If the legs hurt

A proof that waxing hurts no one has been seen to date. Nevertheless pediatricians speak of "growing pains" and assume that one in three children has some time to do it. What parents recognize when it is harmless growing pains?

EF spoke with Dr. Martin Lang, Specialist in Paediatrics and homeopath in Augsburg.

Is it true that you do not know basically what exactly is behind the so-called growing pains?

There are no laboratory tests or imaging procedures, which could be the cause of these symptoms, which usually appear as leg pain show. It is fairly certain that it must have something to do with the growth hormones that are released at night. Which lead to an acceleration of growth, and this causes a kind of tension pain in the periosteum. Therefore, it is typical growing pains that occur in the early evening and at night.

At what age do you have to reckon with this pain?

The majority of children have these symptoms of preschool age, some as young school age. But often the victims are still young children, between two and three years old. Since it is particularly difficult to understand where and why a child does something hurt. Back leg pain, a fracture, a so-called green wood fracture can also insert times. Has a child for example when romping with other children on the playground suddenly leg pain, one should not rule out such a break.

growth pain can be more precisely located?

No, and this is very typical of this problem. If you ask the kids where it hurts, they can not accurately describe it. Somewhere between ankle and knee, very rare times in the thigh and even more rarely in the hands. it points to candidate sites, the children always say either "Yes" or ever "No" - depending on the nature. The pain also like switching sides.

Growing pains: If the legs hurt

What is even more typical of growing pains?

Growth pain does not occur during the day, and certainly not under load. Sues a child while walking through pain, then it is very likely no growth pain. However, growing pains can be particularly strong when the children during the day romped much. Typically then, that this pain does not show the same. The children sit at dinner or on the sofa and start suddenly wail. The next morning they "pumperlgesund" feel, and the pain is gone.

What suggests that a child is in pain for other reasons?

Basically, very important: There are some, some serious diseases that also manifest themselves as leg pain. All of which are detectable by laboratory tests or radiological methods. Sudden pain, which can not be pinpointed, which are so strong but that the child can not walk, could point to the so-called Hüftschnupfen, a usually harmless infection of the hip joint, which typically occurs in infancy. The child can say almost millimeter precision where it hurts, parents should check this site with pen and introduce her child the next day a doctor. Here you have to look more closely. Morning pain or joint stiffness are also warning signs that their causes must be strictly investigated. This also applies if added general symptoms such as fatigue, pallor or fevers.

How parents help their child who can not sleep because of its growing pains?

One can quiet times give paracetamol suppositories. By the way: If the complaints it not better, it is probably not to growing pains. Highly effective is homeopathy. The classic means is here Calcium phosphate, in the dosage D12, 1 dose, five beads. Take the discomfort is more than three weeks of getting a lab test advisable. For growing pains is that is also typical: They come and go with breaks of weeks to years!