How big will my child be?

An exciting indeed question! The answer you our growth calculator. Simply calculate how great will be your child and see if and how much your child deviates from the average size. Even for your unborn baby You can calculate the expected size!

Every parent wants to know: What will my child be again? And it is currently rather too large or too small compared to its peers? If the size of the genes of the parents inevitable? And the influence of diet and lifestyle? We provide you the answers here.

Growth calculator based on the current size of your child - for all parents

Simply enter the sex of your child, the current age and the current size of your child. After that, click on "Evaluate" - and you get the size that is expected to reach your child.
The result is you displayed directly below the computer - so you can continue to count on other data the same!

Our continued growth calculator

  • Growth calculator based on the size of the parents - even for parents
  • Perzentilenrechner - How far is different from your child from the average?

Please note!

All calculations provide course no exact values, but only approximate.

Why is the size important?

In the womb a baby's development is largely judged by its size. Already the head and the crown-rump length measured at almost every ultrasound, it's done after birth along as well: the baby is examined, measured and weighed. And as long as it grows, does not change that. Generally, we like to judge a healthy development of body size. And that's what "appearance" a people we are left long in the memory: "You've been growing a lot" - how many times we have not even heard as children this set of relatives and friends? And most parents know their child's birth size and weight even if it is long since grown up.

How quickly will my child grow?

Until it has reached its final length, a child is growing every day - especially at night. Most in the first year, after which the pace slowed. School age is about six centimeters, set the children a year, at puberty there is a significant growth spurt. Average one can say that a child every year about three percent more later on his "final length" heading.

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