Our son had a Kiss syndrome (review)

Am not often here in the forum, but maybe my review will help some desperate parents.

Our son was in April 2007 "normal" Born at the end there was a little help with the suction cup. It was all okay, oд no bump on the head. When he was ten days old, the cry went out - real Gebrьll !! We were even on weekends when kiд emergency service -Dreimonatskoliken, Lefax and a few encouraging words - super !! We tried everything: Kirschkernkissen, expressed milk, Lefax, Globulis etc .... After six weeks, our friend was there (Bobath Children therapist), just as we were on despair. She looked at him and immediately said, daЯ he has a Kiss syndrome. How many times have I told Malte: Well, again you have a big belly now - the only the right side was always thick, was not noticed !!
So we researched set ourselves the internet and I am nдchsten day trying to make an appointment closed for painting. Dr. Biedermann in Kцln we got a closed for the day, as watching someone had canceled! Welch` a Glьck.

It was closed for us all an exciting day, but it was worth it !! Malte was quiet, was increasingly straight and were more sounds. He is now with his 1.5 years is still a restless child, sometimes rapidly losing patience, but its WS is not wrong. We will come back again before starting school .... let's see if he is again a little blocked ....

As Дrzte I can recommend: D. Biedermann in Kцln, Dr. Koch in Hamburg (said girlfriend is from Hamburg) and Dr.Gцhmann from Hannover (there were friends with your daughter).

Who has to ask, can I also send an e-mail like: [email protected]

LG and head up, Petra


expand my recommendation closed for Kцln:

Miss Dr. Iljaeva ... a Koriphдe in the field KISS.

... please, please, do not be persuaded laЯt also do all the courage, have a cry from the child Kinderдrzten always, it was ONLY the Dreimonatskolik ... my two pediatrists have said, although it was visible daЯ she had a preference page (Kцpfchen was mostly around) and the Kцpfchen spдter could not quite turn right ... and cried, cried, cried ....

she had massive blockades, a dislocated vertebrae ... no wonder, since emergency C-section because schlimmem birth process ... that has the pediatrists but nic ht interested ... but is nevertheless important because really logical ... if someone four hours by the lдuft head against a wall, muЯ but what will happen to the Wirbelsдule ... but I was just only an Older, hysterical mother (lol) ....

So please, for the sake of your children, read out www.KISS kid. de if you see this kind symptoms on your little ones and then goes to an osteopath or above-mentioned Дrzten ... on KIIS-Kid my knowledge there is also a reference list of Дrzten !!


Hello Gabi,
have a question for you, your son has become normal?
sinja, our subsidiary, has been brought in as frьhchen per ks vn, also was still bel.
after hours on intestinal surgery 4 and after 4 weeks again. 2 months only located and gechlafen through the entire drug.
when we were two months at home she began only to scream and not to sleep.
were at a osteopahten, 3 months .he treated the voltages!
at some point I felt that too much, no improvement in sight. we changed the os and he immediately saw that was popped out of the second neck vertebrate, invertebrate blockages in chest area and hьfte.
it has cracked genuine, that he had never been to a baby!
after that everything was better, now everything is wunderschцn!
but clearly this is sinja in the first half year could not develop! We hдngen with as far as it had taken Go Back set right the neck vertebrate with the development.
I have resigned myself, but it is a burden.
how you did these experiences?
beeintrдchtigt that also their growth?
sinja wдchst very slowly.
through the blockade had also strongly geschield. natьrlich no medic came to see a os on the idea!
so that's just, you muЯ to help themselves!
judith with sinja


Hello. Jana was also characterized entwicklungsverzцgert. She was with an osteopath who could lцsen the blockades grцЯtenteils but turned then determines daЯ could not be gelцst one and advised to dr. iljaeva to go. we did and jana a neck vertebrate muЯte be put right. because the muscles had already developed additional that fail to come right muЯte and other osteopathic treatments informed about physiotherapy Bobath the muscles to be corrected. lasted one year. jana only began to crawl at 11 months and 18 months to run with. dafьr she spoke quite frьh. but the motor activity continues to be the schwдchere page. as much on the subject of pediatrists from birth:"The child is healthy vцllig", screaming problem but clearly took after the first osteopathic treatment continously from. but there is in the osteo. also differences as you have even noticed.


Our son has just turned four, and only on your own we finally diagnosing blockages possibly Kiss.
Now waiting for an appointment with Frai Iljaeva in Kцln. Frightening that you have to take into their own hands that since the pediatrician did not do anything and the osteopath, has found nothing after three meetings with him in Sдuglingsalter where it had to be ausgeprдgter.



I am, however, wanted had been traveling in another forum this also share my experience.
Our son liked to seen from the beginning to the left, in between sometimes but rarely and reluctantly to the right. The KiA had this to say nothing and the osteopath said the kцrperlich with him all I.O. is.
After us but were told by several friends that it looks as if the left is his favorite site, we have Dr. Koch turned in HH. Within a week we had an appointment and behold, he had a blockade on the right side of the neck. In the afternoon after the deadline he has wound on the arm from right to left and Mama even afterwards watched informed about the right side. He has not previously made !!
Because of the blockade, he could not keep so well (posture), also has since improved a lot his head!