Do not fear the night terrors

If the child from sleep startles, shouting loudly to strikes and hardly reacts to speech, then talk experts from night terrors. "night terrors"-Anfälle are a common phenomenon, especially in children of preschool and primary school age. Why parents need not be afraid - and how they can help their child.

At what age the night terrors occur?

For children aged two years and the age of six. Especially often the night terrors appears in children during the training period.

What are the symptoms?

The night terrors occurs mainly before midnight and usually begins with a piercing scream. Other common symptoms: The child beats wildly, has dilated pupils, increased heart rate and breathing rapidly. Also sweats or goose bumps may occur. For parents, the first time most particularly frightening: Your child does not respond to their calming attempts seem trapped in another world. The night terrors can last up to ten minutes, after which the child falls asleep again. The next morning it may not remember the event itself.

How often the night terrors occur?

That is different. Some kids have it only once. One to five percent of all children, however, has multiple attacks. They can occur in consecutive neighbor, but after a few days, weeks or even years. Incidentally, the night terrors comes in boys more frequently than girls.

What is the cause of this phenomenon?

Possible simply: The night terrors occurs because the child's brain has not yet learned the transition from deep in the dream sleep properly. While the body at night terrors is already awake, it is not yet the consciousness of the child.

What can parents do?

First, calm yourself. For the night terrors is completely safe in most cases. but parents should make sure that their child during this short phase can not be injured. The night terrors occurs particularly when the child is physically exhausted. That is, a child who was very active before going to sleep, startled more than one, had the time to end the day quietly. Parents should pay attention to these periods of rest before going to bed. And: Even television affects deep sleep negatively.

When to see a doctor?

If the child is still suffering in the pre-puberty under the night terrors. But even if the symptoms occur very frequently and the child is very sensitive and anxious.