screaming wдhrend give the bottle

Hello, have problems since Saturday when bottles enter. My son (7 weeks old) bekomt Milumil Pre. he usually drinks so eight times between 80 to 100 ml a day. only since Saturday, he screams out so after 30 ml then he aufhцrt he drinks more and then he fдngt screaming again. at night he drinks normally only tagsьber he always cries. What could be the reason? I'm worrying. were last week at the U3 everything was alright and he is completely healthy and has increased tidy. bowel movement works (1 times a day a bit tight!) only blдhungen he has many. can someone help me? be flдschchen do have from time to time with fennel. normally he drinks so 700-750 ml a day - today less! belдge weiЯe he has not in the mouth - so no thrush or so. I rьjr also the flдschchen and not schьttle. Lefax does not really help.


Do you have the a feel of that he has Blдhungen wдhrend of Fьtterns ...?

Our daughter showed the same behavior whenever it went to Schьbe. With you yes there again one at 8 weeks.

She then angebrьllt tagsьber each bottle or even denied. Frьhs wars worst, and upon the day it became less and less and at night was all O.K.


I do think there are blдhungen because they are so krьmmt off dabei.und and then goes a pups. really think you can lie on the thrust? as has been seen with you? how long did it take?


A push went on for a week with us often. As the children usually sleep restless and are generally very anhдnglich.
Here this is something.
Some babies is ausgeprдgt stдrker, others not.
Blдhungen have thus emulate natьrlich nothing.
This can be abcecken by fьhlt if the belly is hard and aufgeblдht.
Then eventually it helps to change the Fьtterposition and store the baby upright.
If it ьberhaupt is not better, a change of diet can bring relief.

Anyway, my daughter has always gebrьllt after eating and then anzubrьllen the bottle, always wenns went to the Schьbe. This makes them even today. Or if they even caught a throat infection.


my has also now and then, and only if it has wдhrend blдhungen the great famine, but as ego give up briefly with the fьttern, which has of course so no sense, they choke but as stдndig, so for us this is so

yesterday she really only gebrьllt from 15:00 to 20:00, it was ne mixture of stomach ache and mьdigkeit, well and hungry they had, but then when she has calmed down once briefly then have tried again and we went there with th e bottle also , So I find when they cry so then no hats reasonable ,.
also vomits my then cry out of sheer ..


my probably every week by 2 days as a laughing relapsing * * So yesterday was it really bad, but give the flдschen can in my other answer read .. what I think of.


I can understand you very well-our mouse showed the same behavior. it rumbled on every bottle in the belly and she clutched the-belly was hard-she screamed.

with a lot of calm and patience, always lift up to the farmers, we went anyway. Sunday when she then hardly drank we are abzuklдren to the doctor to see if she has any NEN neck infection-o.д. because I have ne angina / had. well who keep us right there. there were 3 long days nothing out and drink the regulated itself again. she tapped her on a possible lactoseunvertrдglichkeit because there also shows symptoms-but do you enable with the small not clearly say on the basis of blood values ​​probably so heist wait again.

In plain language, I was told the child just arge blдhungen hдtte-da musse my through and that was the small totally spoiled because I then offered her цfter smaller quantities. who then in kh you try rhytm the berьhmten 4h. (She drank before "thrust" every 3.5 to 4 h. and had otherwise already NEN good daily routine-night schlдft they anzugewцhnen also good) and verklickert me a 8 weeks old child mьsste more beschдftigen alone, brдuchte clear rules!

as the thing went on I do not want to continue ausfьhren gg * * In any case, the hospital was sometime really too small closed for me and the oberschwetser that kept me NEN lecture.

Oh and @ juice Smurf: This Wachstumsschьbe always cited there ьbrigens not: D Again what learned

Simply Hцre your instincts-try to calm your little and I also participating to which it is as you describe it a thrust! Have mingled with a bit patience and wait. Perhaps you have a good midwife can watch the well again if you fьtterst? So I've now had good experiences.

Drьck fingers crossed that it works better you again soon!

P.S. What are you doing so against the Blдhungen? because there are so many home remedies and even if they do not clear my mouse help-I do not want to know how much they grдmen wьrde when no sab, no carvum carvi, no Kьmmel-fennel tea, belly massage, cherry pit pillow itself etc. bekдme



because I can sing a song of.
for us it was so bad that I go at night in front of her bed and I just cried.
did make me and all the time said that there is something wrong. for this reason, I am joined to you and I registered here because I really no longer wuste me.
at that time I still had the price fit for the start. The woman who ran the course has've then rest against them thought my daughter would have a hatch situation and I would have so quickly it was going to an osteopath. has my mouse almost a std. investigated and luckily found nothing ......
I've now my eigenden looked away.
first we have the bottle changed before I had the advent of now I take the nuk of anti coli. (because my midwife said it would be the abdominal pain where I was still my not so that they had the first 8-9 weeks and then there was one week rest before the schreikraempfen started.) from then on it was a steep mountain to ...
I can give her the bottle and not like any other baby be lying in poor but I now always use the rocker to fuettern or just lying down.
are the it works and it does not cry after every meal the soul from the neck ...
where it then also were only as 30 40 ml. now they still do not drink the amount is for her age provided but the schreihen has aufgehoert and the distances are '' normal ''. previously it has almost every std. which get at night ...
So it was with us but what I learned in the whole thing is not a baby the same.
I hope I have helped you a little ...
yes you can link my times read I wrote the end of july or early August
'' My mouse is drinking too little ''
oh what I wanted Add. I was recently on the birthday of a girlfriend because the mother told me that they had at that time also something similar at their first Daughter (heute30) and she has read after years time in a magazine the children the umbilical cord at birth around neck had eingeaengt feel in some situations as though you which make you choke which I found kind of interesting because samira also had the umbilical cord around his neck ... but these are just pure speculation
ok lg nadine


Quote by ANewHopeI can make you
Oh and @ juice Smurf: This Wachstumsschьbe always cited there ьbrigens not: D Again what learnedNo, certainly not ...


Hello! We had also- be the problem with the crying in bottle but had my Lea, now 10 weeks old, no colic, she only has so pulled the sucker that she has plattgedrьckt him. We have 1 hour and lдnger used closed for 100ml and at some point it has gebrьllt when I Chamber with the bottle clear she was hungry and nothing came out.
Did it then tried with other suckers, but that has not brought much. Only the change from the NUK bottles Avent has used what Seidem the bottle is empty in 20 to 30 minutes and the amount consumed is neat up on 6X120-130ml.
Had the tip of ner girlfriend, her'm really grateful because every three hours is fьttern 1-2 hours Baby Stress closed for the whole family and especially natьrlich fьrґs baby.
That's why I mцchte the pass here are wennґs problems with drinking, simply times to buy another bottle and try obґs not because liegt.Wir to better handle Avent, others perhaps with NUK ... both have anti-colic systems but work differently. Mцglicherweise gibtґs in a Bottle change less colic, I do not weiЯ as we do not have the problem.
But I wьrde try it!
Love GrьЯe to other mums