Chaste Tree: Natural Help for fertility

Menstrual disorders ask couples who want children to a severe test of patience. After all, who wants a baby, will not wait long! Slight irregularities in the cycle can be personalized with Chaste Tree, also known as chaste tree or agnus castus, treat. Here everything about the application, effects and side effects.

Chaste tree, chaste tree - where the strange name?

From the Middle Ages. The chaste tree is native to the Mediterranean countries and Asia and is growing, especially in humid locations. The several meters high shrubs bear fragrant flowers, fruits grow in their chalices. The dried fruit of the chaste tree have been used in ancient times as a medicine. Apparently, they had realized that they had an effect on health.
they were said to have a loss-absorbing effect in the Middle Ages. Nuns and monks are said to have eaten the fruit of the chaste tree to remain chaste. "Vitex agnus castus" is the Latin name of the chaste tree, translated that means as much as "chaste lamb", Therefore Chaste tree is also "chaste tree" called. And "pepper" is therefore likely that the fruits resemble peppers and spicy taste. Evidence that the plant could also help with infertility, but came up later.

How can Chasteberry help fertility?

Some studies have shown that an extract of the fruit help the woman body to the hormonal balance to regulate. The chaste tree can women with cycle complaints help, as it probably inhibits the action of prolactin in the brain. This hormone is increasingly distributed during pregnancy and especially during lactation. It stimulates milk production and ensures during pregnancy that the breast grow. However, for women who are not pregnant and wish for a baby, an increased Prolaktinwert can stand the desire to have children in the way. Because prolactin can lead to the absence of ovulation and is thus of fertility in the way. Even for a feeling of tightness in the chest or dejection increased prolactin levels may be responsible. Therefore, chaste tree is often recommended for premenstrual syndrome.

Can the extract fertility also assist in other ways?

Yes, chaste tree promotes the formation of progesterone. The progesterone after ovulation, so in the second half of the cycle, formed in the body of the woman and the endometrium prepares for the implantation of the fertilized ovum. Even after the implantation of the hormone is further formed, mainly by the placenta. The Progesterone has for women who want a child, so a special meaning. Because when the body develops too little yellow body, the egg can not implant in the uterus. Although the egg has been fertilized, the woman can not get pregnant. Chaste tree can therefore be used in support of a corpus luteum deficiency.

Where can not help chaste tree?

In severe menstrual disorders no effect is to be expected, nor affects the healing plant when ovulation fails completely. Couples who want children should contact in these cases to an expert.

What preparations are there?

essential oil is extracted from the fruit, which, above all, the effect is attributed to health. In addition, the plant contains so-called iridoid glycosides, flavonoids and tannins. There are a number of tablets, capsules and drops with the names "Vitex agnus castus". "Agnus" or "chaste tree" Tobe offered. Caution: Liquid preparations may contain hard liquor! Therefore, read the leaflet carefully. Also important: Before entering an action can take several weeks. The manufacturer usually recommend taking the drugs for more than a month.

What should I avoid while taking?

Chaste tree preparations you will receive a prescription at the pharmacy. Nevertheless, it is important that you speak with your gynecologist before taking. You can determine if you have too much prolactin or other problems that can be treated with the chaste tree. In hormone-dependent diseases such as e.g. Endometriosis or certain forms of breast cancer should not take chaste tree. Nor in pregnancy and breast-feeding as the active ingredients can have an inhibitory effect on milk production.

What side effects are possible with Chaste tree preparations?

What is often overlooked: even herbal medications can sometimes have serious side effects and interactions. The active ingredients of chaste tree / chaste tree can cause skin rashes, Schwndel, indigestion and headaches. but the side effects disappear again if I quit using the drug. In rare cases, people are allergic to the active ingredients. seek immediate medical attention for swelling in the face and / or difficulty breathing!
May interact, for example with drugs for Parkinson's disease, schizophrenia and psychosis.