Feel-good Raffrollo

The awning fabric in red white makes little sleepy heads quickly perk. Find out how you can make the Rafrollo easily yourself.

1. Material:

Yourself: feel-good Raffrollo

Material ("Sofia"crop, 150 cm wide by Ikea for 5 EUR / m) to the desired window width plus 4 cm seam allowance and desired height plus 10 cm seam allowance.

Two square frames made of wood (2 cm wide, 1 cm thick, hardware stores) sawing blind width. From the decorative fabric-laden blind tape and cord as follows get (the figures for blinds from 80 cm width are given in brackets): gathering tape about 2 (3) times the blind length. Cord total of about 3 (4) times the length and 1 (2) times the width of the shade.

In addition, 4 (5) eyebolts (12 x 06 x 2.8 mm, hardware stores), a thick bead, line holder for wall, 2 small ring for hanging hook.

2. seams

Material at the side edges line (1 cm wide). working on the top and bottom edges each have a 4 cm wide hem for the wooden slats.

3. Place the strips

sewing on (about 10 cm lateral distance) on the left side of the fabric blind tape on both sides. For blinds wider than 80 cm, quilting a third band to the blind center. At the same time look for when sewing on the fact that the eyelets of the 2 (3) strips are parallel to each other.

4. slats

The wooden battens in the seams slide, depending an eye bolt screwed into the top bar directly above the gathering tape through the fabric into the wood.

5. completion

Cord on the back for. B. thread from left to right. For this, the cord at the bottom eyelet from gathering tape tight knot and pull it through all overlying rings and pass through the eye bolts to the right.

The second (third) line as well. 2 eyebolts rotate vertically from above into the timber and attach the roller blind with ring hook in the window. summarize cords to a collecting cord and pull it through a thick bead and tie.

wrap for gathering a string fastener.

>>> Here you can download the blueprint document as PDF.