Gentle help with colds

Autumn, cold season. Her baby's sake keep many pregnant sore throat, cough and runny nose without drugs. There are home remedies that can help fine without endangering the baby.

Cough, runny nose, hoarseness - now have colds again high season. However, one concern we can take immediately: If you need to sneezing, coughing, although there is pressure in the abdomen. But the baby just rocking waves come on - it's protected amniotic fluid. Even a slight fever will not hurt him. If the temperature but persistently increased or is from the beginning very high (above 39 degrees Celsius), you should see a doctor in any case, as in cases of suspected flu. The top priority for colds during pregnancy: drink, drink, drink.
However, it is during pregnancy: Baby swallows with - this applies to every drug during pregnancy. Rightly are expectant mothers therefore cautious and shy away from basically allowed in pregnancy drugs, such as paracetamol, back.
But just have a cold, you do not have to be against themselves quite as hard. Because procure the following home remedies relief - and are completely safe for the baby:

Cold: saline nasal spray instead

Runny nose, they get difficult air. The most common cause of rhinitis: an infection of the nasal mucous membranes. How does this happen? Infection occurs via an airborne infection, such as by kissing, hugging or simply close the touch of an infected doorknob. Especially in the cold season, there is little protection from annoying cold. Fortunately, a few home remedies can provide during pregnancy for relief of symptoms.
Saline for example, reduces swelling: a teaspoon of normal salt in a pint of water to dissolve, with a pipette, which you can buy at the pharmacy, drip into the nose and pull up. Or boil the salt water in a pot and inhale the steam.
take head steam baths with peppermint, eucalyptus, thyme, or mountain pine oil, and chamomile tea: also soothing. Persistent rhinitis improves mostly by irradiation with red light.

Cough: Onion syrup instead of cough syrup

Cough during pregnancy - how annoying. Whether the baby it will notice something? Do not worry, your child is protected in amniotic sac. If your abdomen contracts when coughing, it feels only slight swings. Nevertheless: The cough is annoying and is gone. Thus, the mucus triggers the bronchi, you should drink plenty of fluids, preferably water or tea. With medicines for cough, please be careful during pregnancy. They often contain alcohol and are therefore unsuitable. Preferring instead to rely on proven home remedies.
Onion syrup, for example, has an antibacterial and expectorant: For this, a large onion (or 200 grams of black radish) mince, mix with 50 grams of rock sugar and leave for several hours. distributed take four to six teaspoons of it throughout the day.

Scratchy throat: sage tea instead lozenges

Acts against the harsh sensation in the throat: gargle with sage tea. Here for just eight fresh zerzupfte leaves with 200 milliliters of boiling water and leave for fifteen minutes. By the gurgling of the tea reaches up to the irritated areas in your throat and relieves pain. but please do not swallow the sage tea in large quantities.

Sore throat: Potato winding takes painkillers

You are pregnant and have a sore throat? The well-proven milk with honey drink or gargle with thyme help against the complaints.
Also acts against bad sore throat: mash Cook potatoes, wrap in a kitchen towel, hot place around the neck and tie a scarf over it.

Sweating of cold symptoms

General attack runny nose and scratchy throat: by a sweat with a tea from 30 grams per elder and chamomile flowers and 40 grams of lime blossom. Pour a heaping teaspoon of this mixture with a cup of boiling water, infuse five minutes, strain and drink hot.

Natural Remedies in Pregnancy

Even against other complaints in pregnancy as heartburn, Ligament pain or low blood pressure, there are effective home remedies and homeopathic drugs. The most important we have here compiled. Are cough, sore throat and runny nose, however, stubbornly and can not be selling the home remedies, you should prefer to see your doctor.