A sleeping bag for babies

Great for balmy nights: an airy summer sleeping bag for the baby. here guaranteed This model, with its funny colorful stripes cheerful dreams - knitted and incidentally also quickly themselves.

Before you can start to knit:

Knitting: A sleeping bag for babies

Size: until approximately 6 months
The sleeping bag is about 38 cm wide and 63 cm long.
Material: Of GGH in stores (sources over www.ggh-garn.de). quality "Big Easy" (100% cotton), barrel length: about 70 m / 50 g. 50 g cost 2.85 euros.
Young sleeping bag: Per 100 g Fb. 34 lilac and Fb. 21 turquoise, 50 g Fb. 9 cream, Fb. 30 Navy, Fb. 18 Blue, Fb. 25 Light Green, Fb. 8 Beige
Girls sleeping bag: Per 100 g Fb. 23 green and Fb. 14 Pink, 50 g Fb. 8 Beige, Fb. 33 Orange, Fb. 5 Red, Fb. 9 cream, Fb. 19 lilac.
Also: . 6 circular needle (60 cm long) + # 3;. 6 Wäscheknöpfe (19 mm) of Prym
Abbreviations: M = mesh, R = row, Rd = Round, str = knitting, dec = dec, re = right, left = left, rep = repeat, U = Cover
Pattern: stockinette stitch (outward R re, rear R li. In rounds only right sts)
Bund pattern: K 2 M and 2 M li alternately
Strip Episode 1: Each 13 Rd (from the armholes in R) purple, turquoise, cream, navy, blue, light green, beige, lilac, turquoise, cream. A strip 6 cm wide.
Strip Episode 2: Each 13 Rd (from the armholes in R) green, pink, beige, orange, red, cream, lilac, green, pink, beige. A strip 6 cm wide.
Knitting tension: 15 M and 22 R give 10 x 10 cm


Knitting: A sleeping bag for babies

The sleeping bag is started from the bottom and knit in rounds. For this strike with circular needle. 6 in green or lilac 92 M. close the M for round and the first re Rd st. Then in the ground and stripe pattern 1 or 2 operate as follows. Make a mark for the increases (for example, with a differently colored thread.): Before Rd- beginning and between the 46th + 47. M. In the 2nd Rd after the 2nd M, then 2 M before and 2 M after labeling and two M Rd- before the end of each 1 M crossed from the right to the transverse thread increase (= 96 M). These increases in the same places on every 2nd Rd still 5 times rep. (M = 116 in the 12th Rd). Afterwards continue working without increases for stripe sequence. In approximately 44 cm height for the armholes the first 4 sts, 50 M str, dec 8 M, 50 M str, dec 4 M and end both halves separately for the front and back in series. Mesh shut down from the front.

For the back in the round-R the 2nd and 3rd sts coated together st (= stand 1 M such Rechtstr, the following M re str, then the lifted st over tighten) and the 2nd and 3rd last M tog st. These decreases in every 2nd row as long as rep. until only 40 sts remain. For neck in about 57 cm height in a RS row shut down the middle M and 10 terminate both shoulder halves separated. For further cut bevels the penultimate 2M right along (or the 2nd + 3rd M right covered together) st. Declines in every 2nd row 2 times more rep. the remaining 12 shoulder M shut down in about 60 cm height (= 10 stripes).

described as well as back up to the neck knit the front. For this, about 50 cm high with a reciprocating R shut down the middle 8 M and for the cut slope as long decline until only 12 sts left shoulder. shut down these remaining 12 M in about 60 cm high.


With needle no. 3 in pink or turquoise for the waistband from the front and rear neck rounding, as well as the armholes mesh (number as follows) conceived, then R str waistband pattern and all sts fixed with needle no. 6 is always 3.
Rear neck rounding: 22 M (incl. 10 disused M),
front neck rounding: 42 M (incl. The disused 8 M),
Armausschnittrundung: 54 M.
take for the button panel, the rear 12 Schultern- M on needle. 3, on both sides of the neck and Armbund each 3 M in pink or turquoise to conceive (= 18 M), with needle no. 6 nor 4 cm in the waistband pattern str ( ., the first and last 2 M of the reciprocating R right str waistband pattern All sts shoulder just st from the front part, but in 2 cm height uniformly distributed 3 buttonholes incorporated for this purpose in a reciprocating R:.. K 2 M, 2 M Li together str, 1 U, re 2 M, 2 M li, 2 M tog str, 1 U, 2 M li, re 2 M, 1 U, 2 M li together str, re 2 M. In the rear the R envelope the collar pattern corresponding str. In 4 cm height all sts. close the bottom seam, sewing on buttons.
Tip: Wäscheknöpfe color previously little darker with black tea. For this buttons with a tea bag and pour hot water over, leave to soak for 5 minutes. Buttons briefly rinse and let dry.