Mandelentzьndung mother and baby – experiences ?!

Huhu love her.
I was this morning to the doctor, have a dolle Mandelentzьndung and must nu take penicillin again * sigh *
Weeks ago I had four Antib. take due Nasennebenhцhlenentzьndung.
Kim is still night, and breastfed at noon to `Nachtisch` from u.

My Mopsi nu has since last night barely appetite or thirst, temperature is 38.6 ° C.
It acts erschцpft u schlдft aussergewцhnlich much - even in your own bed, what's otherwise not possible!
Can unfortunately only between 17:00 - 17:30 with him to the pediatrician because Menne with car elaboration.

My two groЯen are at Grandma u asleep today * GSD * I do not hдtt today meet kцnnen.

Had your little ones probably know a Mandelentz.?

I think it is ever very painful, ernдhre me of currently eingetunkten in tea Brotstьcken, everything else is just too painful.

How's only then the little ones? 🙁
How can I help him, except with paracetamol against jokes and possibly hцheres fever?


much breastfeeding! Although blцd because there indeed are you poor, but is that what most kcal / ml has and best "slips", Otherwise, it may be helpful to give cold porridge / water / tea / what-so-ever to make it at least a little kьhlt ... At the doctor you were so mitlerweile, what does he / she?


I wдhrend breastfeeding also had several times angina and Fin GSD has never infected. In the fall I let operate on me, simply because I have to hдufig.

I wьnsch you good Beserung!


We were Friday Spдtnachmittag yet to Doc, Kim's throat looked well tidy red and thick bissl out. But antibiotic we did not give again nu - wдr already the third time.

Tomorrow frьh we continue to go back there to check.

Doc was still hoping for rash, for diagnosis roseola. But the fever remains from now. It will therefore probably not be ... Hmmm.

Hopefully his throat looks tomorrow to the doctor better.

Kim it's sometimes more, sometimes less.

My 4-jдhriger nu also has fever and thick almonds coming tomorrow to the doctor.

I was also placed next to the nдchsten Mandelentz. to go to the ENT, the purpose of meeting a surgery. Am also getting tired.

Only with three children to ьberlegt to something previously good


one just has other problems afterward ... I have since then every time bissl sore throat careful that it does not go to the Seitenstrдnge ... (not really funny ...)


we had here recently coupled with ner beginning Lungenentzьndung.
Motte he has a lot geknatscht as slept, unfortunately, got antibiotic and ibuprofen juice as helping probably very good at Mandelentzьndung, yes also acts entzьndungshemmend. Satisfied we have very much!