Stargazers: cesarean section or natьrliche birth sorry long?

Hello everyone "Stargazers - Mamas"!

Myself am one and have my little Tim at 22:09. (Unfortunately) brought by Caesarean section.

For me, everything went totally fast! At 14 o'clock the contractions started at 20 o'clock was a Mumu komplett.Und from there went nothing! Shortly before they have the bubble gesprengt.Der small lay my head too high and did not want to slide down .and with me the contractions habeb used but was not allowed to press natьrlich.

This was followed by the worst 1.5 hours of my life.

Between contractions no breaks were more and it came one after the other without which I could press, I could not breathe and I screamed together side at all delivery room. (Which unentlich embarrassed me) But irendwo had the pain out easily.
But the worst thing that Tim Herztцne was always sagged.

21.30 chose the Дrzte God NEN thanks finally closed for cesarean section.
I was at the end vцllig Natьrlich I hдtte the small there never get out.

In retrospect, I see the caesarean section with a laughing and a crying eye where.

've really been violent stories of other stargazers Mamas gehцrt who give birth natьrlich.

How was your birth?
: Confused:
If you had NEN caesarean how are you you with it?

Was the head of your children also to added from the basin drьckbar?

Looking forward to your stories!

LG Anna: waesche:


david was also a sternengucker! born on 08/21/07 with proud 3.970g and 54cm.
the baby was heavier than my first son because david a biЯchen is stuck and the press phase has lasted so much lдnger than normal!
was violently ... but I am immensely happy that I release him spontaneously kцnnen!

and: sternengucker are special kids, you know, yes, right?


The midwife had tried to bring the Kцpfchen by lying on your side still in the correct position, but has not worked. The baby has wдrend the contractions eventually no longer move forward. The CTG has had so plцtzlich everything go little by little worse, very quickly and yet a Caesarean section was made. Had predicted auЯer to full in really urgent Fдllen no caesarean section, but was glad then that everything was so good to an end. The OP has auЯer, also made me the first few days no problem. After a week I was toppfit and had no more pain.
When my son was drauЯen, you could see that he was not only an astronomer, but also has a fairly groЯen head. So that was certainly one reason closed for's stuck.
Maybe it works at nдchsten with a natьrlichen birth ...


Dear Anna,

First time my heartfelt Glьckwunsch the birth! Schцn you daЯ aufgreifst the subject!

I also have a stargazer Mдdchen, Sophie, born on 17/06/07. Unfortunately, it was not discovered until just before the pressing phase, daЯ it is a Sternenguckerin. Was probably a "mishap" the midwife.

... and I've previously wondered why the stage of labor took so infinitely long and the cervix did not work. Overall, it took from the first contraction to birth informed about 30 hours !!

The birth wдhrend the pressing phase itself was very, very painful (the Frauenдrztin had stдndig to fьhren hand in the birth canal to the Kцpfchen), the midwife drьckte of exterior projector with and schluЯendlich the suction cup was used, because it is not slipped. I screamed because of the abnormal severe pain as a Verrьckte me and it was very embarrassing! After.

I felt the birth as somehow dramatically. Since the pediatrician waiting for Sophie, there was no romantic acquaintance on the belly of Mami. Thus, I have had only about a half hour spдter with me .... In retrospect, I envy all the moms who experienced that!

With your cesarean You certainly had no luck, even have been better maybe it wдre closed for me ?!

Many love Grьsse,

P.S. the Kцpfchen of her was up to 2 days before the birth never really in the basin in it



My first birth was a stargazer birth. Leon was also due to face up, and I could still give birth normally and it was not at all bad. For Julia it wдre almost again become a stargazer birth, but it has still turned in the last press Woe ... Both births were very, very fast. Leon 1 3/4 hours and Julia just one hour.

GruЯ wunderkind199


Well great, I found the Caesarean nicht.Klar he had to be because the Herztцne always down and I went for nothing in a position war.Aber I must say I wьrde rather have 5 children get the normal way when only one by Caesarean section.

I weiЯ not maybe I'm a little sorry for himself but my pain after KS were pretty bad.

But what most struck me is that I learned my little habe.Noch only two hours spдter than anyone else know this I can not remember the first minute right because the anesthesia was not quite out.

The second point has really had an effect in the KH: I had an extra one with me "rooming in" chosen because I thought it's great if he with me ist.Durch the KS I could the whole time me the first two days not at all kummern.Ich around him had closed for all a sister holen.Vom breastfeeding until Wickeln.Es went only aufwдrts when I could take him three days itself out of the crib.

Well he is healthy that's the only thing that really has currently.

LG Anna


Marina was also a Sternenguckerin. but that it was clear only during labor. The birth itself was not groЯartig else like my GroЯen (no stargazers). Only the first violent contractions I had to respire so the midwife's head could rumhelfen around the bend slightly (so she said ... what did I have not seen * gg *). I'm not groЯartig more ripped my even a little less. Both births have approximately the same length (short was approx. 2 hours in the delivery room, before about 2-3 hrs. Slight contractions .... both came spдt but dafьr with momentum).
Ьbrigens said my midwife in the delivery room stargazers wдren curious (of due "I watch my doctor to get me out of" * Giggle *), woken essence and the true total to Lьtte.


hello, I also had a stargazer who is however already 5. Actually, that was only found with the birth of Kцpfchens, but then he was already out. Had stopped a total blow a long time and needed a labor drip at the end. For me it was, however, the second and the first had good "preliminary work" He came with 37cm and the hand on the ear to the world. Since I had to squeeze even 2 hours, and thought the poor man must have an only child stay :). Meanwhile, I am pregnant with # 3. It will come in February, yet it has chosen closed for a bank. Wдr but something new 🙂 But I think I will but the KS prefer ...


🙂 On 08/07/07 was our little sternenkucker the world ..
after the mumu was in 20 min from 4 to 8, then did a long time nothing .. me it was like you, it was a very evil time, but after a total of 3 hours I made it, so closed for the diagnosis-it quite quickly
* Arrival kkh 15:55 18:43 birth. *

but it was the violent birth of the 3n ..


I had with my twins and a caesarean section because they lagen.mann like a T in the belly hдtte kцnnen indeed give birth normally, but the doctor did nothing to risk, because sometimes only a child is born, then comes the placenta, and the other child in the time it kцnnte not ьberleben.
my cesarean was vollnarkose.
report from the doctor three days have long blood products I habe.Musste lost a lot of blood.
So, I felt the very schlecht.Und I lacked 19:30 to 13:00, the time of my Kinder.meine scar has then also entzьndet, there came high fever dazu.Also kaiserschnitt I never wьrd require voluntary.