With these tips you prevent complications during weaning and weaning

Some mothers can not wait another steals sadness when it's time to wean. What is good to know about the right time and suitable methods for weaning to this wiki.

What is weaning and weaning?

When is the right time to wean?iStock, NataliaLebFrom weaning occurs when no meals are served on the chest. Instead, eat the baby fruit, vegetable, milk porridge or solid food. For cylinders baby's weaning (of the bottle). Children who do not need any more bottles, but spooning porridge or already participate in family meals are weaned.

When is the right time to wean?

Strictly speaking, there is not the. Although the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Breastfeeding Committee recommend that at least six months to fully breast-feed and the baby then slowly Vegetable and fruit purée to accustom. But ultimately every mother decides individually for themselves when they want to change the diet.
It is important that you hear it solely on you and your feel and not on what others say. No woman needs to feel as a bad mother if, after six months (or earlier) decides to stop breastfeeding her child. Conversely, the woman does not have to justify that still breastfeeding her child with two years.
The WHO even recommends, until the end of the second year - at least partially - to breastfeed, because one thing is certain: breast milk is the best food for a child. It contains all the essential nutrients, strengthens the immune system and prevent infectious diseases and allergies before.
With all the benefits of breast milk: The right for you time for weaning arises more out of your individual circumstances.
Here are a few possible circumstances and indications that the time is right to begin weaning:

  • You go back to work and therefore no longer can regularly breastfeeding (Yes, the Maternity Protection Act regulates nursing breaks, but in practice full breastfeeding with working hard to bring together).
  • Your child shows clear interest in your fork and what is it. 
  • Your baby is drinking only briefly distracted and acts quickly.
  • You have the urge to go back to have some more freedom and self-determination over your body.
  • The first teeth have erupted and you will receive regularly in your chest to feel.
  • You're in for a hospital stay or longer taking drugs.
  • You have the feeling that your breast is not producing sufficient milk and your child is not it really full.
  • Sometimes the partner or the closer environment, hopes that will not be satisfied. But try not to let you them too much influence and listening to you in, if you're already so far.

Tips: How to silence from without complications?

Farewell to the chestiStock, DGLimages

If your infant is not four months old yet and you want to stop breastfeeding, you need to replace it with a milk bottle feed gradually each breast meal. The WHO does not recommend until the fourth month to Beikoststart. Do you go back to work, for example, you can view the also pump out milk further feed and your baby in your absence with your milk. And of course you can also milk powder change.

Is your child older than four months, you can begin to replace single meals with fruit and vegetable puree.
Basically, the goodbye from breastfeeding should take place slowly. Either show your baby become less interested in your chest, drinking gradually less, shorter and less frequent, it satisfies itself off. Your body gets used over time to lower demand and accordingly produce less milk.
Or did you wean decided and are bidding to your chest less, raise the same degree but the supplementary diet. Here, too, your body has time to adjust to the changes and produce less milk from week to week.
The following tips can help you in smooth transition:

  • So far Your baby knows only your milk. She is always right warm and familiar in taste and smell. Do not be surprised if the first slurry does not strike the same enthusiasm. Your baby has to get used to. Maybe you make him the first porridge with a dash of milk stirred something familiar? And the amounts that eats your child at the beginning of porridge, are very small. 1-2 spoons at the beginning are not uncommon. How do you umstellst Your baby healthy new baby food, shows you our Beikostplan.
  • Your baby reacts negatively to the spoon? Here we have the Ten Golden Rules for Löffelfütterer compiled.
  • Just try to shorten your duration of breastfeeding. If you have been satisfied more like 10 minutes, the duration of breastfeeding now try to reduce to 5 minutes. Following you can still offer something based puree.
  • Choose a time for weaning by just not that much going on otherwise. If your baby just teething or comes into the nursery, it is very busy with these changes and uncertain and is still looking for more close to you.
  • Your baby smell your milk. If you realize that it is uneasy to your arm and vorwühlt to your blouse, it may help if Dad or Grandma take the little time. There it does not smell so seductive and, if your baby has not just hungry, it can be distracting.

It is advisable to replace the milk meal first, where did you tend to have less milk in the breast (in most women is between 16-20 hours of case). So do not just early in the morning when your breasts are bulging of the long night and hunger in a child your is not too large. Once your child has accepted this new meal, can be added another.

How long does it take to wean?

That is - as so often - from baby to baby differently. Observed it such as its larger siblings for some time eating and get ever a piece of soft pear from the Tupperware container to grasp, it may be more responsive to the offer of complementary foods or solid foods.
But please always keep in mind: Breastfeeding is more than just food. A baby who fremdelt straight or going through a not entirely harmonious phase, wants to be close to the mother feels safe and comfortable on the chest and is not ready for something new. 
Normally, the weaning will always take several weeks, because even if your baby has just learned to love the fruit purée, it may not react immediately excited for his first vegetable and meat paste. Your baby needs to adjust time for this many new impressions and also to his digestion to the new food.

What if I need to wean from one day to the next?

So an abrupt weaning is not recommended, but sometimes simply necessary. For example, when a serious illness in the mother is present or more drugs must be taken. Weaning no longer happens slowly and gently, but breast-feeding is abruptly ended.
What we can advise you in this situation: Try not additionally to withdraw your child your area, simply because it requires faster on your arm to your bosom. His life is provided by this sudden change quite upside down and the new diet is getting to him determined. If then withdraws Mama, the need is great. Cuddling, closeness and intimacy in the family are now particularly important.

There is often the sudden weaning engorgement and chest infections. For you and your body must now also change very quickly, help these tricks to strongly push back your milk production in three to four days and to completely dry up soon:

  • Drink supportive abstillenden sage. 
  • Wear a tight fitting bra (be careful that it pinches you nowhere!) Or wrap a towel tightly around your breasts. Both restricts the blood flow and thus hinders the milk production.
  • Cool the breast with Kühlkompressen from the pharmacy. Also restricts the blood flow, as well as the cold can help prevent breast infections.
  • Important during weaning: The breast should be massaged from time to time, so there is no engorgement. If the pressure is too great, you can pump out small quantities of milk - but please only so much that the pressure is bearable. Pumps to empty the chest, the body gets the signal: make more milk, please! 
  • And as for your mother's heart, you please do not blame you. If a serious disease is present, this is the only right decision. For child your it is more important that you will soon be on good and you can be there for it. 
  • Surely you're going to night rough chest meals if you suddenly have to weaning. This is perfectly OK and understandable. But even when feeding or bottle Enter You can be very close, cuddle with him, speak lovingly and let it all get what it needs your baby. 

Are there medications that can help in weaning?

Some medicines prevent the formation of the artificial Still hormone prolactin and hence milk production. Need be nFor weaning taking drugs because, for example, Your chest ignited again, so your doctor will prescribe you hormonal preparations, so-called Prolaktinsekretionshemmer. 

There are gentle alternatives?

Mothers who want to stop breastfeeding, report good experiences with a homeopathic remedy, the substances of pokeweed (Phytolacca decandra) contains. Also sage tea helps (three cups a day), because it affects the prolactin contrary naturally. For a cup, take a teaspoon of sage leaves, douses it with hot water and let the tea steep ten to 15 minutes.

My child refuses the breast - the standstill period has ended?

3. Breastfeeding does soooo hurtiStock, SolStock

Depends on the age. When it no longer wants to twelve months, part of the natural development and Abnabelung process of a toddler. There is no reason to move the child by any means to continue drinking. Instead, you can try and see if it takes carrot or fruit purée from a spoon - and has enjoyed this meal. This is a sure sign that it not now time to something other than Mama's milk would.
The situation is different in young infants. Some suddenly and for no apparent reason refuse the breast. Please do not give up too soon now, but rather look for the causes.
If you get, for example, for the first time after the birth of your period, your child can react strangely, because the milk tastes different then.
Similarly unusual for the child there when Mom tried a new perfume or a new body lotion is. Babies with stuffy nose may also often do not drink the bosom, as they thereby get short of breath.
Transitional You can also feed expressed milk, preferably with a spoon or a shot glass, for so you do not confuse the baby with a vacuum cleaner. Will it also expressed milk does not, you should reach for a maximum of one day to baby food. Anyone who is uncertain, ask the pediatrician, a midwife or lactation consultant for advice. Together you can find the cause of the denial out and Design a plan on how the "losing streak" survives well.

Some babies do not want to be stopped. What to do?

That depends on how much you wish for weaning. If you can imagine, even weiterzustillen some time, do it. If not, then there are a few tricks that the child "outwit":

  • Change your habits: If you have, for example, breastfed always before falling asleep in bed, you should not do that. Well said, just how? Here we have the theme "How my baby sleeps without Mama's breast a" extensively dedicated.
  • Change also your usual breastfeeding position: For example, while sitting still, if you have previously preferred to create your Small lying down. Your child can feel that something is changing. It feels drinking uncomfortable, which makes the whole thing less attractive.
  • Change the processes: A child who wants to be above all still breastfeeding at night should be comforted in the nights not from you but from the Father. the baby as soon as it sees the mother cries namely automatically after the usual chest.
  • If nothing else works and you bring it in his heart: Going away and let your child for a few days your partner. Mostly it works amazingly well when Papa takes over feeding (not six months!).

During the day I have weaned. What tips are there to end the nocturnal breastfeeding?

That infants also are hungry at night, goes without saying. But between the 9th and 12th month it is no longer necessary to feed at night. The little stomach now know actually that is asleep at night and no supplies coming. Nevertheless, children look at night like proximity and familiarity of mums breast and suck there back to sleep. If you realize that either you night need more rest or your child uses you as a living pacifier you, these tips will help to also stop so that night:

  • During the day it eats great porridge, only at night it is sucking up to you to sleep? Then one could eigenens bed that perhaps is at the beginning nor in the bedroom, be a good start. Out of sight out of mind, sometimes the acts already and your child no longer requires the chest.
  • Attempts at night to offer a little water. Stop the little ones, so it comes as the hand to rest again.
  • Some mothers make first order on milk bottles. With something warm in the belly they sleep quickly again. However, you have to get up for it and make the milk bottle. That's not exactly relaxing middle of the night. By no later than the time when your child has teeth, there is also increased risk of caries, although there are still drinking a bottle of milk at night. And at some point you will need to wean the little one also from the milk bottle to not get up at night. Try it this trick again: Dilute up mixed milk is simply too uninteresting for several days so that you can eventually completely switch to water or diluted milk.
  • Maybe you have during the day been a pacifier? This also helps at night very well. Although he sometimes goes in the dark lost, but if you have a spare pacifier in the bedside table, you can react quickly before your child was crying fully awake. Sleep is important for the whole family. In particular, parents who are already working or do not have to supply a child to sleep enough.
  • At night, as long alarm until you put on the child? Then you need very urgent support from your partner. Maybe he takes the night shift on a weekend. Or Grandma / Grandpa dare to that. take on the arm, comfort, give the pacifier, run up and down - that everything is permitted to help back to sleep. Maybe it's easier if you're not going to see this weekend. So you do not have to listen, as is called for you and your baby is not confused why it looks like you but do not respond.
  • At night things are different: parents are exhausted, want to sleep, feel alone with the crying bundle and it is simply tempting to choose yet so obvious solution (create!) Just quickly? Stay steadfast, hold on, if you manage to endure this change 2-3 days, you can soon determined all sleep better.
  • It is felt a valuable experience that Papa is there and can soothe. Even if it takes a little longer to start, give the time and patience until all the sleep you again.

Long-term breastfeeding is eyed with suspicion with us. Rightly?

"What? You still breastfeeding?" Who satisfies more than eight or nine months in Germany, will be looked at funny: "That's not normal!" not really? Maybe in our country, in other countries it is even customary to breastfeed four to five years. This does not mean that this should also be explained in our goal, but it shows that long breastfeeding is only a matter of culture.
Basically: When a breastfeeding relationship is terminated decide alone mother and child. As long as it's both fun to them must not be stopped.

Women who breastfeed their children longer than usual, countered with stupid remarks best with specialist knowledge, for example:
The longer women breastfeed, the lower their risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer.
The risk of osteoporosis fall.
Children who were breastfed for more than six months later diagnosed less frequently in some diseases, such as diabetes or ear infections.
Moral support, there's also in our forum.

Some mothers find weaning sad. Is that normal?

Absolute. Finally, the weaning is the end of a particularly intimate and incomparable coexistence and the first major step towards the child independence. Women feel this separation process especially as sad when they stop breastfeeding involuntarily, for example because the child permanently denied the chest or pain caused by inflammation are so unbearable that they must stop breastfeeding.
What mothers can not use in this situation are reproachful statements as "Do not you have also tried it right?" or "I've heard that you should breastfeed their child at least six months!"
You need expert support and love people who understand that the young mother has done for a good breastfeeding relationship, what she could.
A small consolation: A loving relationship works without breastfeeding - lots of cuddling, loving glances, tender words, and the child will grow up as happy.

How long do you want your child to breastfeed?

And what's next after weaning?

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