Affдre revive again?

Does anyone have his Affдre after it was over many months revive?

My question is directed less to those to whom it was all about sex, but to those who (unfortunately) with heart and mind (or rather, vцllig headless ...) there were.

Are the Gefьhle again become as strong? Or had you look ultimately too far apart?


I had a Affдre with a married man, I myself was also married. This Affдre began in 1992, as he was indeed in a relationship (with his current wife) but not yet married. It all started quite inconsequential but with Gefьhl !!! The Gefьhle were always stдrker and we really wanted to separate us from the others. I was still in training and did not make the leap, out of fear. I was already married and because you have been afraid. Above all, we hдtten where mьssen otherwise start from scratch and both had not much money. well, only in passing. In 1993 he married then, we were invited to the wedding, and he told me how much he loves me and how much he hдtte had at his side today to stand in church that day. I was blown away. Then his wife became pregnant, the Affдre fell asleep, I did not want that. Spдter months we went back going again much Gefьhl, afraid of being caught in front, ..... the ьbliche up. Then my husband and I wanted a child and then it was over with my lover! we started, I think 5 or 6 times anew, we just did not get each other going. SchlieЯlich I met another man closed for him I was ready to leave my ex-husband and start over! Meanwhile, I'm married to him, GLЬCKLICH! And even without a lover! Since we live in the same place I see U. from time to time, I have no more Gefьhle closed for him. I find the whole, in Rьckblick, lдcherlich and actually totally ьberflьssig! This stupid back and forth! Nothing hats brought!
I wьrde not do so that I was simply too young. Wдre the Affдre been spдter I wдre otherwise deal with the situation.
Well, it is up to each I selber- am of the opinion you should decide whether you want it again or not. It is a Gefьhlschaos and the stress you should just not do!
LG Tatjana


So my first thought was - do not do it bloЯ, especially when much Gefьhl this war.Dann fдngt everything again from scratch an.Dieses Wait, tendons, be torn.
I wдre glad I kцnnte finish my Affдre.



we were once four months separated, the Gefьhle were still just as as before, and even harder when it started again.
I think if you lдЯt revive everything, everything fдngt over again when real Gefьhle were there.
With us Gefьhle are now very strong and to finish the Affдre is no longer to think ...
I can only say our Affдre has actually done well this separation, he just has VERY verдndert to positive. Better wдrs but natьrlich been actually we do not hдtten started again 😉