Everything inside 0-1752 euros!

The distance between Bremen and Dusseldorf is 239 km - a straight line. But when it comes to kindergarten fees, then are worlds between the two cities: 1,752 euros for the half-day place to pay for a child per year in Bremen parents. Düsseldorf parents save this money - the day care place there is free.Kindergarten fees: Everything you need 0-1752 euros!

Basically: The height of the kindergarten entry is a political decision. lead the political motives in Dusseldorf and Bremen to the circumstances, in addition we spoke with local representatives.


Michael Bergmann, spokesman for the city of Dusseldorf for social and father of two children aged 7 to 12 years:

"Since Kita year 2009/2010 nursery places are free of charge in Dusseldorf. Dusseldorf wants to distinguish itself as a family town and be attractive for young families. Free Kita places are as an added incentive and a soft location factor for the city. We are also pleased that we that a Kita place in Dusseldorf requires every child can also offer a place. Fittingly, opposite to the trend in the Ruhr, in Dusseldorf, the population numbers increase and the birth rate is relatively high.

The cost of a nursery place were previously strongly differentiated according to booking time and income. Nevertheless, 70 percent of parents were liberated by the daycare fees because they have fallen below the lower income limit of 24,542 euros gross income per year. The free nursery places cost the city in about 20 million euros. Parents save today between 33 euros a month to 370 euros a month for a full-time place in the highest income group.

we have a problem at the moment but: children from neighboring communities are now partially logged in Düsseldorf daycare centers because with us places are free. In addition, parents who do not live in Dusseldorf but work here may also bring their children to the municipal day-care centers - and also now pay nothing."


Dr. Petra Kodr, spokeswoman for the Bremen Senator for Social Affairs and the mother of two children aged 12 to 14 years:

As regards the amount of kindergarten posts in Bremen, so there from parents so far no complaints. It becomes difficult but when it comes to taking care of under 3-year-olds and the availability of full-day places. These topics can reach us by parents quite complaints because the offer here is not yet sufficient. Since we have yet to catch up in Bremen.

Given the tight budget situation and we are but the posts can not lower. Because we had the revenue from kindergarten fees not would proceed even slower expansion of child care and that is not in the interest of the parents.

I can understand that it perceive parents as unfair if there are communities where the nursery places are free and others charge fees. For a family of middle-income 150 euros are a lot of money a month for the kindergarten. And just in Bremen there are many families who have little money.

That is why more than 50 percent of parents pay the minimum contribution. Deserves a family but more, the courts are also more expensive, as shown by the investigation. Because we stagger our amounts under the income and the booking period.

Parent representatives Bremen

Hans-Gerhardt Schmidt, CEO of the total PTA Kita Bremen:

"Bremen has done in recent years much of the day care center expansion. But the money back and forth is not enough. But it also is true that we would not have complained as parents about the high daycare fees. In Bremen, the progression increases very quickly and very steep. The result is that the middle-income groups, so families who have 35,000 to 50,000 euros gross annual salary available to be loaded in particularly by the kindergarten fees. The result of the investigation did not surprise me, therefore.

For a full-day course, these families have to spend up to 10 percent of their net income and that is really a lot. Here I see a great injustice. Us as parents representative is also too much, but when you speak to the social authorities to you always get only one answer: "There is no money."

but belongs in our opinion, more money in this social field, because to him greater demands from the political side also asked again: but full-day courses, care of under 3-year-olds, these politically correct objectives cost money."