* Maria am See * Bad Salzungen …….


I have just authorized my mother-child treatment received (not even a week after application: D) That was super fast .... as you can see kurbedьrftig I am.

I take two (3 years and 9 years) my fьnf children from 07.08.2012-28.08.2012 to Bad Salzungen.

Fдhrt someone at the same time, or does anyone have experience with the clinic * Mary on the Lake *?

Love GrьЯe




I drive with my 3 years old daughter (and one in the stomach 🙂 Bad Salzungen. Unfortunately, from 17.7. - 07/08/12, exactly the Kurgang in front of you!

many GrьЯe


Good evening,

shame .... have anybody yet found the fдhrt the same time.
Somehow you can also find some advice on the Internet ... well, let's see .... I let ьberraschen me: smile_002

I wьnsch you a relaxing time !!!

Love Grьsse



Hello you two,

I was in the November / December 2010 in Bad Salzungen for Mu-Ki cure. I was also pregnant ... ьbrigens at 24 weeks! I can only say one thing, I'm terribly jealous of you, because I wьrde go back in! it was just great! A small house .... with very nice staff from the housekeeper to Kьchenfee! The adventure land closed for the kids is great, the service really professional. AuЯerdem I found Bad Salzungen as a place also really great ... in the summer probably still schцner!
Just go there and most importantly, you have to really want when you seal itself off (for us was so a lady here, then gefдllts a natьrlich not!). So I'll definitely be back in 2015 there trying to make a Mu-Ki!

If you still have questions ..... I like to answer

LG Kathleen


Many, many thanks closed for your offer! Hдtte since tatsдchlich a question 🙂

In the application form does it say that appointments are scheduled in the psychosocial department! Have a little afraid of it. Hцrt at by psychiatrists.

As the lдuft from ???

And how looks the visitors only with our dad made! Have so far, just get told that he has to take a hotel room. But what about the food, etc. ???

I am really happy darьber that it has at that time so you liked schlieЯlich you never really weiЯ whether you have chosen a good house.

Am now ьbrigens in the 25th SSW! And if we have been going in the 27th SSW!

Schцn that you can ask someone finally!



Hello and good evening,

that you have some doubts because I can understand that, I had, because I myself work as a nurse in a clinic closed for addicts. And our psychologists are all somehow strange. but was unbegrьndet. When I was there, there were three employees in the psychological field. Once the Lord Bьschleb (also THERP. Director), Ms Kohlhase and another lady. You get a permanently assigned. Directly on the day of admission you have a "BegьЯungsgesprдch", There you can then erzдhlen why you're there and when you have Gesprдchsbedarf make appointments directly closed for Einzelgesprдche. Closed for me was there but not as the needs, and then so there was also first no upcoming events. Only after Hдlfte time and at the end there was again a Gesprдch. And what can I say that with my therapist Gesprдch woman Kohlhase in Mitter the cure has done me right! So do not verrьcktmachen, because if you have no need for you nothing is aufgedrдngt. But as I said, to me as a skeptic did quite well! Visits are usually allowed only on weekends. And, it's not really someone will notice when you meet outside yourself with your husband during the week. My husband was a weekend there from Friday to Sunday. He had a room at the Hotel Haus Hufeland. That is also located at the castle lake and from the house Maria at the lake about 5-10 minutes on foot. He liked hats and agreed value.
Like the the food was weiЯ unfortunately I do not remember exactly, because we were the WE then go. but I think from Rьcksicht on the moms and children who receive no visitors, the Papas MUST BE not eat with, but you can put yourself log out of the food that is not a problem.
It will also once made a trip, with us then he went to Zella-Mehlis into Aquaruim. Unfortunately, when my husband was there exactly at the WE that was a pity.
Some will you as a pregnant woman no longer kцnnen join .... but I still found it Berreicherung. I had individual physiotherapy closed for pregnant women (War at that time the only pregnant women). Massages there also closed for pregnant women, but only when sitting still .... totally great. I could even join water aerobics .... just the way had left. The house is well constructed ьbrigens for children, because each floor has its own color. Below is grьn, then yellow and red at the top. (The basement is blue). I hope you are first a little smarter 🙂 I'm mostly at night online, and as I said, if you like to know what, I like to answer!
LG and good night


Hi Kathleen,

many thanks closed for the ausfьhrlichen Infoґs. Now I am a little calmer! Then I'll probably sign no need! If there is anyway two Gesprдche! Am currently built close to the water and actually mцchte not break out before a therapist in Trдnen!

Our Papa mцchte stop by every weekend. With the cancellation the food is so great. We will also eat natьrlich auЯerhalb.

I look forward to the water aerobics and massages already huge! Funny that so few pregnant women are there. Is supposedly extra-clinic closed for Pregnant! I'm curious!

How it looks with the Wдsche ??? If dried in the room or are there dafьr Rдume ???

What about the Lдrmpegel in the house? Were you able to sleep in peace with so many other children in the house?

Colors per floor that hцrt at very schцn!

Are there deals closed for mother and child ??? For example, swimming together or tinker or дhnliches ??? My daughter was also classified as behandlungsbedьrftig. I think because of their stдndigen Mittelohrentzьndungen and infections of the upper respiratory tract. There probably inhalations, or ???

I am also really looking forward to finally get distance to everyday life and time and rest closed for my daughter and me (and also natьrlich my stomach 🙂

Should I Bьcher, or pack up my magazines дhnliches ???

Excuse me durchlцchere you literally with my questions! But it's real schцn to know in advance about it.

LG Dani


Hi Dani,

closed for the Wдsche there are on each floor Wдscherдume, where there are two washing machines and a dryer, as well as those Flьgelwдschetrockner, closed for the things that do not MUST BE in the dryer. Dafьr have to Waschmьnzen buy (which were quite expensive, at least compared to our clinic), but I was there in November .... Matschwetter ... so I have washed. The Rдume have windows .... so everything dried very quickly! I had a room in the yellow floor, exactly in the middle ... and realized I did here and there gehцrt what, but I was able to sleep well and my mouse has slept just like at home. I had a feel of that, something is taken to ensure that reasonably the children of age group together on one floor (so were the little ones farther away) sets .On each floor there is ьbrigens called Teekьchen. There you will find a groЯen Kьhlschrank, coffee maker and kettle and natьrlich dishes! We have since the evening often sat together until 0:30 ....! Sure there deals closed for mother and child! Since you can you always enter yourself .... The lists hдngen at the groЯen Wall on the ground floor .... but get everything you erklдrt. There was relaxing closed for mother and child .... Tцpfern, knead salt dough, walks,
.ect. Which then take place in the afternoon from 15.00 / 16.00. for those sites that are only closed for the MMAS it lдuft just .... You decide what closed for you or your living situation is important, and can keep you even additional that to your treatment plan Enter (eg subject education, sadness, single parents, jewelry fдdeln with pearls ....).
There is a library in the house .... the Bьcher were a bit дlter. I had a book and am actually not come to read (I say only Teekьche .... exchanges with other moms there was more interesting). Also, I was always in the evening in the creative space to 22:00, where you can make great Stretcher .... did three great pictures closed for the nursery!
Our pediatrician has unfortunately did not classed our daughter as a child patient
So inhaling is your mouse then definitely. The make then in the course of child care from Adventure Land. I went in the afternoon and every WE Franzi went to graduation. And I have a feel of that has really brought something, because you had then less to do with cough and bronchitis and also this winter was much better than usual.
The children take ages 3 meals (lunch en and lunch) in the children's group weiЯt You probably already ?! I persцnlich the perceived as very pleasant, and I think the GroЯteil the other moms too .... the evening (and on weekends) of Gerдuschpegel is eating then already enormous, and when first getting up the first dwarf .... then also keep the other often barely. Oh, if you want to wash you take the best little detergent from home .... I had to buy something and that was way too much .... The rooms are cleaned every day ьbrigens me (twice a week and completely mopped). So it's been a recovery .... you do not cook, do not brush .... So you have a lot of time closed for you and your 1.5 Mдuse

LG Kathleen


Hi Kathleen,

thank you so much closed for the numerous Infoґs. I'm really looking forward to it and you have contributed a part to groЯen!

I am curious natьrlich to the other Mamaґs. Finally under "like-minded",

The theme of the separate food, was already in the Letter of Acceptance and I must confess that my kцnnte also liked.

As soon as I Go Back, I will report briefly.

LG Dani


Hi Dani,

I wьnsch you much fun and am looking forward to hцren after your cure in Bad Salzungen from your experience and impression!
Enjoy the time.....
LG Kathleen