The 33rd week of your baby

Baby Development: When did my baby size 104?

Very seductive, a stroll through the children's flea market: all the sweet stuff! About the jeans in size 104 - but at what age kids wear actually size 104? answer these and many more questions about German and international shoe and clothing sizes for children our size charts.

Henry's Video Blog: Hand-feast

Family Life: Off to the prone position

When your child is mobile, it is high time the apartment childproof close. It's best to put you to next child on the floor and your robbst you through the apartment. What are you come ran everything? Rüttle something on shelves. They are fixed to the wall? secured the outlets? There are potted plants on their earth are you from? Whether any table edge to be padded is probably type thing. Either You unlock all gone Hazardous and can also leave unattended a short time in a room your child. Or are you more likely there when the apartment will be explored and show clearly with your voice and a clear 'no', of which the young explorers to stay away.

Health and nutrition: What should babies drink?

Health and nutrition: What should babies drink?
The more porridge Your baby gets, the more it also needs to drink. The best drink: tap water. Here we answer, which drinks are also healthy, which does not, and what else is important to know if you give your baby something to drink.

Fun and games: Knee Rider Vintage Hoppe hoppe Reiter

What's just so great about Hoppe Reiter & Co? It's simple: babies love the movement and the little bit of horror at the "traps". Here again the entire text:

Hoppe Hoppe Reiter,
If he falls, he cries.
he falls into the ditch,
the ravens eat him.
he falls into the swamp,
Makes the tab "thud".

Instructions: The baby on the knees take, hold onto your hands or under the arms and can ride gently or wildly throughout the verse to taste. In "plumps" Open your knees and let the baby "fall" a bit.

Important: children develop differently. The one crawling early, his first "mum" But is it perhaps late lips. The other sleeps through already eight hours but do not want to turn around. And a third can sit earlier than any other freely in the toddler group, but wakes up at night still three times. The best way parents can support their child by allowing him his own pace of development. Have you still doubt whether your child will develop age-appropriate, your pediatrician is the right partner.