7. SSW and no signs? – I am totally confused

Hello everybody,

I'm new here and hope logged on a few persцnliche experiences of you, because the net to read natьrlich just exactly what you google ...
To my person:
I'm 28, for 7 months we ьben and loud SST I'm pregnant (ES + 18). It is the third test (+14, +16, +18) and all were positive ... just what completely surprised me is that I spьre little evidence.
In the fourth SSW I once had "heavier" Brьste, after a slight pull when I bekдme my period. The kцnnten yes signs ... but otherwise just nothing. Neither mьde, nor bad, nor appetite or undendlich hungry .....
I have a doctor's appointment at 18.07, I wдre mathematically in the ninth week of pregnancy. By then I relax, because then you sдhe quite certain what the ultrasound.

I wonder all the time if it kцnnte that are only residual hormones, indicating the test. And if you also have a miscarriage without kцnnte you get your period immediately?

Love GrьЯe,



So I'm still not a professional when it comes to pregnancy, am nдmlich itself just at 7 + 0th But I also had little evidence until a week ago. Just even slightly vergrцЯerte Brьste (I had before Mens often) and now and then a slight pull in the UL (which may indeed mцgliche be anything). Maybe you gehцrst to Glьcklichen and Ьbelkeit will you save. For me it has been used a few days ago. The taste confusion I have only been this week, dafьr Curling Gerьche not so much from. The congregation's that every pregnancy is different and it is difficult to compare.
Maybe you can advancing your appointment yes. Mir has already helped to be informed about to have the Bestдtigung the FД pregnancy certainty.
I congratulate you in any case for the positive test result and drьcke my fingers crossed that you are spared the Ьbelkeit! But perhaps all that is still to come. For me, the quasi informed about night 🙂 went.


for me it went with the Ьbelkeit also recently going on before that, I had nothing. Well, some breast tenderness and pull in the abdomen, but that was bearable with magnesium and now is almost gone.
According Gyn I was probably the seventh week when he has found the pregnancy and a week later began Ьbelkeit and heartburn, infinite Mьdigkeit only to.


I'm also only in the 4 + 5 SW but can only share any experiences.
My Brьste are very plump and now and then a slight pull in the lower abdomen, дhnlich when one gets his days.
so far I had not had a date FA ....

There is now something new with you?