Implantation: It worked!

The implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterus is a fascinating process. Here we explain all the details: What exactly is happening here? You can feel the implantation? And can you influence them? You can find all the answers here.

The zygote on the way to implantation

About four days wandering the fertilized egg through the fallopian tube until it arrives in the uterus. She has hard-working assistants: The cilia in the fallopian tube push the egg forward energetically. During this time, the germ (moved in this stage, "zygote" called) but not only, but also develops already with incredible speed on. First, the zygote divides into two identical cells, and then again and again, about once every twelve hours. Three days after fertilization, the germ already consists of 32 cells. The outer layer of the zygote form cells from which later the placenta developed and which are nourish the embryo. the embryo will grow itself out of the inner cells.

The blastocyst is looking for the right place

The cells of the outer layer becoming the placenta

Approximately four days after fertilization, the germ has arrived at the entrance of the uterus. He now has the size of a pinhead. In its interior, a fluid-filled cavity is formed, the seed is now also referred to as a bubble nucleation or blastocyst. Now, the blastocyst is looking for a suitable spot for implantation. But in choosing her new home she is very picky, so it may take several days before they finally settled. The uterus has been preparing since the beginning of the cycle on their guest and a fertile mucous built up in order to provide him good.

Once the blastocyst has found its place, forms in the uterine wall a depression into which the seed from sinking. In this way, the blastocyst with the organism of the mother connects. Then spreads over the pit a thin skin, so that the egg is completely covered and can be well supplied. The penetration of the oocyte in the upper layer of the uterus wall also called medical implantation. In the case of a twin pregnancy make it in this way two eggs in the uterus comfortable.

The cells on the outer layer now develop into the placenta, they will always continue to expand in the course of pregnancy. From now on, the germ is called embryo. About the 24th day of the cycle, the implantation is complete.

The implantation can get the HCG levels

The signals in the body of the woman are now "pregnant" changed. The early placental cells form the pregnancy hormone HCG. The signal at the ovaries and pituitary gland that in the coming months must be no ovulation. In addition, the ovaries form increases the hormone progesterone, and thus ensure that the endometrium is not degraded. Already ten to eleven days after fertilization of the egg cell embryo and mother blood vessels are connected.

When will the implantation take place exactly?

If you have a 28 day cycle, the implantation will likely take place on the 19th day. Do you have a longer cycle, the embryo implants in accordance later. If you want to know more, you might find fertile days and the day of implantation with our fertility Calendar calculate.

I can feel the implantation?

Some women feel the different phases of their cycle and also report that they have the implantation guessed by pulling in the abdomen. In fact, it may be that you feel the movements of the oviduct while hiking the cell. But clear signals do not exist. So the pain can also occur, for example, because the body adapts to the menstrual period. 
However, blood vessels can be injured in the endometrium in implantation. This leads in some cases to a so-called Einnistungsblutung that can unsettle a couple with fertility strong. but the Einnistungsblutung normally precipitates out very easily and is much lighter than a normal menstrual period. Read here about more the first pregnancy signs.

Can I influence the implantation?

As with fertilization there is no special trick with which you can influence the implantation. But you can do your body good, so it might work a little faster - for example, by moving folic acid take, cease smoking, drink less alcohol and sufficient move you. Here you can find all the advice about "pregnant faster".

The fertility medicine can help

It does not always work immediately with the longed-for pregnancy. Help provides many couples reproductive medicine with its various procedures - here you can find an overview of the most common treatment methods.