Clinic Nordseekьste – who is there when and what is your experience?

Who fдhrt because in the clinic Nordseekьste to Cuxhaven and had been there before and can tell me what he has collected there closed for experience? Love GrьЯe!


Quote by MamiJLWho fдhrt because in the clinic Nordseekьste to Cuxhaven and had been there before and can tell me what he has collected there closed for experience? Love GrьЯe!Hello,

I am currently in the clinic Nordseekьste in the house Waterkant. Four years ago I've been here before - in the same house. At that time my Sцhne were 3 and 4 years old and I thought it was super good. here have a good child care that make a lot with the kids, and if mцglich even go out much. The staff is super friendly and they try to read a desire of the eyes, and what is mцglich to make mцglich. The food is also delicious.

The clinic is not directly on the ocean, you lдuft good 10 minutes. It comes but also on how well the kids run. Four years ago, it took lдnger with me because my two boys did not want to run so well. They lacked the bike, or the impeller. Today, my boys are almost 7 and 8 years old and it is much faster than before.

As for the cure today, I'm not so excited at the moment. But this is not so much at the clinic. As for those I fьhle me here already in good hands. I now have more of a problem with my boys. They no longer mцgen in child care because they are of the opinion that this is a kindergarten. but the children are in age-appropriate groups. There is a group for children of 1-5, then jдhrigen a group closed for the 6-9 and a group closed for the children of 10-13 years. Rдumlich all three groups are housed in an area in the house Waterkant, but the little kids have their own space and grцЯeren children have a different grцЯeren space. Then there are in childcare another groЯen space that all use somehow. Thank God we have at the moment in GroЯen whole a sharp weather and the children kцnnen also drauЯen play. Then all dispersed. Direct to home Waterkant there is also a gym.
Because my boys not so happy are in child care, I have less time closed for me. It is missing in this house also closed for the 6-9 jдhrigen a room they kцnnen use at any time, even without supervision. Although DrauЯen is also closed for the schoolchildren a Hьtte that is without supervision, but let's be honest: if since the very groЯen children zurьckziehen, then the natьrlich "super excited"If 6 jдhrigen in there even be snowing the. Evening romp now happy times through the house.

In retrospect, I wьrde today rather prefer Mьtterkur and go without the kids. If I fully get my batteries up nдchste week, I weiЯ not honest. I have with our little ones schцn stress.

On the other hand, they are now both therapy children. Nevertheless, I wьrde they now prefer home to her dad "beam",

But in spite of all, it's a really great health clinic, which is especially not so groЯ here. Both House cottage each have 36 two-bedroom apartments. The in-house Nordseekьste will be more modern. The rooms there have even AuЯenjalousien what is worth in the current heat natьrlich gold. And, I think in any case, the apartments there have also all a Kьhlschrank. In the house Waterkant that is not quite like that. The apartments are schцn and zweckmдЯig, but also already дlter. The advantage here: all relevant KurmaЯnahmen take place here - that is, the massages, the water aerobics, the Rьckengymnastik and, and, and. In the house Nordseekьste the kurдrztliche practice is housed. Although some things, small group work place, also there instead, but the women who live there mьssen far hдufiger the house Waterkant run, than vice versa. AuЯerdem the house Waterkant is also something more close to the beach.

How old are your children? When are you and what house are you from?

Do not be put off by my report now. It's really schцn here. All are very nice and accommodating. And it does not have to run so at your children, too. Cuxhaven-Duhnen also has a beautiful beach. Closed for bad weather there is in Duhnen the "Ahoibad", You get vergьnstigte admission tickets at the Kurbegleitung. Fahrrдder can rent in town. House cottage verfьgen informed about good washing machines and dryers.

many GrьЯe


Thanks closed for your ausfьhrliche answer mimi! My son is 4 years old and we go from 27.11. I'm really excited and hope we restful one schцne and "time-out" will have. What house I come, I do not weiЯ. Am curious.

I wдre preferred to go in the fall or Frьhling. Have some fear that our November / December "blanket" fдllt on the head! I hope you still find around any attractive destinations fьrs weekend.


Hello mamiJL,

you come into the house Waterkant since the 27.11. is a Wednesday. The Mьtter that come into the house Nordseekьste always travel a day earlier and a day earlier from when the Mьtter house Waterkant. House Waterkant Although дlter and perhaps one or two luxury less than the apartments in the house Nordseekьste but dafьr the Mьtter in the house Waterkant have the advantage that they kцnnen quasi bathrobe down the stairs to go to the swimming pool, or in a bathrobe in get the elevator to get to the Physics department where the massages, FuЯbдder, etc. take place. The gym is located next to the house Waterkant. House Waterkant has its own child care. You've just everything kurwichtige in the house and only have rьber into the house Nordseekьste if you need to дrztliche practice, or if you have to pay there in the administration your own contribution. Possibly. there is sometimes even a small group instead. But usually take place in the house Waterkant. you need to see a doctor, at best, only three times, to the initial investigation, then a week spдter for intermediate examination and the (pre) last day for the final examination. The Mьtter house Nordseekьste mьssen actually run much цfter rьber. And the House cottage are not far apart, but still a Stьck is to run. Dafьr the apartments in the house Nordseekьste have a Kьhlschrank and AuЯenjalousien. But the end of November you do not need that too absolutely.

In the basement of house Waterkant are three washing machines and two dryers. There is then a list in which you subscribe. I wьrde advised to pack too much and prefer to wash there times you. You'll clothes but then mьssen tumble dry, so you should better then just take Kleidungsstьcke that abkцnnen that. but the dryers have a gentle drying program. Although there are plenty of Wдschestдnder, but in the drying room to dry the wet Wдsche not ьberhaupt and to the room you must not Wдschestдnder with high take anyway.

I have to go now, writing to you spдter once more.

many GrьЯe


Hello mamiJL,

So, here I am again. I hдtte noon almost forgot my water aerobics today. Habs but still managed * grin *.

I wьrde (tolerate the gentle drying in the dryer), take Sweatshirts So bezьglich clothes more comfortable clothing, fleece sweater. Perhaps one or the other jeans closed for auЯerhalb. I do not weiЯ so, whether you like leisure clothes, "comfortable pants"Etc trдgst, here in the clinic, it is simply the easiest. It all actually run in comfortable clothing around here. Since nobody looks. Since you fдhrst in spдten fall, but I advise you closed for both of you two weatherproof jackets take. You can just not put it in the dryer, and if so a jacket takes some getting really wet, it also takes some time before the dry. If necessary, you hдngst them with a Kleiderbьgel once in the shower in the shower enclosure so that they kцnnen drain first. Gefьtterte rubber boots I wьrde also take.

Bezьglich leisure time but you can do something in the fall or winter. The exercise pool their kцnnt always, as long as no applications take place there. But it MUST BE only max. 10 people at a time in and it always mьssen min. 2 Mьtter same time be inside. Otherwise, there is in Duhnen the Ahoy bath. Vergьnstigte tickets are issued on Kurbegleitung at the reception. The children's meeting has Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri and on to 16.30, Wed only until 13.00. The supervisors make the afternoon even program, is the children's meeting but may, with the child in anyway; you have then but remain as a mother there. in the children's meeting but you can also rent Bьcher and games.

You ride by train or by car? The car has the advantage that you do not so bound here to the bus since. You will then kцnnt also drive fast to Cuxhaven times. There is an indoor playground - at least it gave them four years ago. I now do not gekьmmert it, because my boys are, first, from the age out there and secondly, with the great weather, what we have here now, you do not need in an indoor playground this year.

Your kцnnt with several Mьttern to the gym when there are no applications. Then they say just in Kurbegleitung know. The Close the hall and then spдter we say again know when you are out. Then Close again.

many GrьЯe


Hello mamijl

I (25) driving with my son (6)
from 26.11-17.12
Also go there
Am also excited huge.
to have I take the train and I dread it already davor.ich have a feel of vieeeeeel packed too much

Maybe we'll see you there