How fast & well penicillin and AB are to act ??

Now since Tuesday I take penicillin three times a day. I consider myself most exactly the instructions every 6-7 hours to take the tablet.
Why did not I bloЯ a feel of it is better?
Have extreme cough, sore throat and a thick head. then why do I still additional that paracetamol and then helps with pain.
My GP & my FA bestдtigten me several times that it is not schдdlich closed for the baby and I the scarlet nunmal mьsse..Mensch, people treat on 15 March, my mouse is born by CS even though muЯ the manure to be away yet !!
How fast mьЯte penicillin act and how do I find out if it will work for me?
For my children, I am also not sure if the worked three days AB cure. Although the fever is gone dafьr comes cough & Runny nose to light ...
Who knows what to do ???? Help



know myself from net when the zeugs act SHOULD, but if you net you're sure it anschlдgt (and in my opinion, should be after 3 days already ne improvement spьren) go to the doctor again ... maybe you need to simply other abґs ....

get well soon (I had ьbrigens 3 times antibiotic in ss take)



Hello Leomik,

so I unfortunately only combine, so at our Scarlet it was so that (if they wдren since been fit again) been allowed back into the nursery after 3 days hдtten because the antibiotics until then anschlдgt short; Unfortunately, the fever has remained hartnдckig ..

So cough and runny nose, we had not only the typical strawberry tongue and sore throat ..

I love you all the person you are seeking, and a speedy recovery




Now you're making me but insecure ...
They both get so prescribed an AB dry juice and Дrztin he meant rich wьrde.
What should I do now ? I natьrlich not feel like they are nдchste week flat again ..