Intensivtцnung allowed?

I'm in the 38 SSW and I left my hair in peace the entire gestation period. I've only ever read that it just at the beginning of critical wдre the hair to fдrben (intensivtцnung's дhnlich) as the materials reach informed about kцnnten possibly the baby scalp.
is now almost at the end of the SS I wonder if it's okay or better I wait until the baby was born?


If you are breastfeeding you may even after the SS not fдrben because the schдdlichen substances pass into breast milk. What Intensivtцnung, but unfortunately I do not weiЯ.


I was now in pregnancy min. 3x fдrben Your Hair (bleach). But always do so that the color comes Folienstrдhnen only when wash in contact with the scalp.
My FA said the wдre ьberhaupt no problem! I have completely eliminated only the first 3 months.

It looks like at a Intensivtцung I can not tell you, unfortunately. I wьrde persцnlich probably rather do without it because the Tцnung is yes certainly applied directly to the scalp, right?

So far there are dafьr insufficient evidence that the use of chemical hair color is wдhrend pregnancy ungefдhrlich or not. Therefore, many women forego a precaution in the first trimester of pregnancy to the Fдrben of hair - even if no Fдlle have been in humans still under investigation, which were Geburtsschдden ausgelцst by the chemicals in Haarfдrbemitteln.

In recent years, attempts have been made to gain by animal experiments clarity informed about the effects of Haarfдrbemitteln. Some studies - but not all - have shown that some of the chemical substances contained in hair color are teratogenic, kцnnen therefore cause malformations. However, the animals were exposed to extremely high doses of the chemicals in many of these studies in any way correspond to the amount by which a woman comes into contact with the monthly Fдrben of hair.

is clear: the chemicals that are in hair color and Haartцnung are not highly toxic. After all, these funds are now already a while in the market, and no study has been able to prove a negative effect on babies. So it is very likely that you will be kцnnen fдrben safely in pregnancy hair. AuЯerdem you are given an opportunity to provide even dafьr by some VorsichtsmaЯnahmen that you come in Berьhrung with the chemicals as little as mцglich; about by using gloves, the room well lьften and do not let the color act ьbertrieben long.

A vertrдglichere alternative to complete Fдrben are Strдhnchen. Because your Kцrper not taking the chemical substances of the paint to be informed about the hair, but only informed about the scalp. Since the Strдhnchen-Fдrben less ink gets on your scalp, you are also exposed to fewer chemicals.

Some experts also recommend switching in pregnancy to herbal hair color. But this means kцnnen some of the chemical ingredients that are in synthetic hair color, contain. An exception is pure henna, which are now also available in a variety Farbtцnen. Henna is a herbal, semi-permanent Fдrbemittel, considered a health hazard.

It is important that pregnant women probably fьhlen in their skin. So you are thinking darьber whether the Haarefдrben adds to your comfort - or whether you make themselves womцglich for nine months unnцtige worries. Source:



I am now in the 34.ssw and I let my hair tцnen intensively throughout the pregnancy. But mine has previously protective gel massaged scalp friseurin me on that also closed for allergy sufferers is used, as some in color / tцnungen allergic and so the color does not come directly to the scalp.
am so far fared well with it.

love grьЯe


So yesterday I also again talked to my hairdresser because my friend does worry about the Haarfдrbung.

This is Freiseurmeisterin and is teaching in hairdressing school something with chemistry -... -
-> in any case it says that the color and materials schдdlichen mьsste first get through two layers of the skin to reach the bloodstream, then harm the child kцnnen necessary to pass into breast milk !!!

Moreover, when it comes to bleach (Strдhnen example), the eh not lubricated up to the scalp.
The colors are also subject to a STRICT Food Act in all seriцsen Friseurlдden.
Such дtzende colors are already many not available at the moment - the hairdressers make your Hдnde thus broken (if they do not wear Handschhe).

So rather go maybe once during pregnancy to the hairdresser, when the color paste the from trading on the head and then to have a guilty conscience.

Will be all ...


I have previously always intensive color so Coloration gemacht.Aber I are weiЯ I'm SS, I let it be.

I have because of the ammonia, the sometimes still are the Befьrchtungen.

And bleach everything I wьrde certainly not machen..дtzt anyway scalp.

make Strдhnen is okay !!!

My grandmother erzдhlt even times that you can fдrben as blond-haired with black tea and is so not gefдhrlich.

but I'm dunkelblond..tja

If you want red / brown hair ... maybe you go with henna ???

But I myself wьrde only after the Gburt make (if breastfeeding klapt, only Strдhnen)



If you go to the hairdresser makes Fдrben or Tцnen from nothing at all. Today's colors are so knitted that they do not even get to your child. I was both the first SS and now every 6 weeks for Fдrben or Tцnen. I have refrained only the first 3 months. Otherwise, should we indeed probably fьhlen in his skin .. or with the hair.

lg Danny


I have my FA also asked how it is fдrben with the hair. I have them I always gefдrbt blond prior to ss. my FA was grьnes light, she said that the active ingredients do not enter the organism of the child ..... only the first 3 months should be careful .....


I yielded 3 weeks ago and made a Intensivtцnung. And us goes great 🙂

If you are unsure you, have a look to the hair colors in nature retailers, since there are by now more than "just" Henna!


When fдrben gillt following, NO ammonia !!!

Comes in all colors before auЯer bleaching, a few Strдhnen are OK.