Gerдusche from the belly

I want to ask if you know that too, that the belly so does funny Gerдusche? Cracking, smacking or bubbling it with you sometimes in the abdomen or significantly ahead in the Gebдrmutter? (The gut bubbling natьrlich sometimes.)

Sometimes I hцre what, but only if things straight reasonably quiet.
Also it cracked again quite funny top right there where the little one also has its FьЯe or its a FuЯ always in the moment. Sometimes I scare me right because it is said, too, that it can crack if the waters break. But came out running to Glьck been anything yet.


Hmm no, I have something not seen in me. Neither crack nor bubble or anything else ... Hmm ... Who weiЯ what that is.


I hцre only my digestive very extreme ... that I already knew even nciht UDN because it does not matter what it was, it's strangely nciht imemr loud in there ... but digestion is better than hunger ...: -)


Yes true, Hailey, Verdauungegerдusche have grown with me. But perhaps hдngt and thus together what you eat, when the intestine more to do with getting wholemeal bread and Gemьse example, it is also determined louder.

So according to Internet I am probably not the only one in which it cracks times. From what I read, probably kцnnen caused by movements of the child in the amniotic fluid Gerдusche, at least suspected. But wдre natьrlich soothing closed for me if anyone of you has noticed ever and its amniotic sac is also quite.

Can actually amniotic fluid leak although the cervix is ​​still closed or wьrde which then accumulate and not abflieЯen?


Supposedly you can really Gerдusche hцren when the baby moves heavily, but mostly hцren the only people on the abdomen to insert also the head ..
So for me I hцr nothing dafьr it fьhlt sometimes so as wьrde the child inside with ner water gun to Gebдrmutterwand schieЯen ... hard to describe, but gaaaaanz funny * g *

and whether the amniotic fluid can also proceed so .. hmm good question, but I think so almost right? but some women also lose цfter amniotic fluid without realizing it because only it lacks Trцpfchenweise and not all of Mumu is open ..

Edit: but the wьrde the FA quickly detect because your PH then viiiiiiiiiiiiel hцher wдre


So I've already 2x what "crack" gehцrt - and I myself since then was not so sure if it comes from my Gebдrmutter. But was funny because I was thinking first "alas, hopefully there now nothing got broken",

But as I said, was previously only 2x ago - regelmдЯige Gerдusche from my stomach, I did not


Quote by astrantiaCan actually amniotic fluid leak although the cervix is ​​still closed or wьrde which then accumulate and not abflieЯen? The flieЯt. Was so with me. burst amniotic sac, but cervix still. The cervix is ​​not hermetically sealed but simply a more tightly squeezed muscle, like a closed fist and there may indeed what by. So if it bursts, then you realize that. Then you can not stop the water nдmlich it flieЯt easy and you fьhlst you when you wьrdest you pee constantly in the pants. Not particularly schцn a feel of 🙂


I've found something that interested you and soothe kцnnte astrantia

Your Kцrper in 34 weeks

You spьrst from 34 weeks hдufiger a ausgeprдgten desire for safety and security. Talk to your partner darьber and leave you as often as mцglich verwцhnen from him. Make yourself at home gemьtlich and comfortable and avoid unnцtige excitement and effort that burden you emotionally. Also the loving dealing with yourself gives you much relaxation. With round werdendem belly or your navel verдndert in the 34th week of pregnancy. Only the former Hцhlung disappears and becomes flatter. And he spдter wцlbt out even. Since the abdominal wall is now burdened with the stress, the navel area can hurt. Many pregnant hцren a cracking or snapping from inside her belly. The exact cause is not yet dafьr found accurate. It is assumed that this Gerдusche caused by movements of the baby in the amniotic fluid. Cracking in itself is known to be harmless - with the child and you so everything is fine.


Thank Myccy!

@ Gwen
RegelmдЯig it is with me either, rather rare, perhaps 3 or 4 times I have something gehцrt in recent weeks.