In this birth video and your squashed a little tears

A birth is beautiful in the rarest cases, clean and quiet - but always absolutely unique and very special. And to experience exactly this miracle of birth on his first child and hold forever, the expectant father Caique accompanied his partner Constance in the delivery room. Together with his Go Pro camera.Together© Constance Nunes, Caique Santiago

Actually, we warn of PARENTS online expectant mothers ever before, to watch a birth video without professional assistance of a midwife. Often much too frightening. But
this one is so beautiful, so honest. We want to show all those who have the wonderful experience birth on.

Although it begins with the familiar images of a waiting, battered by labor Mother, the excited father and a tension that formally starts the audience - but by a sudden change of perspective, the mood suddenly changes completely.
And this is not just touching and moving, but also a little bit magical.

Caique and his wife Constance report on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube under the title Together, regularly about their family life in Canada, the first year with daughter Liz and prove that really every day is a smile is worth. Or two. ūüėČ

but now first a lot of fun with the video!