together write Lassen – what rights – what duties


Hab da mal ne small question, or even more!
Me and my partner want to write us together. Is in itself the same as heiraten- just not as groЯ raised.
My question now is how this has since the rights and obligations?
I'm feeling very well on the subject of maintenance. Where I muЯ the report anything, blah blah blah?

Hope there someone can help me thank you in advance !!!!!


What do you mean with can write together?
And maintenance?

You can leave paternity / Sorgerechtserklдrung / NN erklдren of the Father, even before the birth of the child.
The youth welfare office in your city, you can make yourself knowledgeable.

If you, for example, lives together, you kцnnt insurance RETRNSMISIONES together. The life insurance. These need not be married to ... etc.

I hope I gave you kцnnen help einigermaЯen ?!