3 KS – Risk Gebдrmutter

(Double thread)

Hello I must now write something off my chest ... I hope'm not too wrong here Beloved.
And please - I want to scare anyone here with horror stories, but I am looking for someone who has been through KS births, perhaps even more and can say anything to me just ...

I had three caesarean sections; the first was in 1999, I had to endure three days in the delivery room, I was rangehдngt to the labor drip if enough staff there and if shift change was, or at night - then they drьckten me tocolytics pure.
It was the Hцlle and I was not right with me most of the time.

Plцtzlich it hieЯ after three days at least 10 Дrzte had any what reingesteckt, keyed or knocked into me - the child must get out immediately. The baby had such a probe stuck in their Kцpfchen and as you saw that the oxygen supply was immense bad. So emergency C-section ... It was all around a shock, I had real problems, often a feel of I hдtte not even born ...
Could not say long "the birth"It was closed for me to cut out ...

I had eventually digested and then it hieЯ quite succinctly when I was pregnant with the second daughter that I did not hдtte gebдren kцnnen, because I have a pelvic abnormality ... the birth canal closed for non wдre a child passable.
That was also a shock, because I like to hдtte spontaneously given birth, be informed about this diagnosis NOBODY has given me what I said, only when my gynecologist, the documents requested ...

The second KS 2001 was therefore planned there but went a little something wrong - the baby had with the suction cup (despite KS) are fetched, since the cut was not placed correctly ... WeiЯ not so right ... They said not quite what was happening to me, so a la "na, nu isses past" and I was so exhausted that I have not pursued. Covered in the moment, I will never give birth again ... the main thing is, it's over.

Well, people are mistaken, I had such desire for a third child, was pregnant in 2003, certainly a KS was announced from the outset - and that went almost good, but also almost wrong. It should of Prof. Dr. xxx ran because I just have very strong scar tissue ... a T-intersection ... poor wound healing ...
I had a general anesthetic went vordergrьndig all good.
But my child was very poorly looked she had breathing problems, they often had to be sucked (the lungs) and had when she was as 12 days, a bronchospasm, all came from amniotic fluid and anesthetic ...

But here the Дrzte told me not quite what was going on because it was so that they said "Now it's over, yes, everything fits",

I have unfortunately not let me sterilize, I could not do it, even though I was sure that I wanted no child; it was just such a Gefьhlssache ...

Anyway, I did when I was in the hospital so the evening asked a young assistant doctor ... but you say to me what was really going on, what you think ...

As he told me that they needed after anesthesia informed about 11 minutes to цffnen the Gebдrmutter I hдtte so much scar tissue, old trapped Wundflьssigkeit had and they had hдtten difficulty in durchzukдmpfen there.
He told me that the Gebдrmutter be places papierdьnn and he puts me very much to heart, not to get pregnant, it was a huge risk.

I asked him why me that no one had said because he said "well, it will not let it be said afterwards he hдtte an incorrect forecast issued, wenns then it goes well. And if it goes wrong, then none weiЯ what it ..."

I'm in a very stupid situation because I can not stand the pill and we verhьten with zдhlen and condoms or no traffic on the critical days. While this is always good, but increasingly quдlt me ​​fear what wдre if I now but wьrde unwanted pregnancy?

I hдtte then the child I think you - but the risk is groЯ, so I mьsste ьberlegen if I can fight it out ...
The quдlt me ​​so at the time and I дrgere me that I found out such truths only gradually.

I find myself, as I saved lдchle when I think small Butzel to a (new), which is there in my arm - but I can not gefдhrden my three Mдdchen !!!!!!!

I find it schдndlich that Дrzte make the drive so ... or I see it too hard?

Bin grad all mixed up.
I hдtte not mind a fourth child, but I'm afraid slug it or lose it or die in the process - a nightmare.

zuhцren thank fьrs wьrde, be glad if someone can help with дhnlichen experience me.

PS: The three KS are afterwards NOTHING, absolutely nothing compared to this wonderful Mдdchen that I have and which are miraculously alive and well. The pain was also ertrдglich and every 4 days was the grцbste endured, so do not worry ...

Thank Klaudi


I wьrde not risk a fourth time, neither my health or that of the child. Let yourself but now sterilize or your husband should ьbernehmen that.


I had three caesarean sections 2 and unplanned recent geplant.Dabei I can then sterilize me glьcklicherweise otherwise I probably kдme on дhnliche "silly" Thoughts as you.

In your place I wьrde your husband time for sterilization to take chest.


So when the third caesarean section was so complicated, I wьrde the in your place can not be again get it. The risk is not only the nдchste Caesarean section, but also the growing Gebдrmutter itself. Because if the reiЯt, there is danger to life closed for mother and child.
If you decide against another pregnancy, then really wдre your husband's sterilization, the simplest and kostengьnstigste alternative.


Hello, thank you closed for your answers.
SEEI, me, the sentence "I wьrde me time to take your husband chest"... gestцrt because I wanted somehow a fourth child still left open.
It sounded as if the Lord did not want the make and pushes all the responsibility.

Perhaps you know the - you say "no, I do not want a child more"But the heart ... well.
And the desire for a fourth child can be as groЯ like to long for the first - those who know the, weiЯ what I mean. Even though I've been three - to drьcken a Sдugling to the chest, the sight of the children as they come up the stairs ... it hurts when you say muЯ a feel of "circuit, that's it",
It is strange to many who have none at all, but desire not lдsst simply off.

My husband wьrde be sterilized, that was just so far no issue because just it, this information is only seeped so gradually and I mцchte or request from the hospital the documents.
no no, dear - maybe it fдllt then easier to tell me.

But the love of my (current) family is stop but grцЯer than the desire, it does not wдre imagine what wдre if me or the child wьrde what happen.

I thought maybe there is research where you the state of Gebдrmutter "test" can?

Well anyway, I just have to say - the end, you have your three sьЯen Mдdchen and be happy with it.

In addition, there are indeed "what if wдre"-Spielchen ... but that one may indeed release in the forum times, no?
zuhцren thank fьrs


Have you talked with your FA times darьber? Does he have any documentation? Ask for times, in how far you can ьberprьfen with Gebдrmutter that. another pair seek other opinions only without any obligation. I imagine, said with hдtte time a midwife, it gдbe a Mцglichkeit to find out by US that.

Simply Hцr you times a pair of opinions and ьberstьrz nothing.

Unfortunately Дrzte kцnnen do a lot and it is most unfortunately only a number.
Under my KS I suffer also still to be informed about two years ago and have since been huge problems with my Sexuality, because even before the KS stдndig someone came and examined me has (which has to permanently real pigs hurt felt like delivered before), and culminated it is then in a KS with incorrectly specified PDA (which one, hдtte you about 24 hours gehцrt on me hдtte recognize kцnnen) that has, unfortunately, nothing betдubt except the abdominal wall.
KS in the Middle Ages, was great. In retrospect, I дrgere me, at that time I made nothing against the KKH, but I just wanted to get away and it hдngt after me still.

Voluntary never a KS.


Hi Klaudi,
the problem of T-section dьrfte be with you - to the "corners" wound healing is significantly worse; the erklдrt the dьnne uterine wall.

Normally (ie, with scars down across how it is actually ьblich - T-sections makes today hardly anyone) there are no contractions hardly a risk of rupture, which is why just such 4. KS are usually made at 37 + 0 to labor relatively safe to bypass.

One can wдhrend make pregnancy look at the scar; but I fьrchte (am not sure to what extent you there at a non-pregnant Gebдrmutter "extrapolate" can) that is can not really say without pregnancy (unless the finding is already high then auffдllig!).

A new pregnancy wдre certainly very risky, wьrde mean daЯ You probably will not meet the rest of your family informed about a good deal of time kцnntest and, indeed, mean daЯ You possibly a Frьhchen notfallmдЯig not release mьЯtest to reduce the risk closed for both of you to to drive far into the Hцhe.

In your place I wьrde discuss the situation with your FA, klдren whether the log to a DEGUM3 Sallet can ьberweisen (www.degum.de) and whether any kцnnte already made a forecast in case of pregnancy there.
Create I wьrde it out under any circumstances.



Hello Klaudi,

so how do you describe the situation, I wьrde persцnlich not challenge again fate. SchlieЯlich do you have three healthy children and a husband who closed for the You are incredibly important.

After finding the last Caesarean section, the situation was probably even then critical. And a rupture of the Gebдrmutter is certainly not the pregnancy complication that you need.

Can not you leave the OP report passed from the last cesarean you? So you kцnntest you seek or a second (or third opinion) from other Дrzten. Even if you might not erzдhlen what you mцchtest hцren, but then at least you have certainty.

On the subject "Verhьtung"Well, currently that's certainly doable so in shape. But if your cycle at some point to be unregelmдЯig anfдngt, I imagine the difficult before. Insofar sterilization may already be an alternative.

Love GrьЯe



with me it happened when the second KS that my Gebдrmutter like papyrus. I have also had a hole, have the seen the hair of my boys. A good woe and Gebдrmutter wдre torn.

I have already said it in the operating room shortly after the Hebi was gone with my boy and then it sat exhibit during rounds and at the final examination and yes, if another SS, then a lot of rest, not labor, again in KS and the 36th in the SSW.

We do not, do not let my mцcht both without Mama. And rest and so comply with two kids who manages to take off the out of 36 weeks.

My husband will be sterilized, that was but anyway planned before the second child. The timing wurd made us but lighter.

Until then, I verhьte with the Nuvaring.


I have 2 cesareans behind me and have me be sterilized in the second, because I felt the health soo dam .. in the second SS, daЯ a 3rd SS wдre a lot to groЯes health risk. Am still relieved and happy daЯ I've let go, because as I learned later was my Gebдrmutter places only hauchdьnn as with you. A contraction and a Uterrusruptur wдre been the result ... well I do not wusste.Das DAS has our EntschluЯ only bestдtigt afterwards again before. I wьrde you much of a 4th pregnancy discourage the risk is far too groЯ !! You have three healthy children and 3x it went well be grateful dafьr! Under these Umstдnden I wьrde think about a sterilization of your husband.