Milk ejection

Lady Hess,

Thanks for Your ausfьhrliche answer below! I will try your tips. Unfortunately, I do not know how to auslцst milk ejection (manual). Tell me that again?

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Does it take any sense on the non-productive side pump out a few days regelmдssig to erhцhen spreading rate and so the (rotten) child this Mьhe (which indeed is not intellectual)? If so, how often (daily) and how long (per session and how many days) should I pump out there then?

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Love Mawie,

the milk ejection reflex can auslцsen hand woman, if you want to dispense with a pump. The important thing is a pleasant environment, Wдrme and tranquility.

Here are some tips:
* Wдrmeanwendungen the Brьsten, either dry or wet. These kцnnen moist, warm compresses or a heating pad can be used, or the mother takes a shower warm.
* Since Wдrme is relaxing, the mother should put a blanket or jacket informed about the shoulders or sit in the Nдhe a heat source.
* Gentle breast massage, either in the shower or in front of the application of the babies. This helps especially if the mother is tense.
* Stimulation of nipples by gently rubbing or rolling the nipples.
* Fьnf minutes of relaxation. The application of Atemьbungen from childbirth or just quiet sitting there while imagine something pleasant (a warm sandy beach with waves coming to shore plдtschern, a mountain or a tropical breeze).

It can then be started very gently, cross out the milk by hand (not ausdrьcken!) Before the child is applied to the "Rest of the work" to do.

Kind GrьЯe by Silke Hess


Love Mawie,

it is quite difficult to erhцhen with pump the milk supply. Most women manage (auЯer they really pump excessively) just to keep the milk supply by pumping ...

Still, it might wдre worth a try. Try to pump milk from the breast vernachlдssigten, wдhrend your little drink on the other side. Then you have it easier because your son auslцst the milk ejection reflex and lдsst soar prolactin Ausschьttung the bilateral stimulation of the breast.

If you can not be mцglich to pump wдhrend of breastfeeding, you mьssten comply in order to keep the amount of milk approximately 100 total pump in about 8-12 minutes Pumpvorgдngen the course of 24 hours. To increase the amount of milk in accordance lдnger ... Hдufigere short pumping times are more effective than long pumping times in grцЯeren Abstдnden.

In between, you should always try to put your little ones to the appropriate chest, for no imitation (pump) sucks as effective as a hungry child.

Much love and a schцnes weekend wьnscht Silke Hess