Sleep problems Kleindkind 17 months old

Halloooo everybody!

Mei son Niclas 17 months old has been a good 2 months massive trouble sleeping at night and I actually weiЯ also no longer what more can I do so I need your advice.
At night he goes on and approximately between 6:30 and 7 to bed. Mostly, we bathe then tighten pajamas, he drinks his Flдschen, clean Zдhne and off to bed. Every day the same. He also likes to go to bed and after 10 minutes he usually schlдft already.
The problem is that I have to wдhrend he einschlдft sit next to his crib and my hand must stretch to bed him so that he einschlдft. From baby monitor he hцrt the Twinkle.
So far everything's all right.
Then he wakes up - the first time it still works that he is satisfied with the pacifier - that is about at 22 o'clock .. During the second time (about at 1am) I have no chance that he einschlдft me again , There is a Mцrdertamtam and before I shout him forever leave I'll take it just to me to bed. I weiЯ is also a nonsense. But even as he schlдft restless at night and fusses around actually only and can not find really to sleep.
He also only hдlt a Spдtvormittagsschlдfchen of about 2 hours.

I just do not know what I can do with it, he can go to sleep without me in the night and that he remains lying in his crib. I put the cot already to another place.

I hope you kцnnt give me tips. THANK YOU!!!!


where is the problem?

He needs 10 minutes to fall asleep, where you have to hold his hand? you feel that an imposition? Your child needs your Nдhe.

At night he wakes up and missed you - this is quite normal - if he weiterschlдft with you, but then everyone is happy.


The problem is that he no longer takes from about 1am to sleep - he has a totally restless sleep and I can not sleep at night too. and when informed about two months so there will be some point simply fix and foxi. and above all it is the morning then natьrlich whatsoever hundemьde.


So you really realize that you did not read my post properly, but it is important to give your two cents meaningless. But do quiet :))))


Quote by klaneemausSo you really realize that you did not read my post properly, but it is important to give your two cents meaningless. But do quiet :))))What's your problem now?

For one, I might wьrde try to bring him spдter to bed. Half 7 I find bad time. And yes, that CAN help the child better durchschlдft.
Secondly, I wьrde with his parents' bed does not take as long to wait until he is fully awake. I wьrd 'get him just the first beep
And third: That may be so with children halt.

Oh yeah - maybe he's thirsty? We had times when our child. This has given us some restless Nдchte until we strapped that the child is simply thirsty.


We have already a lot to do that we make it to 7:00. Because he is already quite mьde and he often says to six already he wants heia and goes to his bed and wants pure climbing. In the afternoon he will not sleep.
That with the thirsty I will try today night. Although he drinks a lot tagsьber aba viell he needs at night also something else.

get the into bed with the likes easy but he did not sound sleep on there, yes. He quдlt be there also. If he continues to sleep normally with us wьrde I wдre more than satisfied but he's just too poor if he can not sleep properly at night.


perhaps Is he in pain? Possibly he gets Backenzдhne or earache? I wьrde it a trial basis with a painkiller try and see if he schlдft better.

Were there any other any Verдnderungen in recent weeks, Kita-start, he has learned to walk?

Perhaps, it also brings something to lay the nap back so that it is evening spдter mьde.

Otherwise, I am also absolutely dafьr to bring him into your bed that wьrde also make immediately, at the first beep. And even that sleep with parents requires Gewцhnung 😉


Maybe he's hungry or thirsty, maybe just what дndert and he needs Nдhe.
Junior has at that time at night often. 1 - 2 hrs sung or played (next to us at Dдmmerlicht - the alternative was that he 2h gebrьllt hдtte -. I go the way of least resistance). He just needed it at this moment. I gave him what in the hand he has it pressed beschдftigt with it and then - at some point - continued to sleep. I have no "program" made closed for him, but he could not sleep just come.

Possibly. kцnnten it be the Zдhne, or or or.

It will often happen that your child be sleeping behavior (and other behavior) дndert plцtzlich. This is normal and often has to be that way. Without Дnderung no progress. take it easy loose. I find your Nдchte totally relaxed (compared to my).

Ьbrigens I'm groЯe Familienbettkuschelbefьrworterin. I honestly can not understand is why there so often railed against. Sure if you ьberhaupt not clear as a parent or child so that you have it but otherwise дndern. What could be schцneres than sleeping next to a cuddly monster in the morning with a "aufsteeeehen Mama Langohrslдддfer" to be awakened or the attempt of a 2-jдhrigen the tried one with the fingers (sooooo carefully) to fold the eye lid High - only one to say that he wants to stay still are - hach ​​I kцnnte forever schwдrmen - but this is not the topic!


I wьrde but also propose to transfer the nap back and then in the evening to lie him spдter. Kцnnte be exhausting, but after a few days he has off gewцhnt beginning. Has worked very well with us. And now with 26 months he schlдft mostly through to let cry without him (as have advised me a lot ...). And when times but awake, he gets something to drink and comes with me to bed.


Quote by klaneemausThank closed for your tips.
But I've now but a book bought where the theme of sleep and restless nдchte be erklдrt ausfьhrlich.
and some "tips" some of you the whole situation worse.
I now consider myself to the buchnd have to say it was night already better. And I am confident that we will get there soon.oh sh .........