Ouch – Jump in the belly

Hey Mдdels,

I just quite a jump-off side of the abdomen. It fьhlt not just like the Mutterbдnder and goes and comes.
Do you think these are labor ??

I am all right ьbel only when I sit / lie is better.

but I can not go to the doctor just because my husband is with the car to work and I do not hinkomme.

All that drive me are kцnnten either on holiday or work


Oh man - Mehly - what are you doing closed for things?!?

Since it is the side and even the frьh I do not think necessarily that there are labor.

but in the doctor's office or your Hebi to call time - perhaps kцnnen which then already give you tips!

LG and speedy recovery!


Hmm, that's funny, I wьrde trying out the FA call what kцnnte be.


Is this pain of short duration?

My baby is in a transverse position, just head to the point where I have from time to pain (Hдngt depend on whether it just moves or I make a blцde movement). always Hдlt a brief time and then is gone.


Yes that is with me too. However, lay baby the last time already with the head down.
Have the time between pain measured and it is always unregelmдЯig.

Had lain down and now it's a bit better, but am now up again and then it starts all over again.


I have also been a few days.
Since my little one but regelmдЯig reports and I usually fьhle good, I think it's intended expansion pain (or дhnliches) are, although they hurt me, but do not affect the baby directly ...
If you still fдhrst for FA, but please give further what he / she says.
Otherwise, I person you are seeking you natьrlich best improvement: daumendrueck:


so I sometimes hurt li. page. but more like a cramp.
only lateral. are on one side I think but no blow already merkwьrdig. I wьrd sometimes call or hebi the fa


I did that as well. On the right side. Full merkwьrdig.

Fьhlt also like Krдmpfe and whether I love or sit not care, it always hurts 🙁


I think I weiЯ what you mean. closed for me, fьhlt to the as if krьmel caulked my fuЯ into the side while squeezing something or clamps.


So if the pain occur again today, then I will go to the KH.
My doctor has unfortunately only until 12:00, and by then my husband is not here yet again.

Did yesterday gespьrt our Krьmel a few times but significantly less. But who weiЯ what one imagines as in his care !!! Nevertheless scary ...