Calculation of pension after divorce – soon easily?

When a marriage breaks up, which is not only painful, but often also brings financial problems. At the latest with the entry into retirement, there has so far been really complicated. Find out how Federal Justice Minister Brigitte Zypries (SPD) wants to change that now.

How is that after the divorce with the pension rights?

Versorgungsausgleich: Calculation of pension after divorce - soon easily?

Year after year, since the beginning of the new millennium 200,000 marriages divorced - every case, all parties a sad affair. As if it were not hard enough to deal with the hurt feelings and broken life plans, yet the dispute is often added to money: maintenance claims, gain compensation - to debate, can be extremely grueling.

What many do not realize: The claims of both spouses from the statutory life insurance, civil service pensions from private pension or a company pension are in divorce proceedings on the table. So far, the acquired during the marriage time claims of both partners were first added together. This is then calculated a notional claim on the state pension. so the partner who has made lower contributions receives, with the entry into retirement the pension adjustment so-called. This should actually be prevented that one of the spouses, which entered professional shorter in favor of children is threatened at the age of poverty - in most cases, therefore, the wife.

Only: Under current law, the woman can make such claims only be asserted when they reach retirement age. And she must contact her ex-husband. The idea that someone for the money to contact with whom you had no contact for years or with which one is parted in bitter controversy, many women appear so bad that they give up their claims. In addition, this fictitious claim were already calculated years in advance on the basis of forecasts for pension increases - and they are prone to errors. For these reasons, many divorced women ultimately get but a significantly lower pension than they actually would be entitled.

What changes with the reform of the pension rights adjustment?

With the Reform of the law governing maintenance German Justice Minister Brigitte Zypries (SPD) had last made sure that divorced women have to continue much faster strive to rebuild a life for themselves. Takes the planned reform of the pension rights adjustment, however, as now adopted by the Bundestag on 01 September 2009 in force, there shall be for ex-wives, at least when it comes to retirement security.