Size Chart baby and children’s clothing

You expect a child, but have no idea what size you need bodysuits immediately after birth? Or do you want to give a particular occasion a flowery summer dress or a mischievous little cap, but do not know the size? simply check out our Size Table!

Which baby size carries a child immediately after birth?

Babies are tiny after birth. However, the exact size varies in newborns. Even in pregnancy Your gynecologist can estimate the exact size of your baby's only very roughly. An average baby will start with the baby size 50th A rather large baby needs already determined baby in 56. And a premature baby disappears in this clothing fully because it requires the size of the 44th
When babies are born in the family and joy county to the world, particularly small sweet bodysuits, socks or Mützchen will gladly given away also the birth. Each baby falls slightly different in size, but based on our table you can win, which for example is the right size an overview. If you're still unsure, buy clothes and shoes slightly larger, so that the baby may prefer to grow into.

Under The number of Chaos

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Figures on numbers! Shoe sizes from 18, cap sizes from 35 dress sizes to 164 ... This number range can ever get confused, which have sizes children at what age. Who give away clothes or wants to buy for his child and does not know the exact size, is often at a loss in business. It saves tedious Exchanging and just check out our Size Table!

Clothing sizes for babies and children

OlderHeight in cmdress sizesocks size
Preemiesto 4638-448th
newborn47-5650-5610 - 13
3 - 6 Months57-6862-6813-18
9 months69-747418-20
12 months75-808018-20
18 months81-868622-24
2 years87-929224 - 26
3 years93-989826 - 28
4 years99-104104 
5 years105-110110 
6 years111-116116 
7 years117-122122 
8 years123-128128 
9 years129-134134 
ten years135-140140 
11 years141-146146 
12 years147-152152 
13 years153-158158 
14 years159-164164 

How old are the children at about Dress size 140?

You look online or at a garage sale a gorgeous dress in size 140. But when will probably fit your daughter? In our table you see that your daughter will fit approximately ten years the dress.


Head sizes for babies and children

Be careful when buying cap that the size information is always based on head circumference - measured in centimeters - relate. The cap size is measured by simply puts the tape measure over the ears to the head.
Tip: Some models have a cap Gummibandzug around the head, which can be individually adapted to the head circumference. Such models are worthwhile because you can buy larger up to two sizes. The Gummibandzug keeps the cap firmly on the baby's head and the cap can grow.

OlderHead circumference in cm
1 month35-37
24 Months38-40
5 - 6 months42-44
6-11 months44-46
1 year46-48
2 years48-50
3 years50-54

Shoe sizes for babies and children

Particularly with shoes, it is important that they fit well. If they are too large, the parents wonder that the child stumbles with it. This is inconvenient, especially for beginning runners, because they are a bit shaky. but too small, they should be in no case, because the feet of the children need enough space to grow. Our size charts help you determine the right size. When your child try on the shoes then make sure that a thumb is square in front of the toes. So you can be sure that the shoes do not press and fit at least this summer / winter. Especially in the early days the feet of your child grow very quickly, so you should periodically check your child's current shoes.

foot length in cmshoe size
up 10.7017
10.70 to 11.3018
11.40 to 11.9019
12.00 to 12.5020
12.60 to 13.2021
13.30 to 13.7022
13.80 to 14.4023
14.50 to 15.0024
15.10 to 15.6025
15.70 to 16.3026
16.40 to 16.8027
16.90 to 17.5028
17.60 to 18.2029
18.30 to 18.7030
18.80 to 19.4031
19.50 to 20.1032
20.20 to 20.7033
20.80 to 21.4034
21.50 to 22.1035
22.20 to 22.7036
From 22.80 to 23, 4037

by the way

The sizes in clothing and headgear are based on the actual size. The numbers of shoe sizes, however, have their origin in France and are based on the so-called "French engraving" calculated. The name was introduced by French shoemaker and denotes the length of a stitch on the sewing machine (a stitch corresponds to about 6.67 mm).
Note: All figures are averages, each brand falls a little different. And for the shoe department applies: If possible to be helped by an expert seller in choosing the right size shoe store.

Convert International children's and baby clothes sizes

There are lovely children's fashion from France, the US, UK and Japan, but other clothing sizes are used there. Especially for the exchange of international baby sizes look in the following table. The indicated there sizes vote for both boys and girls. So you can be sure that it fits your child even at international baby clothes.

Convert International dress sizes