Pregnancy calculator: Calculate when your baby arrives

You're pregnant and want to know when your baby is born? Through our due date calculator you can calculate when the birth of your child is expected! In addition, we will tell you exactly how the estimated date of birth really is and why it is so important to know the date.

How does the Pregnancy calculator?

Please enter here the first day of your last period and your average cycle length and the Pregnancy calculator calculates the expected date of birth of your baby.

How accurate is the Pregnancy calculator?

Yes, true, in Mutterpass it is in black and white, the magic date, on page 6 (the second child on page 22). Medically speaking, the due date (ET) is but a period of time. And includes the three weeks before and two weeks after the deadline. Does your child from the completed 37 weeks and completed 42. SSW to the world, it is called "schedule born",

How is the birth date of your baby's calculated?

The most common formula, the so-called Naegele's rule, to the due date calculated by your child goes like this: the first day of the last period + 7 days - 3 months + 1 year. This formula for the birth of computer goes to the Heidelberg Gynecologists Franz Naegele - back (1778 1851).

Pregnancy usually lasts 280 days or 40 weeks (counting from the first day of the last menstrual period) or 266 days or 38 weeks (counting from ovulation or fertilization). But: No pregnancy runs exactly according to Scheme F. Even if the last cycle was longer or shorter than 28 days (and who knows, exactly?), There is quickly shifting birth to several days. Gynecologists rely in determining the key date so dear to her ultrasound machine.
The crucial factor is the crown-rump length of the embryo, namely in the first trimester of pregnancy. At this stage of pregnancy (5 to 12 weeks), the babies all develop at about the same pace, one can therefore well include the size of the baby to age. And thus the current week of pregnancy and so on the expected date of birth. But even here there are inaccuracies. So there is always something exciting in spite of ultrasound and birth calculator.

How many babies are born in time for the deadline?

About 20 percent of babies are born in the ten days before the calculated date, more than 60 percent in the ten days thereafter. And: To the ten percent are premature, that is, they come before the 37th week of gestation. Babies who are born after 42 weeks, among the transmissions.

Why is the estimated date of birth at all important?

With the calculated date You know in what week of pregnancy you are, how your child develops in the womb and what tests when standing on your preparedness plan.

The estimated time of confinement is not only important for you and your baby, but also for your employer important. So that it can plan, you should give him the probable date of birth as soon as possible to tell. Binding on maternity leave - starting six weeks before the calculated date of birth - is this date but not yet. Your gynecologist is just before the start of maternity leave (after 33 weeks), the official certificate from. This certificate then get the insurance company and the employer.

Incidentally, it then remains at this date for the start of the protection period - although clearly a Caesarean section should be planned in advance. the maternity leave is shortened, for example, two weeks before the expected date, but that is no cause for alarm: The lost time is simply drangehängt back.

Do I have any betray my baby's birth date?

The employer has a right to be kept informed of the expected date of birth to date. All other not. Who does not want to be pestered around the date of friends and relatives and would rather relaxed enjoying the last days of pregnancy, may also cheat a bit and the date of birth two weeks after back "embarrassed", Why the Maternity Protection starts so early? There are again a plausible excuses: Was just yet vacation left.