7th grade school simple as 6th grade


My son attends the 6th grade at the Gymnasium G8. In elementary school, he was a very good schoolboys. He did not need to learn and had only 1 or 2. did not continue this on the weiterfьhrenden school so I was already clear. Unfortunately, he has groЯe problems in the second half in math. This was the case even in 5th grade, but only in the second half. In the mid-year report he had every time a three in math.

If he collects a fьnf in math in the nдchsten class work, he gets a fьnf in math on the Zeunis. He will tackle the school year anyway, since you can compensate a fьnf with a three in another major.

The other Fдcher run quite well. But natьrlich no longer at the level of elementary school. What it need not be so.

Nevertheless, I am very worried and wondering if this goes on the nдchsten six years so now. I am dafьr that he gets tutoring, my husband is a different opinion.

However, I have sometimes a feel of that he has not quite grasped that you have to learn fьrs high school or how to learn.

Sometimes he even дuЯert to change the desire to junior high school because someone erzдhlt him there wдre much easier.

Now I have gehцrt hдufig that the 6th school year will be particularly difficult and the 7th school year is a little easier again. Who has experience and possibly same problems here?

AuЯerdem I always tell my son that it's not easy to get a place on the junior high school. We live in NRW.



The 7th is unlikely to be easier because the children come into the Pubertдt and rather less interested closed for school. The 7th grade was with my rather schwдchere.
However, each schoolboys's different.


it has become my son in the 7th less from hour stint here and lдuft thereby also more relaxed. Recently, he has more hours again because some Unterrichtsausfдlle be caught up mьssen, but it no longer creates him as the sixth

but from the substance here it is not easier, straight and especially not in math. My son is ьbrigens started with a First in Math to the gym and has mьssen learn to 7th no impact yet closed for this subject because math previously flown him so is he has had hard to toss this year and came a few times at a loss, because he could no longer erklдren itself there.

If your son has problems because, looking rather frьher than spдt help. What's wrong with tuition? I had my Schьlerzeiten in math sometimes closed for one school year at a Oberstufenschьler my school, I had found the AnschluЯ again.


I do not think that the 7th grade is simpler than the 6th grade. In Tochter3 (now 7th grade), we have learned that such. As the second foreign language requires a lot more learning effort.
I wьrde definitely try to win a Oberstufenschьler closed for the tuition. Dear now, he is not left behind.


Quote by marioenchen
The other Fдcher run quite well. But natьrlich no longer at the level of elementary school. What it need not be so.

Nevertheless, I am very worried and wondering if this goes on the nдchsten six years so now. I am dafьr that he gets tutoring, my husband is a different opinion.Math is just a subject that builds on each other. Unlike e.g. in biology, where it is (almost) no matter, if not interest a Vцgel, you can still be good again when nдchsten topic. But if the Lьcken will groЯ in math, it is becoming increasingly difficult.

If he comes along well with other Fдchern I wьrde already recommend tutoring so that he gets tutoring in the AnschluЯ again. Your husband I can not understand because


Quote by marioenchenHello!

Nevertheless, I am very worried and wondering if this goes on the nдchsten six years so now. I am dafьr that he gets tutoring, my husband is a different opinion. Make the mistake of many that they only begin with tuition when the children "fьnf" are or are versetzungsgefдhrdet, i.e. when groЯe Lьcken have emerged. Begin now with Nachhlfe, because math builds on each other.
Makes my son in English. He slipped from 2 to 3, as he write the lyrics did not come along well (pure grammar is no problem ьberhaupt closed for him) and he ьbt that now once a week with a tutor and he fьhlt increasingly safer. His grades closed for the "text"-part are now constant 3+ (and readily ьben).
So closed for my son's 5th and 6th were already the most labor-intensive, but easier it is not, he now works only цkonomischer.


Math tutoring and isses good. Is still no shame and must be permanent. I myself had written in class 7 math problems without end, even 5s. Got tutoring. Had spдter Abi advanced courses in math and 14 points in the final certificate.


I had the impression that the 7th grade is somewhat easier than 6. By the end of the 6th grade testing stage lдuft and I had the impression that our school mцglichst many children should leave. Therefore, in my opinion, the cut was screwed up. This one has managed to achieve an acceptable Klassenstдrke (in the fifth 33 schoolboys, after the 6th 28 schoolboys!) Fцrderunterricht will only be offered if the train is almost worn, nдmlich if the "blue letters" go out. Then usually only a work is written and you have to put already very very over backwards if you have the helm "rumreiЯen" want. Closed for schoolboys at this age often do not create.
We also had problems in grade math and have - get taught by the teacher a Nachhilfeschьler - even on our printed out. The teacher saw the true do not like ("Tuition at the trial level is not good, better, a change to the junior high school!") But that did not gestцrt me. We have the tuition pulled through a year and it also worked. This year three there on the dislocation testimony in mid-year report Junior had even made it to a second
Only courage and perseverance!


My daughter (14) goes into the 8th grade junior high school and compared with friends who go to the gym, she has a lot hцheres stint, much needs to do more than this. 2-3 hours Haushaufgaben min. plus vocabulary and plus Ьben closed for work.

She Bio-focus and the last two works were informed about HIV, structure of the virus, infection, etc. Prдvention and BSE, also the course of infection, Prдvention, research etc. That takes my niece (17), especially in the 11th through. I geschlackert when I saw the work of my daughter with their ears, had himself frьher Bio LK and have something with me wдre fabric upper and not intermediate.

In her sixth was hard, it was screened, the kids had Franzцsisch as a second foreign language, it was hard. The seventh was much easier now in the eighth was dressed again.

From my perspective, the junior high school is far lighter than the gym, it made other demands, yes, it must otherwise be learned. I myself have Abi, well, were different times, but I learned a lot * theoretical * and my daughter is * real * and job-oriented * taught *.

After Mцglichkeit I wьrde son left on the gym and fцrdern him. Why no tuition if he benefits from it and the Math grade is better?

LG theCat


Thank closed for the many tips.

My husband is not totally against tuition, he only thinks that we should leave some time our son to find his own way of learning. but I am like most who responded here believe that math is a subject that builds on each other.

When my son first missed the boat, then he will no longer have access to math and thus loses the SpaЯ learning.

Lets see how it goes on. Blцd is that you just converted from G9 to G8 without time to entrьmpeln the curriculum.