Blow promote 15 measures to initiate the birth

The estimated date of birth of your child has passed and nothing happened? Sometimes the body just needs a little push, so that the baby makes his way. We present you some ways that you can promote labor naturally - including those actions that trigger guarantees labor.

The due date has been exceeded - what to do?

the tension is the closer the birth date approaches, the greater. Every pregnant woman is so fixed on the date that the unrest increases greatly with each day that passes further. The wait is becoming increasingly difficult. Thus, the desire of every expectant mother is absolutely (and also her partner's) understandable to want to do something before a Introduction for medical reasons is required. There are many ways to promote the contractions gently and bring the birth possibly in transition.

Important: Before you want to try one of these methods, please talk with your midwife necessarily. You can tell exactly which measure how does you again. Some among them ensures that your baby slips right into the pool. Another helps to stimulate blood circulation, especially in the pelvic area and open the cervix. Again, other methods are best if you already light blow have in order to promote further.

Use the expertise of your midwife. It is a lot on the subject "induce labor" have to tell. And it gives you a better feeling when you act on their recommendation and not on your own. Seemingly harmless home remedies are not to be underestimated, other means can not turn implement only without help - everything is definitely better when it is done under professional advice. And one should also be said in advance: Whatever you try on in the last days of your pregnancy now, the birth will ultimately only go off if your body is ready and your baby really wants to be born.

You are you not sure regarding the birth date or would want to recalculate again? You can do this here with our Pregnancy calculator. Incidentally, the medical confinement (ET) is seen a period of time and comprises the three prior SSW and the two SSW after the reference date. It is far from unusual when your baby does not come to the day.

With these 15 steps you can ausösen the labor and promote

1. walks

Application: Comfortable shoes and go! But wait! Please do not forget your cell phone and also better accompaniment for the long walk, because it is now so go at any time.
Effect: Upright and in motion, gravity works better - the child's head makes contact with the pelvis, often it helps to trigger labor.
side effect: Overexertion. And then the body is doing exactly the right thing: no pangs until you have recovered. What applies to forced marches, also applies to excessive climbing stairs and window cleaning - too much slows the contractions.

2. acupuncture

Application: Acupuncture should, if practiced regularly during pregnancy, help to ensure that you go into labor on time. Shortly before the birth of the needles can also initiate the birth in the right places but.
Effect: By grooving and lingering of the needles, the blood circulation is stimulated, the cervix can open better.
Side effect: no.
But: Please Do not make any of someone who understands what it also.

3. stimulation of nipples

Application: By gently rubbing and kneading your nipples you can stimulate contractions hormone oxytocin. You can try in small minute intervals so. let If nothing happens within half an hour, then be better.
Effect: The stimulation is only effective if you feel total relaxed. The vigorous massaging your nipples can then lead to the release of oxytocin, which triggers contractions in the uterus and can promote labor.
Side effect: If you overdo it, your nipples may be sore.

4. Hot baths

Application: involved about 38 degrees warm water, a few drops of essential oil to give (eg Persian rose or lavender) ten minutes lying quietly in the tub.
Effect: deep relaxation. In the heat the muscles are loose, the abdominal and pelvic muscles. A more casual environment gives the uterus strength for labor.
Side effect: The cycle can wilt! Therefore, only swim if someone is in the apartment.

5. Cinnamon, Cinnamon tea

Application: A day eating about 200 grams of cinnamon. Have quite calories, but you nibbling only a few days. Without fattening of cinnamon tea comes from. Recipe for cinnamon tea (twice daily): crumble Two to three sticks, pour boiling water with 200 ml, strain after ten minutes.
Effect: Cinnamon stimulates the blood circulation in the pelvic organs. This can cause contractions.
Side effect: In overdose at worst nausea.

6. Sex

Application: choose a position in which the big belly does not bother, for example belly (to back"spoon"). Alternative: You're sitting on it.
Effect: Relaxation and during orgasm a kick in the right place. In addition, the semen contains the hormone prostaglandin, which makes the cervix birth ready.
Side effect: no.

7. Reflexology

Application: The midwife (or other professional) stimulates specific points on the foot.
Effect: The basin has better circulation, stimulates the uterus.
Side effect: no.

8. abdominal massage

Application: Rub the ball belly gently with an oil mixture. This is, at best, ten milliliters of high-quality almond oil with two drops of pure natural cinnamon, ginger, clove and verbena oil mixes. Let yourself be best to consult a pharmacist or a health food store. Before you einölst your stomach, moisten it briefly with warm water.
Effect: It will not immediately enter an effect. but after two days it could go.
Side effect: no.

9. Schwangerschaftstee

Application: The Schwangerschaftstee, also called Wehentee is prepared with different herbs or spices. Ask your midwife at best equal time for the recipe. There are different. The whole thing should be cast in any case with boiling water and infuse for long. The tea you can then kept warm take all day to you in a thermos.
Effect: After a day or two, you should feel a shift.
Side effect: no.
But: Please follow the recipe instructions and dosage.

10. raspberry leaf

Application: raspberry leaf tea is an herb consisting of the dried leaves of raspberry. He has a bitter-sweet taste and is available in pharmacies, drug store or health food stores. You can have him after consultation with your midwife or your doctor from the 37th week drink.
Effect: The vitamin-rich raspberry leaf are equal rumored several positive effects. Above all, he should stimulate contractions and thus initiate the birth. If so, has not yet been scientifically proven.
Side effect: You are cautioned not to drink it too early in the pregnancy and in excessive quantities. Then nausea or rashes may occur. So let yourself be well advised!

And when the baby just do not want to come?

Heavily pregnant womaniStock, Turner

The health risk for mother and child increases the longer the actual birth date has passed. It can also lead to complications if the placenta the fetus no longer optimally. The doctor will decide when the time is right to bring your baby. Before the Medziner directly access medical resources, there are other measures to induce labor:

11. cervix massage

Application: Midwife or doctor massage the cervix gently and try to solve the pole of the egg (the sideways behind the cervix lowermost end of the amniotic sac).
Effect: Stimulation of the cervix stimulates the body often means to distribute to shareholders more of the labor hormone oxytocin.
Side effect: Cervix massage can hurt! Know immediately say.

12. labor Cocktail

Application: Each midwife has its own recipe, but always in a cocktail castor oil with it.
Effect: The mix makes for good blood flow to the digestive organs and the intestines blows through. the uterus often responds with contractions on the unrest.
Side effect: Abdominal cramps, circulatory problems!
That's why: The labor cocktail apply if the midwife is included.

13. clove oil tampon

Application: Midwife or doctor put a soaked with clove oil tampon into the vagina. This is done in the clinic.
Effect: The ingredients of the oil ripen the cervix, that is, be soft and pliable for the birth. Because the effect is unpredictable, may clove oil tampon (or birthplace) only in the hospital are applied.
Side effect: no.

14. prostaglandin

Application: If the baby to the world is, but the cervix is ​​not yet soft, in the hospital a suppository or gel is placed with the hormone prostaglandin into the vagina.
Effect: The muscle fibers of the cervix will contract rhythmically - resulting preparatory labor.
Side effect: Pain that already really hurt in the early phase.

15. labor drip

Application: A needle in the crook of his arm, the hormone oxytocin is dropped into the body. Alternatively, tablets are administered to induce labor.
Effect: On the high oxytocin levels in the blood the uterus responds with labor.
Side effect: Often violent labor pains. Decision say the drip rate can be throttled! About 80 percent of women need at a introduced a birth PDA.