loud Krietschen

my daughter is 10 months old and goes for about two weeks by very, very loud krietschen / squeak noticeable. she is mostly about things they have mцchte, ranging from toys (which is very ok) to gegenstдnden or food or drink, they should not have. but sometimes they squeak also just so because of dissatisfaction ?! the tцne are so high that I worry I'm doing to my gehцr. my daughter is also very persistent and I weiЯ not continue. how can you teach her that this is not great and I gerдusch mцchte have parked there. I can, for example, go nowhere more closed for other people it's just annoying and I will looked very funny. Please weiЯ anybody rat?


Hello you can only say earplugs wenns do group.The so bad my mouse has already done with 4Monaten (jetzt6mon) Anyway if what "to have" wollte.Das is easy ausprobieren.Durchalten voice and just squeak by, you have a quiet moment weils is quite puzzled.
lg, fine mama