Cervical mucus: What he reveals about your fertility

You wish for a baby? The cervical mucus can you show your ovulation. Its consistency ranges from thin to "spinnable", We explain how the cervical mucus you betray the fertile days.

When Getting Pregnant, it depends on the timing. Only three to five days is a woman in each cycle able to get pregnant. The question is, what are they? To figure it out, can ovulation calculator help. But afterwards, couples should leave to have children not alone. If you look exactly the body reveals a lot about the high and low points of the fertility. Without medical assistance of the cervical mucus is by nature and appearance when ovulation is imminent and its chance of becoming pregnant is greatest. The combination with a regular temperature measurement makes the method more reliable. With this knowledge, the chances rise in addition to a baby.

What is cervical mucus?

The secretion is produced in glands in the neck of the womb (cervix). Most of the time in the cycle when the woman can not get pregnant, the mucus forms a plug that seals the cervix. This slightly alkaline barrier prevents bacteria from the vagina can rise up into the uterus. Also for this sperm graft forms a natural barrier on most days of the cycle. So you can not get from the vagina into the Gebärtmutterhals.

What does the secretion about my fertility?

During the cycle, the hormones change in the body of the woman. At the beginning of the cycle, after menstruation, the vagina is rather dry. When the fertile phase announces the estrogen level rises. Chemically, the mucus will contain more and more salt. can also be increased in saliva salt detected. If a drop of saliva dried and viewed under a microscope reveals a typical salt crystal pattern (in technical jargon as Farnkrautstruktur hereinafter).
To ovulation around the mucus increases greatly. He is thinner, clear and "spinnable" (Stringy). That's the sign of fertile days. Now, the sperm can better penetrate through the secretion because its structure is changed. The alkaline cervical mucus serves as a sort of protection from the acidic environment of the vagina. The secretion supported as a kind of fuel the movement force of the sperm and extend its life. Optimal conditions for fertilization an egg, that is: to get pregnant to. Towards the end of the cycle, the cervical mucus is whitish-lumpy and the amount decreases again.

What distinguishes the "fertile" from "infertile" Cervical mucus?

First, he has a milky or yellowish opaque color, is tough and sticky. The closer the woman headed for ovulation, the clearer and less viscous mucus is. Most women perceive it as an increased discharge, vaginal opening feels moist.
If the cervical mucus produced in larger quantities, and the tenacious mucus of infertile days can come off as a big piece.
Many women have an oily, slippery feeling just before ovulation. Most have spinnable cervical mucus, others describe the secretion rather than creamy.

How can I watch the cervical mucus?

The cervical mucus can be removed directly at the entrance to the vagina or on the cervix. Often it is enough to slide your finger from the outside through the vaginal opening. In order to interpret the nature of the secretions correctly, you answer the following three questions:

  1. Feeling: Pay attention to your body feeling. the vagina feels rather dry or wet, perhaps even slippery?
  2. Optics: Then check out the secretion on your finger: Is the mucus rather whitish, yellowish, creamy, lumpy or more transparent?
  3. Nature: Holding the mucus between your thumb and forefinger and pull the fingers apart. Creating a long thread or it breaks off after a few millimeters? (By the way, a method, also known as "Billings test" is known.)

Do you feel that your vagina is wet? If the mucus almost transparent and can be spun into long threads? Then are the signs of an imminent ovulation and thus fertile days. If you desire a baby, now is the best time for sex. have for couples who want children we have suggestions for appropriate love messages. Remember that chemical contraceptives (e.g., vaginal suppositories), or ejaculation in the vagina can also change the consistency of the cervical mucus. Similarly, complaints such as a vaginal infection.
After ovulation, the secretion goes back and is again thick, tough and dull in a short time. The feeling in the vagina is dry. Many women are not enough forms cervical mucus to extract it directly on vaginal opening. Then you can remove the secretions directly on the cervix.
If you have not been busy yourself with the topic, it may cost some effort, but with a little practice it's easy. The best way: feel the vagina with your finger. The right place at the cervix is ​​where it feels like a nose that slightly protrudes into the vagina. It is located in the direction of the abdominal wall at the top of the vagina.

What is exploiting the consistency in practice?

dry, rough not fertile
dryno mucus at the vaginal entrancenot fertile
dampno mucus at the vaginal entrancevery fruitful
dampdicklich, creamy, chunky, sticky, tough-elastic, not drawable, turbid, whitish, yellowishfruitful
damptransparent, translucent, like raw egg white stretchy, spinnable, stringy, yellowish, reddish, maroonvery fruitful
wet, soft, slippery, smoothtransparent, translucent, like raw egg white stretchy, spinnable, stringy, yellowish, reddish, maroonvery fruitful

If you want to get pregnant, you should have 1-2 days before ovulation to have sex. Because the egg is only 12-18 hours capable of fertilization. The sperm however, 2-3 days can survive in the female body.

observe cervical mucus as a means of family planning?

With some experience - and exercise - any woman can recognize the changes in the cervical mucus itself and conclude in what cycle phase she is.
If you are planning a pregnancy should monitor the consistency over several months daily carefully and log in a table. The secretion is configured differently in each woman. Learn your body know! To determine fertile days reliably control the cervical mucus complements best with the Temperature measurement method. Thus the observation of the secretion can be put into a meaningful context for ovulation and you can easily identify the best days for getting pregnant. Also a Ovulation makes sense to recognize the time of ovulation.
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Discharge or excitement mucus is no cervical mucus

At the beginning of the observations cervical mucus can be confused with excitement mucus or discharge. However, vaginal discharge is a side effect of a disease and is often accompanied by a foul odor, an intense itching or burning.
The so-called "excitement mucus" during sex can be confused with hochfruchtbarem cervical mucus. He is also spinnable, mostly clear, sometimes milky creamy, but can be wiped off. Excitement mucus dissolves in water - unlike fertile cervical mucus.

Is the cervical mucus information on pregnancy?

Many women hope to have children, a lot of discharge speak concerning a pregnancy out. However, changing the Vaginal discharge in pregnancy initially negligible. So it is not possible to detect pregnancy by changes of the secretion.
Only in the course of pregnancy, some women notice that they have more discharge than usual. This is because of the hormonal changes and the vaginal area is better supplied with blood (so the body can easily get rid of germs and bacteria). Normally, the discharge is odorless and colorless or white (hence the name "White river"). Before birth, when the child is coming soon, the White River can be stronger. However, change color, texture and smell and burning or itchy skin, which is often a sign of an infection. Just necessarily go to the doctor during pregnancy!