Beschдftigung and game (5 months old)?

Hello Hello,

I'm so glad to have good weather to walk at any time to kцnnen. We now Hдtten winter (November, December, January) wьrde the blanket literally fall on your head! Selbstverstдndlich I have not every day, only a walk pleasurable to go but it is now and a good change.

As you beschдftigt your baby at 5 months?
What do you do all day?

My son does not rotate from alone on the side, without my aid, they must have the "right" Movements.

I go so slowly my ideas


I lie down to him to the game and ceiling bespasse him. sing, cuddle him .... he is really great and then laughs right schцn :).

he is simply happy with me on the chest when I'm lying on the sofa. I erzдhle him simply what he hцrt me quite relaxed.


with fьnf months you need your child not dauerbespaЯen. My son always lies with the homework on the floor (I always take him from room to room with) and looks at or then beschдftigt themselves. I put him to go always one / two stuffed animals, sometimes a trapezoid, but that he finds always pretty fast stupid. when I realize that it is boring or he meant nдhe mцchte, I erzдhl him something, sing him something before and tickling him through. he is especially great
I often go with my fingers his kцrper off and say it rhymes on. so "run" I informed about arms, legs, abdomen and head, sometimes also informed about rьcken and po. he is also great and always laughing a lot.
I think that's enough absolutely! children in the age quickly ьberfordert and reizьberflutet, if you offer them too much! it also does not need every day to be something else, on the contrary: your child will find it great if you're doing something he already knows and then weiЯ what's coming. my weiЯ for example, if I lean informed about it and mouth and eyes wide aufreiЯe: now goes straight off the tickling. then he has to start always already laughing. which also makes me animal spaЯ!


what's fingers play with? there was / is my (now 6einhalb months) quite wild on it.

auЯerdem sing with appropriate gestures. (E.g., at hдschen in the pit, at "hдschen" the hдnde to the head as ears, etc.)

a knotted to the ball mьlltьte is also the hit, mama throws it around, child laughs. or child grabs the thing and rustling with it.

mine has very much observed in the old rhythmic movements.

and details befьhlt, for example, towel and label off u.д.

mama makes wind blow through or waving find my great too.

music and then fit wag tьchern.

peep-guck- since you can taste probably know, for example, with ner Mullwindel ьberm face.

whole class took my blanket also on nerve to lie (at the edge), and I have them so rumgekullert then, that the blanket carefully lifted up my little their way through "tilt" has turned. this several times, as long as the ceiling is enough. (Ie as if you wьrde they roll from the ceiling)
Turn is ne small vorьbung for itself

a beach ball or with junk or a little with flьssigkeit gefьllte transparent water bottle also is welcome.

at the supermarket checkout I still ne small pack M&Ms peanut taken - the rustling so schцn, looks bright in yellow, fьhlt interesting.

cause-wrkung is also often explored in the old, I think. So baby takes somewhere around it and it happens what.

as wдrs with ner krabbelgruppe / nem PEKiP course? because you get really many great suggestions.