Arms asleep …

Hey you all,

am new here and have equal mal ne ask ...

am now in the 34SSW and be meet some sleep my Hдnde / arms very often.
My midwife said I got water in the Hдnden / arms ... should Brennesseltee drink, make finger ьbungen and hдnde now and then into cold water .... I now do everything ... but somehow I think it will be worse than better

it's just really bad at night ...

someone knows of you, too?
what are you doing about it?

lg peachi0303



I know that only by my cousin that the arms are asleep. With her it was also very bad. She had mцgliche tried everything, but in the end only the birth Remedy managed. 🙂 I myself have had the experience that I "just" my fingers are asleep. And I did, however acupuncture has helped very well. I can only recommend.

Person you are seeking you much strength to continue.


sleep my first three fingers on even hurts, this is called carpal tunnel syndrome lдsst but after ss to if you had nich earlier problems with it.
have poor seemed closed for the night, also helps well.
otherwise cold water helps me otherwise I can only say BY KEEPING


I have this trouble since the beginning of pregnancy already. Since then I sleep with my nursing pillow at night (woke up at night because of my stдndig dormant gliedmaЯen: /) I did it only rarely and not as bad (eg sleep me the finger and one no longer the whole arm). lg


I have the problem that with me, especially at night, sleep legs. My midwife and my FД said it lдge too little magnesium. Have I then combined at Rossmann magnesium taken with calcium and vitamin D3, and I must say, my Wadenkrдmpfe have improved.


I was in my first pregnancy too. Maybe you can help Acupuncture?

Love GrьЯe, Krachelinchen: waesche:


Ah, that's interesting!
I have the nдmlich well for a while and have ьberlegt all the time, if I do not the child abdrьckt any nerves.
Of magnesium deficiency can not be with me. I take it in high doses (Magne Trans forte) since the 15th week of pregnancy and I have nothing to do with Wadenkrдmpfen.

then becoming my midwife appeal tomorrow times on it.
Perhaps acupuncture can help me, too.



So for me that's now been about a week so that I at night often a einschlдft poor. I thought at first that was random, but dafьr it is now probably too often happens. am now in the 26th week. carpal tunnel syndrome heiЯt that? I have to google the same times.

LG emily



I know that with said Karapaltunnelsyndrom also good, because my water retention.
My midwife was unfortunately only for a short me a little relief with acupuncture verschaffen.Aber.
Ultimately, it was so ausgeprдgt with me and painful that I have to me by Orthopдden cortisone shots lassen.Was has at least helped very well in one hand.
Hope you find something that helps you soon!

Love GrьЯe, Tanja with Zwergnase 32 + 6