The day after ovulation, where you may be pregnant “kцnnte” …

Hi all,

on what your respects in the days of the cycle in which your kцnntet already be pregnant, but does not yet sure know (because most tests zuverlдssig until the NMT refuse). It is supposed to if you want to be absolutely sure not drink alcohol ... Okay, that's not so dramatic ...

But what about all the other things that the wдhrend "pregnancy" should be considered otherwise: (not too much going in the sun, do not brush litter Rohmilchkдse, Meeresfrьchte avoid, no sushi I weiЯ what else etc.?).

My first ignorant days after ovulation are in our New Year's Eve, I mцcht really not informed about each lettuce leaf think mьssen ... on the other hand, it is becoming very important to get pregnant fast to me and then to stay there and not womцglich because so to have nEM NEN manure disposal - you always say, if something is not right in the first time, it stцЯt the Kцrper rather from.

So do not make There's Something and wait first, or at least play it safe?

LG, Your Hasenpfoetchen


I have nothing to attention, I normally eat and when what had been drinking alcohol even before NMT and so I do it still.

renounce everything mцgliche you can even if you are pregnant and also know, that from NMT.

we were in vacation as I got pregnant for the first time, did not expect that it worked out and I also even day before NMT-alcoholic drink and that was nich little. my son is doing very well it has harmed it nich, have since eaten everything including shells.


You can not complete your life now then judge whether you may be pregnant or not!
'm the same opinion as Tanja has already written, I drink even after ES alcohol and eat normal as everything else!
Much Glьck in planning!

LG Franzi


JO! You are right.

making There's Something has actually never helped.


Good question, Hasenpfoetchen, something I also wanted to know long time!

So I think I'll einschrдnken the with the alcohol after the ES strong, but I drink many times and a lot: blush: but I think even a cyclist for dinner I can to NMT been drinking ...

For me it is more of a sport that worries me. I go 1x wцchentlich to a course name Body Move - step aerobics and so: z and then 1x in the week ending Kieser Training. Since I'm most worried about. Many of the Gerдte go on the abdominal muscles. In the abdominal machine z. As I have quite a bit of weight ...

Gibbet to also experience and / or tips? 🙂


Quote by FranziMaus20As long as you nix weiЯt beating makes nothing and at the beginning everything goes anyway informed about the "All or nothing principle", Clear the hard sports you should be if you're ss safe but sports does not hurt in the SS. I raise the professional life people weigh from here, that's for sure not the reason why I'm not pregnant, the 80kg.But if it's you then you should leave the definitely


So I pay attention in the second ZH actually nothing. Clear: Do not drink ьberviel Alk and not necessarily throw 20 pain pills - but you do anyway rarely And if I should then be pregnant, then I'll still off and eat my gepцkelte Zwiebelmettwurst and sometimes a salami sandwich - and sushi anyway. For my FA told me to direct demand: Up to "correct" raw minced meat (also not gepцkelt etc.) and tartar can I eat everything. Sushi! I even asked. Where you there anyway but should go in ne Bar prefer.
German food is so closely ьberwacht that it is more likely to be ьberfahren nem car when capture was - and still we all go to the StraЯe


My IT was the day before yesterday and I sit here and drink a wine spritzer with eiswьrfeln. it will probably 🙂 stay with one or two of them but prinip I live, as always. I do not get drunk wьrde me now. only the normal alcohol, sometimes attach to a wine or evening fanta-beer ...

I've been waiting three years for my third child and did not want to at some point be so frustrated from abstinence-Pedal that I slam by: D