Extremely poor skin after pregnancy …

Hello Mдdls,

eigtl. I was thinking that the skin should get better after pregnancy. But on the contrary, I look awful without make-up I did not go out of the house already and I fьhle me totally uncomfortable with it.

The pill, which is to act separately also closed for the skin, somehow brings nothing.

Does anyone have advice closed for me what I kцnnte try ??


Have any tips closed for you. Over himself around like a crumb cake. So many pimples I had not Pubertдt! Not to mention of the cracked Hдnden altogether.

Even if there is no consolation, you're not alone.


I feel exactly the advice I did not 🙁 I since I can remember eczema.
With me in pregnancy for the first time has become the skin better in life! I have never been so well gefьhlt me ​​in my skin.
Now everything has become worse again. Pimples I did not just shed all dry and I have to re scary scrape the poor; Chin and legs
So, my Heulpost the day ..: hangover:


my neurodermatitis at hand (chronic hand eczema) in ss gone, too, after that it's almost worse come back :(.

but the cracked hдnde and so might also come from the silent (???). I try to milk products and vitamins to counteract.
pimple I have not gsd.


my skin is not the best my hдnde totally dry and constantly I have pimples on her face !!

but I hope will be better soon !!



Oh boy!

Unfortunately, I can not help myself-have no skin problems ...

perhaps it is even the conversion? when I then stopped taking the 3-month injection, it took nine months, up with me again everything "normal" was sometimes the skin ....


For me it was actually all the time now pretty good. Then it occurred to me that yes breastfeeding should wдhrend take Folsдure. So I started again with it and get the same loud pimples: hangover: For me it is, I believe it. Did it again now discontinued and look, whether it is better. Do you take for what in this direction ??


You're not alone. I have acne for the teen time. The Дrzte have always told me you go with the first child away. Not true, unfortunately. Although is not as extreme as frьher, but not gone. the only "quality" Time is the pregnancy. One reason not aufzuhцren having children?

Hair is also terrible, fat fast, fьhlen nevertheless like straw and go out without end. I remember again, as dьnner. Hдnde are like sandpaper. Oh man ...

But that will hopefully different. And the children sinds worth all, I find.



you have that? I had left my neurodermatitis largely with the pubertдt behind me, but since the birth herd again all over kцrper. exactly are special bad hдnde! do you do something about it? iht have tips? I have to just bring himself even to go to the dermatologist ...

A positive side effect, however, was that I desiccation by the general of the skin finally time quite nice had facial skin. I usually always inclined to blemishes! well, but since the Cerazette unfortunately that's gone again ...

oh yes, the hormцnchen ...

schцnen 2nd christmas day



I have also since I'm about 20 extreme skin problems: dry skin and that in the face ... I then always around the nose around and on the forehead extremely red marks are scaly, and the same problem on the head
to my doctor a few weeks ago said that psoriasis is ..... I have to get pregnant again, because there was the skin like that of a baby

Go best time to the dermatologist .... I experimented a lot and sometimes looked after, from worse ...

but what I can really recommend is a Gesichtsreiniungswasser of Atame .... made me specially closed for my "problem" recommended ... and that helps really great ...: love: