What to look for when buying strollers

The demands on a stroller are high - especially since the stroller you and your baby will accompany long time: it will be your companion on leisurely walks, your purchases will transport you are traveling with him on buses and trains and in nature and , Therefore, it is worthwhile to consider some points in stroller purchase!

How do I find the right stroller?

Pram buying: What to look for when buying strollers

Those looking for a stroller for the first time, is at a loss, so huge the offer appears. There are especially off-road buggies, particularly saving space, especially convertible, ultra chic stroller. How you choose right? Here you will find the different categories of strollers - and its utility.

With the stroller into the terrain

Who travels a lot on uneven terrain (forest, fields, etc.) needs lockable, large front wheels of his stroller. Who mainly moves in the city with the stroller, teams up with a "city ​​car" easier with pivoting front wheels. Also, the stroller should then have a small turning circle and good fit dimensionally through doors, supermarket shelves and narrow shop aisles. Even if you drive a lot by public transport, should pay attention to ease of handling of the stroller.

Be careful with very reasonable stroller models: here the steerable front wheels make lightly cross, making it difficult to push.

Who lives in a mountainous situation and has to deal with a lot of slope, should think of a good (hand) brake.

Does the stroller into the car?

Does the stroller often into the car, he should not be too heavy and can be folded easily and quickly. With a smaller trunk, he should be able to fold as small as possible. Who has a particularly large car may possibly invite as a whole the stroller. In any case, the dimensions in open and folded state are interesting.

Does the stroller into the apartment?

Who lives on an upper floor, probably without lift, can consider whether a pram with carry bag makes sense. Otherwise, a hard shell may be more convenient, because that is often more spacious.

Also, be careful where the stroller "parked" shall be. Often entrances and corridors are scarce dimensioned, especially in apartment buildings with several children.

The sailing in a stroller

If the baby is mainly on walks? Then does it a normal parking brake. If the parents are sporting energy of the stroller should have an extra hand brake handle. Then the sporty three-wheeled stroller models are suitable. The are great for jogging, rollerblading, etc., but often make the city something bad (for example undetected irregularities, such as curbs) and wobbles.

How practical is the stroller?

Who must often shopping with the stroller should pay attention to adequate storage space. What is the shelf like? to get well off, fit neatly purchases in? still fit more bags on the handlebars without the stroller tipped same?

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  • Further criteria for the stroller buy: Size Baby / Parents / use / suspension / Security
  • More criteria for the selection: Pollutants / siblings / Budget / Design

Stroller-types - an overview

  • 1. Classic stroller
  • 2. sports car
  • 3. pram
  • 4. Buggy
  • 5. joggers
  • 6. hybrids

Tips from PARENTS readers

  • Those who do not always "May I please through?" will call, mounted a bicycle bell to the slide.
  • Are you tall? Back Pain bolted to the slide vertical auxiliary handles help (for racing).
  • Light strips make the car even in darkness visible.