Maternity benefit: The stands out before and after birth

Your pregnancy is in its final stage and the maternity leave starts soon? In most cases, pregnant women receive maternity allowance. Whether you have a claim, is entitled to how much you and how you can apply it, we will tell you here.I'm soooo pregnantiStock, Milan Marjanovic

The maternity allowance is a financial security and salary compensation for women who are in the final stage of her pregnancy in the Maternity Protection go. It is therefore an important power that women should relieve shortly before and after birth. The respective health insurance company and the employer provide under certain conditions for this payment. With us you will receive all the important information at a glance.

When did I claim?

Whether and how much maternity allowance you receive depends essentially, in what you stand for an employment relationship at the time of your pregnancy and how did you have health insurance. Are you employed at the time of your pregnancy and statutory health insurance, then you are financially secure during the period of maternity leave - usually six weeks before and eight weeks after childbirth and at term itself - too. This applies to pregnant women, the compulsory insurance law than are insured voluntarily by law. If you are self-employed and voluntary insurance law, then you have just claim, provided you pay the full contribution rate and thus have a right to sick pay.

How much will I receive?

You fulfill these conditions, you can expect from your cash register with a maximum of 13 euros per day. How much you'll actually get depends on your average net salary of the last three months before the start of the protection period. If you earn more than 13 euros a day, so is your average net salary in the month about 390 Euro, then your employer is required to grant to compensate for the missing amount to the previous net salary. Here's an example:

Mrs L earned in the last three months before the start of maternity 2,800 euros gross. Your were paid each 1,950 euros net. Converted to a calendar are the 65 Euro (1.950 Euro x 3 = 5.850 € / 90 = 65). In such a case the cash register 13 euros and the employer pays a subsidy of 52 euros.

If the average net salary below 390 euros, only the fund pays. For example, if a trainee earns 300 euros net, she gets from the public health insurance during maternity leave also monthly 300 euros.

Where and how do I apply it?

If you're legal insurance, you can apply for maternity benefit at your health insurance company. Moreover, you have to the so-called "Certificate of probable date of birth" demand for your doctor. The certificate you get for free from your doctor and with your personal data signed submitted to your office. These will then get with your employer in connection and get information about your content in recent months. You can make the application more than seven weeks before the expected date of delivery, because the testimony about the due date until a week before the start of the term of protection may be issued by the doctor. Also, your employer needs the medical certificate in order to ensure the grant. This then makes usually your content on the same day as in the past to your account.

What if I am not insured by law or marginally employed?

If you are not a member of any public health insurance, then the Maternity pay office of the Federal Insurance Office Your contact person. Private health insurers pay maternity benefits. Nevertheless privately insured pregnant women is paid a lump sum of up to 210 euros. The corresponding application You can on the side of the Federal Insurance Office found online. received by the employer privately insured women in terms of protection their net salary minus 13 euro per day (this calculation is determined by the amount the state-owned company would normally pay). The same also applies to slightly busy women who are family insurance. However, the employer pays only the grant (per day of net pay minus 13 EUR) when the net earnings amounted to more than 390 euros a month. Pregnant women who are marginally employed and are members of a health insurance itself may take Ewe money at the cash register.

I am a student. With what I can expect?

Even if you have completed a student health without sickness benefit, you will receive maternity pay. Did you have as a student a 400-euro job, the same requirements as to minimum income employees apply.

And what if I am unemployed?

If you are unemployed at the start of maternity leave and unemployment benefits are referring to, then you will receive maternity allowance in the amount of unemployment benefits. is paid but which by health insurance. The employment office is no longer responsible for you.

When I have no right?

  • if you're self-employed and private health insurance (alternatively, a right to daily benefits exist)
  • if you're self-employed and voluntarily insured by law, but is not entitled to sick pay, ie if you pay the reduced contribution rate
  • if you refer no reward (for example, as a housewife)
  • if you work full despite continued maternity protection period
  • if you're family insurance through your husband and do not work

What happens if the due date shifts?

NewborniStock, pojoslaw

Do not worry - Your right to maternity allowance also remains when your baby does not comply with the expected date. At a premature birth adds to the days not taken before delivery to the time of birth. If it is from a medical perspective to a premature baby, a maternity leave after the birth of twelve weeks is provided. The latter occurs incidentally in multiple pregnancies. When your child takes its time, it still remains in the eight weeks after childbirth. You are you not sure about your date or would want to recalculate again? That you can easily with our Pregnancy calculator.

What if the parent welfare is the parental leave?

If you are pregnant with your second child and the parental leave Your first falls within the maternity leave, there is the following provision: As a member of the health insurance you have re-eligible for a salary compensation of a maximum of 13 euros per day. The employer, however, is on maternity leave virtually no obligation to grant.

Tip: To get the employer contribution, you can either prematurely terminate or suspend and dranzuhängen to the new parental leave in order to avoid the overlap with the maternity leave on her pregnancy parental leave. Get to the written agreement with your employer. Is the successful, this is also committed to a grant. So you will get another chance on your full net salary (calculated based on the last three months before the start of the first maternity leave and the current income tax bracket)

What happens during prohibition of employment?

If you can not continue your profession before the start of maternity leave for medical reasons and thus under lying a prohibition of employment, then you will receive your full salary continues. For this so-called maternity pay Your employer is also obliged by if you only again goes into the job, but this due to risk pregnancy a work ban issued get. It does not matter if you already knew about the pregnancy when you have signed the contract.

Where can I get more information and advice?

  • your own insurance as statutory insurance
  • at the Federal Insurance Office in Bonn as privately insured
  • on the side of family Affairs for general information and innovations