“Every woman can cum”

with this title, I read an article just in another forum.

I copy him once in here:

Every woman can cum (Female Ejakuation)
I endeckt a trick

Since it comes with already in 2 minutes and I inject each time from

it may be of woman to woman doing differently is more, some less splash

so now the trick

, Best you sit down with far gespreitzen legged on a chair with armrests best
Then you'll take this Ohrenwattestдbchen (also called Q tips)
Nemmt one in your mouth and makes it wet

AnschlieЯend her fьhrt the Stдbchen about to hдlte in the pissloch a (Harnrцhre) it can in the beginning something pulling or burning but it will pass

Make it are only the Stдbchen in and out just before coming to iht

just before you realize that you coming to pick the Stдbchen in a jerk out of the hole and keep the pussy wide on

so try the trick best every night 5-8 times hintereiander and time to time, the Oragsus Geiler

So Much spaЯ Mдdels Check it out and give me a little feedback as it was and as you have experienced it

GruЯ Yvonne

A question for the women:
"kцnnt you imagine trying this?"

and a question to the Mдnner:
"wьrde it irritate you when your partner one in this way "wet orgasm" Has?"

I hдtte too afraid to hurt myself, and it absolutely does not irritate me to try this. Why is the female ejaculation many so important?

I look forward to your answers.

love GruЯ


Quote by YoniA question for the women:
"kцnnt you imagine trying this?"

and a question to the Mдnner:
"wьrde it irritate you when your partner has in this way a wet orgasm?"

I hдtte too afraid to hurt myself and it excites me absolutely returns nothing to try. Why is the female ejaculation many so important?

I look forward to your answers.

love GruЯ
YoniSo I am now somewhat ьberfordert. What should it be something to bring to the Harnrцhre einzufьhren. I imagine that frankly painfully. But well, some might kцnnen only happen either way better.

I will not try it.

To your question because of the importance of Abspritzens:
I've never noticed if it happened to me. If not I have it in any case did not miss. So I do not think it is important.

I find it important to have satisfactory sex. This may sound very businesslike, but includes sooo much.


So gehtґs:

http: //www.*******.com/watch/31706

Then both SpaЯ have it ;-).


AUA !!! ... on ideas people come


>and a question to the Mдnner:
"wьrde it irritate you when your partner one in this way "wet orgasm" Has?"<

So I'm grundsдtzlich a more adventurous type, but einfьhren Wattestдbchen in the Harnrцhre ... ддh, nee thank * shudder *

While reading it, I had to make a face ....

So if a woman by nature a wet orgasm, then (by me I once had a very rich ... schцne GrьЯe if Duґs reads degree ;-), but the herbeizufьhren with SUCH means easy .... disgusting, my mind !!!



Ouch no, ME wьrde not ьberhaupt irritate rather my Harnrцhre ...

No thanks, do not.




Hдддддh ???? So closed for me always two different things, the real wet orgasm and fake wet orgasm were.
What is described here, is probably more of fake.

but I get no satisfactory if I rub the sore Harnrцhre me ??? And that I will need is quite clear pee. The technique is just what closed for masochists * * meinemeinungis

I'll wдhrend of O. innendrin sometimes so wet that we kцnnen swim afterwards in bed, but that is Mus.chisaft, no urine.

Always thought the real squirt THE * is * verwirrtbin ....

Had the lady ever NEN properly schцnen O. ???


From nem other forum

... a Mytos closed for most, a fact closed for a few.
I can definitely ausprechen dafьr that they exist ..., my partner is befдhigt to ...

Zunдchst I mцchte aufrдumen with a Mytos:

The "ejaculate" is definitely not urine. Even women who were briefly voher on the toilet, so the bladder is empty, kцnnen ejaculate.

In many porn films, it is really urine, and no real Femal ejaculation, but there are a few genuine. The difference you can only find if you actually own or Partenerin has is befдhigt it.

Whether it can actually every woman and must only learn, weiЯ not ... because the Science denies considerably. That there are women who ejaculate kцnnen is bewieЯen and not lдngst controversial.
The Flьssigkeit [n] does not come from the Harnцffnung in the middle of two Sonderen Drьssenцffnungen that is barely grцЯer than a pin end, left and right of the Harnцffnung. These are seen in Unerregtheit not, and when energized "rцter" than the skin, and clearly visible.

The amount of ejaculate is different:

- some "ejakulkieren" more inward, hardly a splash, so that the woman while "humid" is, but as such is not even noticed. -> this group is the hдufigste

- some even kцnnen stдrker, then it's over.

- some "to run" literally from ... so you really mean kцnnte it has to do with urine. The spraying takes place in any orgasm several times in succession, and instead "unlimited quantities"... -> I hдtte never believed that there really is that, to my partner, to sell the pill, had started about 2 years ago with it.

When you but only in the "sharpen" Time, that when females ready to get screwed ... so about 3 days before to 2 days after ovulation ... otherwise the sex "dry" [But only by the ejaculation ago]

These days, however, almost no drier orgasm is mцglich, i We provide mьssen definitely closed for Handtьcher ... She had once tried to stop the spray, but then Zwangslдufig the Oragsmus is stopped ...

Some women schдmen Also this because Erreignisses, connect me urine, and unterdrьcken it ...

In nature, such as women's needs to be stimulated, already agrees with the angle towards G-spot. However, I do not think it is the G-spot of it auslцst, Sonderen the so-called. AFE zone [the other legendary point inside the vagina]


the woman should take no pill, or otherwise violate any Verhьtungshormon.

kцnnen to lцsen

unterdrьcken nothing

AFE zone stimulates get ...

... happy you [might] also with the neighbors

Gruss poets and thinkers


to everyone informed about the worrying the thoughts of the partner. He will find it to 99.9% Geil ... believe me !!!


Quote by dottore_taglioniSo gehtґs:

http: //www.*******.com/watch/31706

Then both SpaЯ have it ;-).Can I have the address of the guy?



In my view such a Ьben is vцlliger nonsense. Neither I see a sense of it yet, I think the method closed for promising. There is surely a difference between a wife by themselves and spontaneously strongly nдsst during orgasm or if I so much irritate the Harnrцhre that ... yes, what comes out of there, anyway? Piss then, right? Great, because that's not the point when wet orgasm yet!

Unabhдngig which I wьrde any case by no means such Kathederspielchen closed for Anfдnger make that wдre much too gefдhrlich. Even the thought of it makes my hackles on ... * shudder *