When the best time closed for fine diagnosis?


Lt. my FA is the best time closed for the fine diagnosis (big organ ultrasound) at 23+!
've got NEN appointment with a specialist, saying this practice that I even in 22 weeks (the wдre with me then at 21 + 5!) Come to study kцnne! Me now
Is that too frьh?
My FA said yet that you kцnne from 23 + liver only really good study / judge!
Am now a bit confused and now wьrde interest me when this study was done with you or whether Barbara / Uli kцnnen help me there !! ??
Many Grьsse, Franzi

P.S. I see it really true that I am with 21 + X in the 22.SSW ??? My FA always speaks informed about the "current week"So in this Ex. 21 weeks ???


Hello Franzi,
yes, you can see properly. 21+ means 22 weeks, for in You are checking yes. 21 weeks are up, so you're now in the 22nd week. Specialists then specify something else in the "completed or complete week" or in which "current week" but usually is the "current week" meant.

Barbara and I are not Ultraschaller, but we know very well that the special ultrasound is ьblicherweise durchgefьhrt after the 20th week, so 20, 21 or 22 weeks. According to my information that I have of multi-Ultra Schallern, certain things can be rather better at 20 weeks, just better recognize others in the 22 week study. I think it is there to nuances and also persцnliche preferences of each Schaller. Let Simply choose the gewдhlten from you Ultraschaller when he wьrde durchfьhren investigating the most.
Happy here and many GrьЯe


Hello FranziLu,

schlieЯe me Uli, only a small additional point: closed for the time of investigation is not unimportant and what you want to do with the result. Closed for the birth plan goes natьrlich the 23 weeks. but if you want at Auffдlligkeiten still have the option to abort without feticide, it will be very close and if you will not do an amniocentesis (with an option for an abortion) which abhдngig, it's too spдt practical.
Including those Erwдgungen make investigators their appointments abhдngig, so it kцnnte be nьtzlich if you let him be informed about your goals in advance.

In any case, all the best closed for the investigation,


Hello Uli and Barbara!
Thank you closed for your answers!
No, an abort (or FU) kдme out of the question closed for me, hence the appointment spдtere not hдtte me "gestцrt"!
Still ne small question:
In Mutterpass such standard curves closed for the fetal growth pattern and under the bar with the individual SSW're standing "SSW (complete.)"; that mean also that these curves are to refer to the enclosed SSW?
Grьsse, Farnzi


Hello Franzi,
No, "compl." is closed for "complete", so "completed" and not just closed for the "current week",
The best it gets verstдndlich example:
For example, "12 + 2" means that 12 weeks completed (ie completed) are. You therefore wьrdest you say in the closed (complete) * 12th Pregnancy week are. The two days (+2) but not more hi there every yes to the completed week, but already for the next 13 weeks. "12 + 2" therefore means as well: *. 13 Pregnancy week, nдmlich 13 current week.
This is sometimes a bit confusing, and I must always ask the gynecologist, whether he means the completed or ongoing in stating the week of pregnancy. A little tip: question in such a case simply: Do you "12+" or "13+"???
many GrьЯe


Hello Franzi
Your FA hears almost as like me; 0) - but is probably not the case, since I am in Shanghai ...

Am also a little suspicious because the deadline for the fine diagnosis, since he was placed on my 23.w. And in the most books to read so 19th-22nd Week. Pay us in this regard call to hire again ....

All the best