Kur in March: Children’s Hospital Tannenhof Grail Mьritz


I go in March for the first time with my son for a cure to the pediatric clinic Tannenhof in Graal-Mьritz.

Anyone who has been there or can give me tips? Maybe someone fдhrt yes from you, especially in March, there?

VG, Nicole


I was there, what you mцchtest know?


Viell. so in general what to expect there. What is so taken with the kids and what mums do in the meantime. As the rooms are like that.


Now it is a fairly accompany groЯes house, Rehaklinik.Du need your son to therapy (he or already дlter? Mine was almost 4), because you're pretty ausgelastet.Ьb ever the cold showers !!
It is modern and bright and weitlдufig, the rooms are so lala.Du sharing it out with the son and did not really own Bereich.Es always a communal area closed for a couple of rooms.
There you will find safe always an evening to Quatschen.Fьr the Begleitmьtter even gabs as 2 times a week a sports offer, as you could be a child then to kindergarten bringen.Mutter-child activities (sports, arts and crafts, etc.), there was a lot to little that Plдtze in Ausflьgen weekend were quick besetzt.Fazit was with me, closed for the Mцglichkeiten that actually offer the house kцnnte (is all there, from the theater to the swimming pool) -was it pretty enttдuschend.
Medically were already topp, but it was mass processing.
The beach was uncomfortable far away, the way there, the weather pretty rough (was February / March there).
My son has no health but very profitiert.Wir also closed for one week verlдngert.Aber me wars grцЯtenteils really hard work.
Ask rihig if you want to know more, otherwise I wьnsch you lots of fun there and your kids Get well soon!


Hello I go in March, in the Children's Hospital Tannenhof Graal-Mьritz. It is also our first cure and we are also very excited and want to know everything natьrlich. But we will experience so soon himself.
When are you to?

Many love GrьЯe and see you soon!


I was there in 2008.

We liked it super like it there, rooms are groЯ and bright and schцn furnished.
Health has Philipp very well helped.

OK, the way to the beach be kцnnt kьrzer, but it goes to ner paddock along and it's ok.

I wьnsch you very much SpaЯ and good rest


we drive in November to Kinderheilkur in the Tannenhof. Can anyone tell me how it is with the children is the "just" ride as an accompanying child MUST BE, which also sports and crafts and stuff? And maybe fдhrt someone out there at the same time? Looking forward to all your reports'm really curious what awaits us there.

Many love GrьЯe