Mutmach report closed for Erstgebдrende :) (long)

here is my "smaller" Birth Report:

It started very differently than expected. The plan was that I'm going into labor very brave at home and only veratme sooo spдt hospital. Oh well:

My husband had the morning nor his diploma defense and we knew that he gets ne Promotionsstelle. So how were good things. In the evening I went with ner girlfriend nem small seminar in the university, and pьnktlich conclude peng, amniotic sac open. I rьber into Bьro, my husband modest said and called my midwife (blцd, but I did not really more if I nu equal in KH intended or not). Are home and have not eaten dinner and I've showered.

Then the KH, around 20: 00h.
There have partout not want to believe that my water broke, no, who wanted ьberzeugen me that it wдre my own urine. Tstststs. But Mumu was already NEN 1cm open. So could remain there. My husband Hamse sent back home, "still takes a long time. 1. Birth book now and no labor, they go get some sleep better", Since I was alone and I nu who is looked Millionдr. Was great, we nдmlich have no television.

When I then looked interview with Helmut Kohl at JBK, I thought slowly, I think those are real blow (23: 30h). Stayed alone in my room. Because I want to write honest, the whole truth: I had diarrhea, and how (since I was glad that my husband is not next to me in the room saЯ). But the contractions still went. And sweating, uiuiui. I then started up and run off. Up and down. Blowing in the sitting? Nope. But constantly we went! Have always getrцstet with: inner half an hour you say modest midwife, then comes your man and then everything is perfect. Cops have looked. Only towards 24h tats hurt, but okay. Are indeed gotten worse with each Viertekstunde, but also okay. The grцЯte problem was to determine at what distance to come. Once every 15 minutes, then every 10 and then every fifth

2 hours spдter I started to bleed that was on the 2:15, I thought, oooh, crap. I get out, the midwife told modest. I joke and still thinks the rum, "Ah, if they kцnnen still laugh, then it can not be that far." Examines me and said: "Well, should we call it out her husband are already 5cm, in the short time", The rapidly made a CTG, everything is OK. I down and down run again from the sun and back. So it went really well.

When my husband came, I am all the time just getting past him: "Make room, CIH otherwise not come through", Blow I always wanted to have alone should join none look at. When my husband said that was funny that kдmen already every 1 minute, I thought nothing, I hung on the wall bars, breathing, and ran again, and ran ... And said irgednwann midwife, oohh, CIH galub it drьckt , Who said: "Really? Well, they run times a bit when it can!", I ran and three labor spдter I hung informed about nem table and were strange Gerдusche vn me because it was so strange, so a small hiss I made, and hey presto, the midwife stood there and said, "Hui, well then but already contractions."

I wudre examined Mumu occurred openly and head in birth canal. The midwife had me even ьberzeugen that I stay now and no more to run. That was 3: 20pm. My husband was devoted love with me and held my hand. More he could not do that. He did not have to.

The second pressing woe was so strong that I could mitdrьcken right. Between the 4th and 5th Press Woe to put even the head auЯerhalb and wagged his Kцpfchen. This has been the strangest Gefьhl in my life. And in the fifth woe Press (hackle, hackle, hackle) Hey presto, she was there, my little Nika. 3: 40Uhr!
And honestly, I just thought that's it?
No crack, only small ne Schьrfwunde that had not be supplied. had Glьck.

I did not come to the point that I no longer wanted me hдtte painkillers needed. Through running it all went down. Only my poor husband. Could not do nothing at all. The zuschaun had as I walked and walked. But he has to watch that 🙂 well done I Habdas stop me alone mьssen account. All in all: 3 hours and 40 minutes.

Conclusion: The nдchste is ne home birth !!!


Wow! So a schцne birth and so nicely written!

So you wьnscht it! Thank Glьckwunsch!


Thank closed for the Glьckwьnsche.
Yes, it was really a schцne birth.

I really person you are seeking all pregnant women such a schцne birth - without Дrzte without nurses, only with the midwife and the own man (or whomever). And if it is not so great: Never mind. In the end, it's not matter, the main thing, what "comes out" is alive and well, o)


wow Supi! really hцrt at after a dream birth! Great, looking forward closed for you and glьckwunsch again !!
Which Hebi hatteste then? Is in Ilmenau yes some really midwives thing * rolling eyes *
I Wьrde omit the introduction with me, I certainly hдtte kцnnen write a дhnlichen Report! 🙂

LG and hopefully see you soon Sabrina


That's been really great ne birth. I just hope that I am fine just got a.
Thank Glьckwunsch !!!


Thank closed for the good report, now I just have to be pregnant tell me what you had to preparations closed for? damm massage, acupuncture, tees? Thanks in advance, lg ines


Hmm, ьberlegen times.
So I did acupuncture. It was really great. Bit pieksig, but you also schьn time with the Hebi. Yes tea I have drunk every day so nen liter pregnancy blend of the pharmacy. Perineal massage have also been created. Annoying. WeiЯ but not if that really helps. I have it almost every day towards the end toward done, and am not too smart. At Ner girlfriend that looked quite different. Also schцn massaged child only 2.5kg, but crack the third degree. Not funny.
Oh, I went swimming stдndig after I had aufhцren with jogging. After Aussager midwife at my birth, it does help a whole lot when you fit remains in the SS. Who weiЯ.

I person you are seeking you all the best in getting pregnant. How long have you versuchtst know?



hi mumsel, thank closed for your answer 🙂 I'm trying also to keep fit and even go a week into the fitness and swim .. I think the preparation is quite important and fitnes on all well fдlle.

But in February to jдhrt our kinderwunsch currently I Steer onto the end of the 11th cycle back 🙁 I know I should turn off but I do not succeed .. somehow I have a feel of that will not fold it as soon .. to the doctor I want until March or April, got a little scared before ... lg ines.