The first sex after birth

You have now again want to have sex? But is now really everything as before? Care must be taken after giving birth to something and what about the weekly flow? Get answers to the four most frequently asked questions.

Does sex hurt after birth?

This need not be. Down there had to have a baby. That was exhausting and painful. Sure, you do not just get out of your head. Sexually, the same parts of the body are finally involved as at birth.

In the first six weeks later it can feel uncomfortable when the penis pushes against the not yet back formed uterus. But as soon after delivery anyway only about ten percent of couples who want to have sex. Helps a position in which the penis does not penetrate as deep (as the spoon position).
If you had an episiotomy or perineal tear: Until everything is whole again, up to six weeks may pass. After that, the sex should not really feel much different than before. but that he does in most women: the first time after the baby haunts a wild mixture of fear and curiosity, of lust and role conflict (What makes Mama there?) through the head. And, clearly, one ear is always with the baby. What helps? Time, tenderness and rediscover.

So sex is fun again

So sex is fun again after birthSo sex is fun again after birthSo sex is fun again after birthSo sex is fun again after birthSo sex is fun again after birthSo sex is fun again after birthSo sex is fun again after birthSo sex is fun again after birthSo sex is fun again after birth

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My vagina is too far

Do not worry, she regresses. The Aachen midwife Lisa Färber, 34, makes their courses to regress regularly for laughs sequence: "Forget it, that the penis of your man must now feel like a Smart in Sankt Gotthard Tunnel"She says the young mothers. "Your vagina is elastic like a rubber band. It extends at birth extreme, but it contracts almost as soon as the child is outside."
The midwife is right. Sex therapists confirm that they come across a man as good as ever, the sex problems has, because his wife is too far. So - away with these concerns. Targeted Rückbildungsgymnastik (courses provide hospitals and midwives) tightens the pelvic floor and make sure that the bladder during sex remains sealed.

The vagina is too dry

In contrast, you can do something. Estrogen levels in the blood is low when you breastfeed your baby. And that actually affects the mucous glands in the vagina - they but less secrete. Less - not none at all. This means that you and your partner need more patience until you look beautiful feel damp. In some of the lactating women also acts not always, then a lube can help.
Very important: Breastfeeding is not a contraceptive! Even if between two breast meals more than four hours, the levels of prolactin in the blood ranges from unreliable to suppress ovulation! Therefore ans preventing think if you want to get pregnant not again.
Suitable agents: condom and mini-pill.

I see down there terrible

You need not worry: After two weeks, all is well!
In about 30 percent of new mothers the external genitalia can already see five to seven days after giving birth again as before. With a perineal suturing it takes longer, about a fortnight to three weeks. Swelling and bruising, which remain after a difficult birth, also need time to decay - about two weeks. So much for the medicine. But in fact many women feel longer than two or three weeks as it were wounded after birth. Now helps calm: Even if medically nothing against sex with Lochia speaks (the secretion is not infectious) - you have to have no! You decide when you find yourself down around well.