First Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms

Nausea, pulling in the abdomen, dizziness, missed periods - and the anxious question: Am I pregnant? In our article, we assign one of these and other symptoms. Procure for you as an overview of the most important signs of pregnancy, and see what's behind each one I steckt.Bin about pregnant? This question arises not only once on a woman's life and can make every time for large uncertainty, especially if the children desire actually still does not matter in life. The absence of periods or other physical abnormalities, such as chest pain or abdomen, can then provide very fast for panic. And - in the opposite case, when the desire for children is very present - for a lot of anticipation. 

We will help arrange the first signs and symptoms correctly. A tip in advance: Absolute certainty brings you in this situation just a pregnancy test or a direct Examination at your gynecologist. Note that the home pregnancy test earlier than the first day of your period would normally use, is really reliable. In the time before a test does not make sense because the pregnancy hormone HCG is not detectable in urine. The gynecologist finds a pregnancy through a blood test or an ultrasound.
= Rather uncertain= Fairly reliable= Very reliable

If one or more of the ingredients listed in this paper symptoms for you, then it may be that you're pregnant. The more of the following questions you can answer yes to, the more likely it is. But beware: often the symptoms can have other backgrounds. The pacifier symbols also should give a rough guide of how reliable the respective signs are out.

First Pregnancy Signs

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You is now am getting sick?

No sooner you get up, have your stomach grumbles very unpleasant? Morning sickness is a typical pregnancy symptoms - especially if it is repeated in the week several times. With responsible for the malaise is the hormone HCG, which is produced by the placenta. Some women respond very sensitive, others less. Is the pregnancy, the excitement associated with the news can, the nausea intensify. In violent vomiting you should go to the doctor. What you can now help? Perhaps a chamomile tea, which you you are delivering in a thermos on your bedside table on the evening. Drink a few sips of it before you get up.


You are constantly tired or you feel dizzy?

You feel listless, tired, dizzy? This is the first weeks of pregnancy not infrequently. The reason: In the first months, the blood pressure drops somewhat. In addition, the blood flow is displaced there because of the remodeling processes in the uterus. Contrast showers, a balanced diet and walks in the fresh air can improve the condition. In dizziness and fatigue also to anemia (anemia) should be considered. But the doctor automatically clears the during the screening with from. To really make sure that this is to prevent pregnancy signs, you should consult your gynecologist.


Your breasts tension?

By the hormonal changes that works immediately after fertilization, the glands grow in the chest. This makes them bigger and stronger, which is often associated with pain and tension. They also markedly more sensitive to touch than before. With all these changes is preparing Your body forward to the weeks after birth before, and in particular breastfeeding Your baby.


You feel a pleasant warmth?

An early indication that you are expecting a child canst, lies in the perception of your body temperature. If you feel a warmth in your feet, hands or forearms, then it could be related to the fact that you're pregnant. Because the blood circulation is very early significantly boosted in a pregnancy.


You have spotting?

Spotting that often occur with pain in the abdomen may indicate that you are pregnant - but they can also have many other causes. It is therefore important that you consult your doctor. that early bleeding have something to do with the implantation of the embryo in the uterus, but is a theory that is not medically proven.


Your period is overdue: a strong indicator of a pregnancy?

Clear, also called the missed period, even amenorrhea, can happen for various reasons and does not necessarily mean the same that you expect a baby. A cycle disorder may for example be due to stress, illness, mental health problems, extreme sports activities, weight changes, hormonal imbalances or medication. That your menstruation is overdue, but can also be a strong indication that you are indeed pregnant. Especially if you unprotected sexual intercourse Timing your ovulation had, the likelihood is very high.

Whatever ultimately behind it, is important: If your rule does not start and you can not rule out that you are pregnant, then you get confidence in your doctor. Let this pass too much time. The faster you know what's behind it, the better it is. Maybe you gives a pregnancy test first certainty. But even if you can rule out definitely that you could have a baby, you should not take lightly the issue. Finally, the absence of your period could be an indication that better give up your health Eight. The faster you go the thing on the ground, the less time you're wasting it, possibly in vain to break out upside down.


More Pregnancy Signs

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Your nipples have become darker

The skin around your nipples around looks different than usual - somewhat darker? This may be a sign of pregnancy. Under the influence of pregnancy hormones and increased blood flow to the nipples color that is darker. Determined are the small bumps on the areola, called Montgomery's glands, more prominent and have a brownish color than usual.


You react more sensitive to odors

Many pregnant women are very sensitive to smell. All the senses are sharpened now. Scientists suspect behind a clever arrangement of nature: perishable food such as meat or fish, but also Things that should steer clear of the pregnant woman (Alcohol, coffee in large quantities, cigarettes) "stink" expectant mothers - the unpleasant odor is to prevent them from taking something unhealthy about it. This protects both mother and child before birth.


Your belly feels hard and is inflated

The increased hormone production during pregnancy restricts bowel function something. Therefore, it can cause constipation and hence the bloated feeling stirred. However, such bowel problems also occur independently of a pregnancy from time to time and are not a reliable indication that you're pregnant.


You feel a constant pulling in the abdomen

The body adjusts to the pregnancy. For this, the constant pull is a clear indication in the lower abdomen. The uterus grows, the circulation performance increases, new vessels are formed. This conversion process feel expectant mothers pretty straightforward. Many say that in my gut something happens. For most women, the baby feel significantly different in the belly of other abdominal discomfort.


You have a fungal infection in the vaginal area

The hormonal changes of the body during pregnancy causes the genital area has better circulation and the pH value of the vagina on the acidic 4.5 increases. Thus, the protective function of vaginal flora is affected and increases the risk of fungal infection. Approximately one-third of pregnant women is one reason vaginal yeast infection detected. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry: In normal pregnancy, the infection does not transfer to the unborn child. Since one however, can capture a fungal so relatively easily, such an infection is not a meaningful pregnancy signs.


You've constantly cravings

Chocolate You can not currently get enough? And anyway, you have all the time like something to eat? The conversion process, which starts with the pregnancy, takes strength and the body consumes more energy. Therefore, many expectant mothers have more appetite and hunger. However, many women are attacked and cravings before their menstruation begins. Or if they have just a lot of stress. A clear sign of a pregnancy is such a hunger attack therefore not necessarily.


You have much more common on toilet

You have in 10-minute intervals to the bathroom felt? The urgency grows with length of gestation and growing belly. But even in the first weeks of pregnancy, many women have more often to the toilet as usual. This is due to the increased estrogen levels. This hormone relaxes the tissue, makes muscles more resilient - even in the urethra, which can support the bladder pressure will be less long.


You feel a pull in the groin

With the beginning of pregnancy estrogen is increasingly formed, which loosens the straps so that the growing belly may follow. In the groin area which can be felt as a drawing or stabbing. In fact, a strain may be the cause and is not necessarily a sign of pregnancy for the symptoms though.


You have mood swings

The hormones can do quite a lot, especially a Emotional chaos at its finest. If you are now so often times short-tempered and saddened again to death in the next moment, that could speak for pregnancy.



Woman with abdominal painiStock, 7postmanFrom one woman to the pregnancy signs are different. The one more occur at the same time, the other less or none. Some are very sensitive when it comes to their body and notice even with the implantation of the egg in the womb, that they are pregnant. Other notable only after several weeks that they are expecting a baby. Depending on how severe your fertility is currently, the more sensitive you react naturally to changes. Absolute certainty brings you now a first examination at your gynecologist.