary. Thus, the residence is crucial for the level of kindergarten fee.

Who looks because there's by?

Local authorities try to involve parents in their capacity to care costs. Some constitute income levels, others are based on the net or gross income. Complicated mathematical models have emerged that are comprehensible difficult.

What care costs if I give my child in a kindergarten?

The kindergarten costs are divided into care and food costs:

  • The care costs divided it again in care policy costs and support additional supplements.
  • The care policy costs cover the care of a child during the rule opening times of the kindergarten.
  • The support additional fees are due for particularly early or late care times when parents in the early or late shift work and therefore need to take special care hours to complete.
  • The food costs cover a dairy and beverage meal, as well as participation from the nursery food.

Additional costs may include a day care center for example, particularly healthy food rise, but also for craft materials or a particular offering as early musical education. Each kindergarten will fix the amount of these additional fixed itself.

What income you must specify in the calculation of kindergarten Article?

Once you want to enroll your child in a day care center, the youth welfare office requires proof of family income to calculate the parent contribution. The following income is miteinberechnet here:

  • Income from self-employment
  • Income from independent or freelance work
  • Income from renting, leasing and capital assets
  • Maintenance payments received
  • pension
  • Benefits under the employment promotion law, including sick pay
  • Holiday pay and Christmas bonuses

In general, the gross income of the last calendar year, the entire family will serve as a basis for calculating the parental contribution. If the income change significantly for the proposed kindergarten year, twelve times the last monthly income is used for the calculation. Financial Major changes can quickly arise if, for example, the parental benefit is based on two years and thus relates for one year reduced income when they enter kindergarten with a year ago, a parent. Or be carried after re-entering the job and now receive a higher salary. retroactively to fiscal end of the year, a check of the Youth Office on the basis of tax assessment whether the income stated also correspond to reality. This is particularly important for the self-employed, since often only an estimate of the revenue can be delivered. Payments or refunds and are the result.

Private kindergartens

The kindergarten fee for private kindergartens is often higher than the fee for municipal day care centers. Private kindergartens are run by independent organizations. Known carriers are Caritas, the Red Cross, but also parents initiatives. An income graduation for the parental contribution is not always the case here. finance private kindergartens also in part from public funds, but also donations, sponsors and membership fees. To find an accurate statement of costs, contact directly to the line or the education provider.

settle Kindergarten contribution tax

The cost of child care can be made as special expenses in your tax return to two-thirds, and up to an altitude of 4,000 euros per child per year in law.
For families with low income, the demand is worthwhile in any case at the Youth Office for discounts for child care costs.

Cost of kindergarten fees in maintenance law

In the maintenance contributions, child care costs are not included. The management costs of the nursery can be made as additional requirement in law. It must be noted that the cost of meals are not considered as additional demand, but only the costs of care.
The maintenance debtor participate in addition to the maintenance of parents contributions to the kindergarten. Proportionately to the income of both parents, the costs are shared. Each parent is entitled to a deductible of about 1,000 euros. If a parent with a minor job to pursue and the others have a correspondingly higher income, low income has nothing to pay child care costs.
Only the cost of meals are not included.

Generally it can be said, the kindergarten of choice is only once been found, learn about the Internet site of the kindergarten or through the website of each city, what charges are incurred for it.

Germany-wide study on kindergarten contributions

The results of the study "Kindergarten Monitor 2010" (Commissioned this study are the Initiative New Social Market Economy (INSM) and the magazine PARENTS) disclose significant and sometimes incomprehensible differences in parental contributions in Germany.
The following are from this study to all states and Germany's 100 largest cities and a small card table to the nursery contributions in each region:

  • Schleswig Holstein: Kindergarten posts in Flensburg, Kiel and Lübeck
  • Saxony: Kindergarten posts in Leipzig, Chemnitz, Zwickau and Dresden
  • Saxony-Anhalt: Kindergarten posts in Magdeburg and Halle (Saale)
  • Rhineland-Palatinate: Kindergarten posts in Koblenz, Mainz, Ludwigshafen, Kaiserslautern and Trier
  • North Rhine-Westphalia: Kindergarten posts in Minden, Bielefeld, Güterloh, Paderborn, Münster, Hamm, Lunen, Dortmund, Iserlohn, Hagen, Wuppertal, Dusseldorf, Remscheid, Solingen, Bergisch Gladbach, Cologne, Bonn, Düren, Aachen, Leverkusen, Neuss, monks -Gladbach, Krefeld, Mülheim, Duisburg, Bottrop, Marl, Ratingen, Moers, Gelsenkirchen, Oberhausen, Recklinghausen, Velbert, Witten, Essen, Bochum and Herne
  • Lower Saxony: Kindergarten posts in Wolfsburg, Braunschweig, Salzgitter, Göttingen, Hanover, Hildesheim, Osnabrück, Oldenburg and Wilhelmshaven
  • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: Kindergarten posts in Rostock and Schwerin
  • Hesse: Kindergarten posts in Kassel, Hanau, Offenbach, Frankfurt am Main, Wiesbaden and Darmstadt
  • Of kindergartens in Hamburg
  • Of kindergartens in Bremen and Bremerhaven
  • Thuringia: Kindergarten posts in Erfurt, Jena and Gera
  • Brandenburg: Kindergarten posts in Potsdam and Cottbus
  • Kindergarten posts in Berlin
  • Bavaria: Kindergarten posts in Würzburg, Fürth, Erlangen, Nuremberg, Regensburg, Ingolstadt, Augsburg and Munich
  • Baden-Württemberg: Kindergarten posts in Mannheim, Heidelberg, Heilbronn, Karlsruhe, Pforzheim, Ludwigsburg, Esslingen, Stuttgart, Tübingen, Reutlingen, Villingen-Schwenningen, Freiburg (im Breisgau) and Ulm
  • Saarland: Kindergarten posts in Saarbrücken

In nine German cities kindergartens are free

Nine cities offer exemption from contributions for all investigated cases Model:

  • Dusseldorf
  • Hanau
  • Heilbronn
  • Kaiserslautern
  • Koblenz
  • Ludwigshafen
  • Mainz
  • Salzgitter
  • trier

In the first kindergarten Monitor 2008 Heilbronn was the only city that granted the exemption from contributions for all three kindergarten years.

Abortion methods, costs, risks

Not every woman is pleased with a positive pregnancy test. Some are forced to terminate the pregnancy. PARENTS online answer all important questions about abortion.

Unwanted pregnant! What now?

Portrait of a WomanThinkstock, Mariadubova

Of the pregnancy test is positive. Not every woman is pleased about it, maybe because a baby does not fit into the scheme of life, the relationship with the father of the child is not strong enough or speak medical reasons against pregnancy. But what to do if you have an unwanted pregnancy? Often a conversation helps with a familiar person, a good friend or family member. Perhaps, you will get unimaginably more support than you would have thought. If you prefer to talk about your situation anonymously, you can take one of the many pregnancy counseling centers to complete. You are advised decision open by qualified personnel and supported. And do not worry, the advice is for free. Nobody but you must know that you seek advice. Under This tab provides information about counseling services in your area.

I am pregnant unintentionally. I can not take the "morning after pill"?

The "morning after pill" is a non-prescription drug that you receive at the pharmacy if you had unprotected sex around the dates of your ovulation. Male sperm can survive for up to 5 days in a woman's uterus. This means that even when sexual intercourse a few days before the actual ovulation it is possible to get pregnant. The active ingredients "morning after pill" contained in the delay ovulation of the woman until no fertilization can take place. So the drug works safely, it should be taken if possible within the first 12 hours after intercourse. The longer you wait, the higher the probability that ovulation occurs and sperm find their way to the egg. Does ovulation already taken place, the "morning after pill" can not work unfortunately. If you have found through a pregnancy test that you are pregnant, it is for the "morning after pill" is already too late, because the drug can not bring about abortion, so it is not the abortion pill.

I am pregnant unintentionally. Who can I now turn to? Where can I get advice?

Wide network of counseling centers in Germany

They are an unwanted pregnancy? They are faced with a difficult decision and need help? Or you need a counseling certificate to have an abortion? Among the topics of pregnancy and family planning, you can seek advice from many different places, depending on where you feel the best place for your belief or religion. In addition to public counseling centers, for example, by the Youth Office, there are also a number of free offers (for example, pro familia). These include charities or church organizations. Not all of the carriers also provide a counseling certificate in accordance with § 5 and 6 of pregnancy conflict Act (DCBA) from, for example, because a possible abortion does not coincide with their self-image. This may be the case especially in religious sources, such as Caritas or the Social Service of Catholic Women (SkF). Therefore, it is important to inform in advance well over the individual counseling centers and their services.

The website is an information service of the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) on which you can search in your area for a suitable for you counseling center.

Weitre information about each Beratungsangeboren available here:

pro familia
Workers (AWO)
German Red Cross

Abortion: This says the law in Germany

SectionsThinkstock, FikMik

According to § 218 of the German Penal Code (SPC) is an abortion illegal. Women who were pregnant unintentionally, may nevertheless decide, for the following conditions remains an abortion unpunished:

  •  The pregnant woman herself must want the abortion.
  • The pregnant woman must be advised in advance in a state-approved counseling center, at least three days before the planned surgery.
  • Abortion must be from a doctor or a doctor who has not participated in the consultation until the end of the 12th week be carried out after conception.

 An abortion can however also be lawful in certain circumstances. There are two indications that must be determined by a physician:

  1.  medical indication: Where a doctor that the continuation of the pregnancy represents a threat to the physical or mental health of the mother, there is no time limit as to when the abortion must be performed. However, must be three full days between the statement of diagnosis and the written indication, unless there is immediate danger to life for the pregnant woman. A medical indication may also be present when doctors detect significant health damage to the child and this diagnosis can affect the health of the mother. Since 2010, doctors who certify a medical indication, obliged to inform their patients about the physical and psychological aspects of abortion and possibly establish contacts with counseling centers. Abortion must not be carried out by the doctor who has found the medical indication.
  2. Criminological indication: For women who became pregnant by a crime (for example, by a rape), there is no obligation for consultation. but you can have of course voluntary advice. Abortion must be carried out until the end of the 12th week after conception, not from the doctor who has found the indication.

How often abortions are carried out in Germany?

According to Federal Statistical Office figures for abortions in Germany are declining. In 2000 134.609 abortions were performed. 2014 there were only 99,715.

Recent data on the third quarter 2015, that 73% of women who had to perform an abortion were between 18 and 34 years old, 17% between 35 and 39 years. Approximately 7% of the women were 40 years and older. The under-18s accounted for 3%.

How is an abortion performed?

Waiting roomThinkstock, KatarzynaBialasiewicz

Which method is right for the intervention depends primarily on your age, the indication and any pre-existing conditions. Your doctor or health care professional will discuss the options with you and just consider what is best for you.

There are basically two methods of abortion, surgical and medication. The surgical procedure is carried out under local anesthesia or general anesthesia, depending on whether you want to consciously experience the demolition or rather not. For some women, the conscious experience of the intervention is helpful to better handle the demolition later. For others, this is too onerous and general anesthesia, the better way.

The most common method is the extraction, also known as suction curettage. Here embryo and endometrium are sucked through a tube. Overall, the process takes only about ten to fifteen minutes. Most surgical abortions are performed on an outpatient basis. This means that you can go back home, accompanied by a rest period.

By the end of ninth week of pregnancy a termination can be carried out with drugs. This method is for the mother's body much more gentle, mentally but all the more burdensome, because it is a fairly lengthy process that the woman consciously experienced in all phases. Discontinuation of medication the drug mifepristone is used, you only get at the pharmacy and are allowed to take only under strict medical supervision. The active ingredient contained therein mifepristone inhibits the action of progesterone, which is necessary for the maintenance of pregnancy and leads to an opening of your cervix. After the first dose of the medicine you are allowed to leave the doctor's office once again. In some women, menstruation-like bleeding already begins a day later, which can last up to 14 days. After 36 to 48 hours, contact your gynecologist another drug in the form of tablets or suppositories, called prostaglandins. These hormones ensure that the uterus to contract and mucous membranes and embryo are ejected. In most cases this is done within three hours, so you should stay for observation better in practice. Tut, despite the medication initially nothing can give the doctor again administered prostaglandins. In about 98% of all cases this drug method leads to a complete abortion. For the remaining 2%, unfortunately, the demolition must then still be done surgically.

What are the risks?

As with any surgery, there are risks even with a surgical abortion. In practice, however, this occurs very rarely. The substance may cause infections and bleeding that can be treated but usually if they are detected early. There is also the risk that tissues such as the uterus, is injured or anesthetics intolerance occurs.

In the medical method of abortion as abdominal pain, nausea, gastrointestinal discomfort and bleeding are possible by prostaglandins side effects.

When can I get an abortion?

These deadlines must be observed

For an abortion is not penalized, certain time limits must be adhered to in Germany. After consulting model week, no more than twelve have passed since the fertilization of the egg. This corresponds to the 14th week of pregnancy. This rule also applies if an offense cause of pregnancy (kriminologische indication). Please note: the medical abortion is performed by physicians in Germany only until the end of the ninth week of pregnancy.
Is a medical indication for abortion, so if health, psyche and life of the mother is endangered by the pregnancy, there are no time limits which must be respected. An abortion is still possible even after the 14th week of pregnancy.

Where can I get an abortion?

An abortion can be carried out wherever the appropriate follow-up is guaranteed for you. This can be in a well-equipped doctor's office, in a day hospital or in a hospital. It is important that you are of or performing the demolition, feel comfortable and trust him or her with the doctor or health care professional. If you are still unsure of where you want to perform the demolition, advises any officially recognized pregnancy conflict counseling center on practices and hospitals in your area.

What is the cost of an abortion and who does?

Abortion: Abortion: methods, costs, risksMaxal Tamor

Before an abortion can be performed, you must first in a state-approved counseling center, such as let pro familia or the Workers' Welfare Association (AWO), to advise. This advice is free for all pregnant women and their companions.

If a physician has determined a medical or criminological indication for an abortion on you, the health insurance covers all costs of treatment.

Once you have decided for other reasons for an abortion, you will probably need to take a few cost private. Statutory health insurance companies cover only part of the costs, namely for medical advice before the crash, for all medical services and drugs before and after the procedure, which serve to protect your health and - if necessary - for the treatment of complications. The cost of the procedure itself, which, depending on the practice and method between 200 € and 600 €, you need to take yourself.

Low incomes, recipients of social assistance, unemployment benefits or education grants such as training assistance can apply for the reimbursement of the cost of your health insurance. The only prerequisite is that you have and no short-term disposable capital less than 1,075 € earn net per month. For every living resident child, the limit is increased to 254 €. Pay more than 315 € rental, you can set up a maximum of 315 € in the salary limit. Incidentally, the content of your partner is not important for a reimbursement. You need specify any reasons for an abortion in your application. This is your private matter and the health insurance is none.

What women need to know that are not yet of age?

young PregnantThinkstock, diego_cervo

For young women under 18 years of an unwanted pregnancy is often particularly burdensome. To the great concern about the possible consequences and the future of the fear of the mother or father of the pregnancy comes to tell need. Whether you decide for or against an abortion, a visit to a counseling center can help in such a difficult situation. The counselors are well trained, you are able to help and support you through all the necessary steps in a conversation with your parents.

Basically, namely where: Minors can detect a pregnancy at first without the consent of their parents. Also a consultation is free of charge and without parental consent. However, for termination of pregnancy even young women need the consent of a guardian. For over 16 years, doctors can dispense with parental consent, unless you have the impression that the pregnant woman is aware of the consequences of their decision and can weigh up the pros and cons responsibly. In girls between 14 and 16 years, the doctor will probably insist on approval of the abortion by the guardian.

What should I look after an abortion?

In the first days after an abortion rest is first important to you, whether you have chosen a surgical or medication method. Your attending gynecologist can you sick leave, so you can save after the procedure only once. And do not worry, the reason for your sick leave does not have to learn your employer.

After a surgical abortion bleeding and abdominal pain are unfortunately normal. If you selected drug method, you must probably expect some prolonged bleeding. Basically: For fever, malodorous discharge, rather seek excessive bleeding or pain a doctor.

To keep the risk of infection as low as possible, it is better to use in the days after the crash rather napkins instead of tampons to refrain from sexual intercourse and not to go swimming.

What will happen to me mentally after an abortion?

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That there are basically going women once badly after an abortion, many sufferers get to hear during their decision making process. But the fact is: from mourning for the lost child to relief from depression through to a feeling of liberation, everything is possible. Long-term negative psychological effects are very rare and usually occur when women have an abortion under external pressure, for example, were carried out by family members or partners.

How do you cope with an abortion depends on many, very individual factors. Their living conditions, the clarity of your decision and also the course of the procedure have impact on how you can process the experience. For some women, the time of decision-making is much more burdensome than the procedure as such. If the pregnancy terminated, they are relieved. Other women, however, are quite quickly that she would like to get an abortion clear. Is the procedure over, they regret that they had to decide that.

What you have to remember: Due to the pregnancy and your hormonal balance has changed. First, your body was fully programmed to the pregnancy. With the abortion he must first adjust hormonally. This can also have an effect on how are you physically or mentally.

How will you go in your situation after the abortion, no one can say exactly. A study by the Family Planning Center Hamburg e.V. however, has revealed that it has helped many women before and after an abortion to speak with other women in a similar situation. These can be, for example, friends or family members who also have an abortion can be performed. The talks in pregnancy conflict counseling centers were perceived as helpful. Was the relationship with the father of the child intact, the partners was viewed as an important support. For all surveyed in the study, women peace and time for yourself after surgery were particularly important. Therefore: Treat yourself after an abortion plenty of rest and take a break from everyday life. Does your body but also your soul good.

Can I get pregnant again after an abortion?

Yes, you can become pregnant again after an abortion. With the termination of pregnancy you begin cycle again. The next ovulation you have about two to four weeks after the procedure, your next period after about four to six weeks. And do not worry, in a professional durgeführten abortion is their fertility no worse than before surgery.

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