Lettuce – Hдkelanleitung

Because today is Sunday and I have on my side informed about 600 fans, I give today again a tutorial.

And because very few people are here on my side, I thought to myself, I give here. Maybe one or the other can thus indeed do something 🙂

The caterpillars: Salad - Hдkelanleitung


Class Instructions! Thank you


You are a treasure


I say, ever thank you so much!
Are you feeling (you) good ?? Here only briefly, we are still not moved and it will probably April .... weiЯ not know if my last PN has arrived with you. LG


Many thanks dafьr.
Although I myself can not hдkeln, but I'll print the manual times closed for my grandma. The very much hдkelt and my daughter always groЯe about new foods would be in their Kьche.


Yes, you tearing up and come to terms with the situation.

A lot of work, a lot to organize. But I went this year as fresh in the New Year, so vцllig quiet and full of energy. I gefдllt the year still, even though there was already one or another low blow here 🙂

But I can say this year totally calm and relaxed: MIR is doing well and that's the important thing.

Yes, the last PN arrived, but I came to nothing 🙂 There's still a lot to do with you 🙂 I drьcke you very doll and, above all, that everything will be fine and just as you like it 🙂 mцchtest